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Friday, November 21, 2014

Bishop Julius Celebrates 25 Years As a Priest

Sandakan : About 200 parishioners gathered at St Joseph's Church to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bishop Julius and the 36th anniversary of Fr Thomas Makajil's ordination to the priesthood, Wednesday 19th November 2014 at St Joseph's Church.
Con-celebrating the Thanksgiving Mass were Bishop Cornelius Piong of Keningau, seven Diocesan Priests and five other priests, all former classmates of Bishop Julius at St Peter's College, Major Seminary, Kuching. 

Also present at the celebration were Sr Grace Deosing fsic, Superior General of FSIC, religious sisters of FSIC, RGS and religious brothers of SG.
The prelate attended St Peter's College, Kuching from April 1982 - May 1988. He was ordained a priest by Archbishop Emeritus John Lee on 19th November 1989 at St Pius X Bundu Tuhan. He holds a licentiate in Moral Theology, a master degree in Spiritual Theology and a licentiate on Canon Law. He lectured on spirituality at St Peter's College from 2000-2003. He was elevated as Bishop of Sandakan in July 2007.
In his introductory note , Bishop Julius said, 'The priesthood is the gift of God to the community. It is a sign of God's love, a sign that He cares for us and a sign of His presence among us.'

Bishop Julius' family members
L-R : Fr Simon Poh of Kuching, Fr James Ting of Sibu, Bishop Julius, Fr Justin Dan of Miri, Fr Benedict of Keningau and Fr Boniface of Keningau (Bishop's former classmates)
Bishop Julius with Bishop Cornelius (3rd from left) and all diocesan priests and former classmates at SPC Kuching
In his homily, he shared that each of us has some religious experience where one feels the closeness of God.  He invited parishioners to recall on their personal religious experience, the precious moment encountering God. Those are special moments in life, giving us joy, hope and confidence.
Bishop Julius with Sr Grace fsic (3rd from right) and members of the congregation
As regards to the talents gifted us by God, he said, 'Use them or lose them.' He called on everyone to use all possible opportunities to use their time and talent for the service of others for the glory of God.

Bishop Cornelius (2nd left)
After the celebration, parishioners proceeded to Bishop's Residence, a short distant from the church for the Blessing of the new Home led by Bishop Cornelius of Keningau.
After seven years of its establishment, the Diocese of Sandakan has eventually acquired a permanent home for the Bishop. Bishop Julius was overwhelmed and extended his appreciation to all attendees for being present. 

Diocesan staff
He conveyed a special thank you to the good Samaritan who paid for the house and all renovation work. The diocese is deeply indebted to him for his generosity. He also thanked all those who were involved in ensuring that the house could be put in place according to schedule.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Report by Dalius LL
Photos by Bell and Helen
L-R : Pilis Malim, PPC Chairman, Bishop Julius and Fr Thomas Makajil
Sandakan: Around 600 parishioners of St. Mary's Cathedral Parish and sub-parishes joined in solidarity in celebrating the priesthood anniversaries of their shepherds, Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom on his 25th anniversary on 19th November (1989 – 2014), Msgr. Nicholas Ong on his 36th anniversary on 3rd October (1978 – 2014) and  Fr. Thomas Makajil on his 36th anniversary on 11th November (1978 – 2014).
The special occasion was marked with a 3 in 1 Anniversary Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner Fellowship, organised by the Parish Pastoral Council on 16th November 2014 at 7.00pm at the Parish Hall with the Chinese, Kadazandusun, Filipino and Timorese communities bringing their traditional dishes to be shared in a family spirit.  
Fr Phillip Muji (green t-shirt) and Fr Sunny (with cap)
The introduction was filled with a joyous atmosphere with the entrance of Bishop Julius and Fr. Thomas accompanied by the beating of the Kadazan gongs, followed by a song entitled “If We Hold on Together”, presented by the two assistant rectors Fr. Phillip Muji and Fr. Sunny Chung with backup singing from the four masters of ceremony.
In his thanksgiving address, Fr. Thomas conveyed his appreciation to all who had taken the trouble to organize and joining the priests in thanking the Lord for the gift of priesthood bestowed upon the three of them. Unfortunately, Msgr. Nicholas Ong was not able to attend the fellowship as he is in Singapore undergoing medical treatment. He called upon the parishioners to uphold him in their prayers always. In his sharing Fr. Thomas said, “As I reflect on my 36 years as a priest, I did not realize the years would past so fast. It was just like yesterday that I was ordained a priest. With your continuous prayer, support and friendship, it has indeed strengthened me in my service”.  
In his address, Bishop Julius conveyed his gratitude to all the parishioners who pray, support, encourage and honour their clergy. He noted that the coming of the parishioners for the fellowship as a big and united family is a reflection of a Christian community without barriers of language, race and custom.  He acknowledged that at times he faced trials and challenges in life however he could overcome them because of God's grace. He encouraged the youth who may have the calling for the priesthood or religious life not to be distracted by worldly things but to rely on God's strength and grace. He advice the young people to be more attentive to the voice of God and to respond positively to follow Him.

A poem dedicated to Bishop Julius, Msgr Nicholas and Fr Thomas
A wide range of entertainment was presented during the occasion; choirs by the combined Basic Ecclesial Communities, dances from Nurses Guild, traditional dance by the Timorese community, sketches from the Youth Apostolate, slide presentation on the ordination of Bishop Julius and Fr. Thomas by the Kadazan Community Committee and songs by talented individuals. Even the children of the Sunday school took part by presenting a poem recitation in appreciation of the three priests, which captivated the attendees.
The thanksgiving fellowship ended slightly at 10.00pm with parishioners taking the opportunity to congratulate Bishop Julius and Fr. Thomas.
“The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – St. John Marie Vianey.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Progress Report On St Martin's Parish Pastoral Centre, Telupid

By Lawrence Matusin, SOCCOM Telupid
Telupid : The 70 feet by 100 feet St Martin's Parish Pastoral Centre is in to its fifth month of construction. The Centre is taking shape with preparation job for concreting work at walkway around the premise.
The focus is on brick laying and plastering work at the upper roof trusses. Upon completion of the said job within the next two weeks, roof trusses will be installed followed by placing and fixing of the color bond roofing.

Monday, November 17, 2014


By DaliusLL, Parish Soccom
Sandakan: What was known as Parish Garage Sales Shop before is now transformed and renamed 'Marian 2nd Chance Outlet.' It has a very humble beginning, with parishioners contributing used items meant to be sold as recycled items. Proceeds from the recycled items, a supplemental income were encouraging and channeled to the Parish coffer. Surprisingly, the goods and materials came pouring in, filling and piling up at the recycle corner.  
Then came Patrick Seah, the person who saw the opportunity of making use of these useful resources and applied the economic theory of matching demand and supply. According to him, he emulated the idea from the Catholic Churches in Singapore. St. Mary's Cathedral has a sizable Catholic population, thus getting donation of used items and materials is not impossible. 
He shared, “As long as parishioners understand the concept and know that they are channeling their resources for the Church, things would flow smooth.” Thus the Garage Shop concept came into reality. In November 2009, when he was entrusted to look for fund for the then Diocesan Pastoral and Worship Centre, he managed to raise RM20,000 through the garage sale within nine months.
After having accomplished the fundraising project, Fr.Thomas Makajil, the rector recommended that the sale of used items be continued to raise fund for the Parish, headed by Patrick and assisted by Catherine Edward, Ruth Richard and Alice Chew on voluntary basis. The Parish Garage Shop, then located at the Parish Hall was officially opened for business (at ZERO COST) on the 1st Sunday of March 2012 operated on every Sunday from 8.30am – 12.00noon.
After two and a half years in operation, Fr. Thomas, the rector foresaw that there is a need for the garage shop to move to a more convenient and proper space without being disrupted by the normal Sunday Morning Sale in the Parish Hall. With the growing popularity of St. Mary's Cathedral as the pilgrimage centre, and with the Marian Mount, Rosary Corridor, and other infrastructures such as the Marian Bookstore and the Mission House lodging house in place, the Garage shop was relocated adjacent to the Parish Office. 
Looking at the present structure, nobody would have thought that it was previously a car porch measuring some 20’ x 30.’ The renovated and conducive shop costs some RM19,000, funded by generous parishioners. By the grace of God, the Garage Shop was officially opened on Sunday, 12th October 2014 by Fr. Thomas Makajil witnessed by more than 100 parishioners.
Patrich Seah, in his note of appreciation has this to say, “The Marian 2nd Chance would not have been as it is today without your participation, as customers at our store, donors or one of our volunteers. You are playing a part in helping our Church. We have no employee only volunteers. This way more of the profit is made and the proceeds will go to the church. Please continue to lend your generous support to the Marian 2nd Chance Outlet”.
The practice of sharing through the Marian 2nd chance is an opportune occasion in bringing the community to a better understanding of the Creator and the stewardship of God's creation.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Dilapor oleh DaliusLL, Soccom  Paroki
Gambar oleh Dalius, G. Bell dan Helen 
Sandakan: Gereja St. Paul Ulu Dusun, sebuah sub-paroki yang terletak lebih kurang 45KM dari Katedral St. Mary telah menjadi tuan rumah pertama kalinya untuk Hari Keluarga Komuniti Kristian Dasar (KKD) peringkat Paroki yang berlangsung selama 2 hari 1 malam pada 8hb dan 9hb November 2014. 

Walaupun Hari Keluarga ini julung kali diadakan sejak penubuhan Diosis Sandakan tujuh tahun yang lalu, namun sambutan cukup menggalakkan dengan penyertaan seramai 270 orang dari 22 KKD terdaftar di Paroki St. Mary, sub paroki St. Mark, sub paroki St. Paul Ulu Dusun dan sub paroki Our Lady of Fatima Beluran.
Tema Hari Keluarga “Iman Teras Keluarga….”, begitu tepat sekali kerana kebanyakan peserta yang datang adalah bersama-sama keluarga mereka. Penyelaras KKD Paroki St. Mary, Leonnie Degullacion memaklumkan objektif utama Hari Keluarga pada tahun ini adalah untuk peserta mendalami komitmen mereka sebagai umat Kristian dan mendedahkan mereka kepada pelayanan sesama dan seterusnya pelayanan melalui penginjilan kepada keluarga-keluarga setempat.  Pihak penganjur juga berharap Hari keluarga ini akan menjadi satu saluran untuk mengeratkan hubungan di antara KKD-KKD di bawah naungan Paroki St. Mary.
Program hari pertama bermula seawal jam 8.00 pagi dengan pendaftaran dan suaimesra dan disusuli Misa Kudus pada jam 9.00 pagi yang diselebrankan oleh Fr. Phillip Muji yang juga merupakan Paderi Penasihat kepada KKD Paroki. Fr. Phillip memulakan sesi pertama dengan ceramah bertajuk “Komuniti Kecil Kristian dan KKD”. Fr. Phillip menekankan bahawa KKD merupakan teras pastoral dalam usaha mencapai visi dan misi Diosis Sandakan. Sesi kedua yang bertajuk “KKD adalah Rumah Setiap Orang dan Partisipasi Dalam Persahabatan dengan Kristus” dikendalikan melalui pendekatan bengkel oleh Sdra Pius Gorohom. Peserta telah dibahagi-bahagikan kepada kumpulan-kumpulan kecil (10 -15 peserta) dan Kanak-Kanak 12 tahun ke bawah pula diasingkan kepada satu kumpulan yang mempunyai sesi khas buat mereka.  
Acara Kanak-kanak 
Acara suai kenal peserta
Setiap kumpulan kecil tadi akan membuat perbincangan dan hasil pendapat mereka dikongsikan pada umum. Kaedah ini bertujuan mendedahkan para peserta kepada pentingnya kaedah “Partisipasi” dan penglibatan semua ahli di dalam menjayakan KKD mereka. Manakala pada petangnya, sesi permainan keluarga dianjurkan dengan penglibatan seluruh ahli keluarga dan diakhiri dengan Doa Rosari beramai-ramai di Gereja. Pada sebelah malamnya pula, sesi hiburan dipersembahkan oleh KKD-KKD yang menyertai Hari Keluarga ini. 
Tujuh Langkah Kelompok Kitab Suci (KKS)
Peranan Wanita dalam kepimpinan Komuniti Kristian

Acara Malam Hiburan
Pujian Pagi di lapangan Gereja St. Paul Ulu Dusun
Senaman Pagi Hari Keluarga KKD
Hari Kedua, (9hb November) bermula seawal 6.00 pagi dengan doa pagi dan senaman pagi. Sejurus selepas sarapan, sesi ketiga bermula dengan “Pengenalan 7 langkah Perkongsian Injil” yang dikendalikan oleh sdra Leonnie. Teknik  7 langkah ini adalah teks yang disyorkan oleh Para Uskup di Asia atau Federation of Asian Bishops' Conference (FABC) di dalam pendekatan pastoral mengusahakan “Gereja Partisipatif” di Asia. Melalui komuniti kecil ini, FABC berharap ianya akan menjadi landasan kepada Cara Baru Hidup Menggereja di kalangan umat Kristian.
Bersama dengan umat Katolik Ulu Dusun, peserta-peserta KKD kemudiannya mengikuti Misa Kudus di Gereja St. Paul pada jam 11.00 pagi yang diselebrankan oleh Fr. Phillip. Dalam khotbahnya, beliau mengingati umat bahawa perayaan hari minggu biasa ke 32 juga adalah pesta pemberkatan Gereja Basilik di Lateran, Roma. Gereja tersebut adalah induk kepada semua gereja di Roma dan di seluruh dunia.
Umat diajak untuk merenung tentang gereja selepas Kristus. Mereka menghadapi pelbagai rintangan dan kesulitan berkumpul sebagai satu komuniti. Mereka berhimpun secara tersembunyi. Gereja kemudian adalah bangunan dan menurut ideologi Paulus yang digunapakai sehingga kini ialah gereja berakhir di hati diri sendiri. Maka gereja boleh dibawa ke mana-mana saja dan pada bila-bila masa.

Pertemuan KKD adalah tanda yang sihat ke arah pembentukan gereja yang mantap. KKD adalah sel-sel yang aktif membangunkan gereja kerana komited mahu berjalan bersama, dengar akan Sabda Tuhan dan menjalinkan hubungan sosial. Pada kesimpulannya visi KKD adalah untuk menyembah Tuhan berterusan, memantapkan iman dan menjadi pengikut Kristus yang bertanggungjawab.
Selepas Misa, semua peserta dijemput makan tengahari bersama di Dewan Mini St Paul. Hari Keluarga dilanjutkan dengan sesi bergambar beramai-ramai dan juga cabutan tiket bertuah. Program berakhir tepat jam 3.00 petang dengan doa penutupan dipimpin Sr. Appollonia Gumpu fsic.

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