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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Testimony by Kassandra Christine Chung (RCIA St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan)

I am Kassandra Christine Chung.  Before joining RCIA, my knowledge on Christianity was very shallow.  I only know there is a God and there is a Jesus.   I spent my teenage years surrounded by friends of other faith so I have no interest in Christianity at all.
I thank my teacher and one of my classmates who had invited me to join the RCIA program.  In the beginning it was quite boring as I do not understand about God and also doubtful about it.  Towards my baptism, I experienced transformation in my life through the RCIA program, as follows:
1)      In the course of the journey, I actually encountered Jesus Christ
2)      I learnt many things about life and that I must focus to get close to God, to trust and believe in HIM totally
3)     My faith was strengthened and my doubts on Christianity had been answered
4)     It had taught me the need to pray and be thankful always to God in all circumstances. Unlike before, I pray only when I have problem
5)      I learnt to pray well
I want to thank all the facilitators who have journeyed and imparted faith knowledge to me. I am  blessed that I have all these nice people journeying with me. 
May God bless all of us and guide us in our daily life. Amen!

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