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Friday, October 17, 2014

YLC Club ~ We Are The Church Moving Forth To Proclaim His Name

BY DS / st
TAWAU : The Youth ministers from the Diocesan Youth Office (DYO) together with the youths from Holy Trinity Church (HTC), Tawau visited St. Thomas Chapel, Bombalai, some 30 KM from Tawau town on 11th October 2014. Some 30 youths gathered at the Chapel for the Youth Leaders' Camp (YLC) Club. Also present at the event was Sr Anita fsic.

Petrus welcoming the team members and the participants
On arrival, we were welcomed by Petrus, one of the elders serving in St. Thomas Chapel. The program started with action songs led by the Parish Youth Apostolate (PYA) Tawau to energize the participants. It was followed by games where youths from Holy Trinity Church and St. Thomas interacted and blended well with one another. 
The next session was the viewing of the video on the previous Youth Leader's Camp (YLC-III) held at St. Dominic's Church, Lahad Datu last February. The youths in several groups discussed on what touched them most and how they felt after watching the video. Most expressed a desire to gather with other youths from other parishes and some wanted to participate in the next YLC scheduled to be held in Telupid early next year.
The local community prepared lunch for the team members and the participants. While waiting for the next session, the youths displayed their talents by plucking their guitars and some sang along. It was awesome to see young people from different backgrounds and cultures mixing well to project the church, a church for all. 
In the afternoon, participants again in groups shared about their ups and downs while serving in the youth ministry. They encountered common issues and faced similar challenges. However, their strong spirit to move forth to bring lapsed peers back to the church is most commendableIt was a fruitful and wonderful time for everyone.
In the evening, the youths together with families staying around St. Thomas Chapel assembled in front of the Grotto to pray the Holy Rosary together. The group rosary, in prayer and meditation brought the people together. In union there is strength.
The evening continued with "Friendship Night." Participants were asked to explain what  friendship meant to them in creative ways. The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. Making friends and developing friendship is in fact a relationship process. One way to build and sustain friendship is contained in Luke 6 : 31, 'And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.' The lyric in the hymn 'What a friend we have in Jesus' is  excellent for reflection regarding friendship.
The families were also present to show their support. They enjoyed the night together with the youths. It was a night filled with love and joy.
The night and the program ended with a Closing Prayer led by Sr. Anita fsicWe are blessed to have the parents and families coming forth to support us during the program. We are the church and we want to go forth to proclaim His name.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Staying Close to the Catholic Students in Politeknik, Sandakan

BY DS / st
SANDAKAN : Politeknik Sandakan located at the Sandakan Education Hub, Mile 10, Jalan Batang, officially opened on 12th May 2008 is some twenty minutes drive from Sandakan town. On 9th October 2014, some 34 students gathered for the first Catholic Students Gathering held at its campus

The program commenced at 7.30 PM with a praise and worship session led by Fradely Amigo, a team member of the Sandakan Parish Youth Apostolate. Anna Teresa from the Diocesan Youth Office facilitated some team building games, a session to promote interaction.

The Catholic students, currently studying there are mostly not from Sandakan. By establishing  networking / relationship, we hope that the students will not feel alone while studying in Sandakan. They are assured that the Diocesan / Parish Youth Apostolate will journey with them while in Sandakan. The Campus Ministry is there for the students. Through the relationship bond they will know who and where to turn to when the need arises. The students are encouraged to integrate well with the local church.
Being the first gathering, Anna took the opportunity to introduce Schoffal Charles Moiji and Sarah Liew of the Diocesan Youth Apostolate, serving in the Diocesan Campus Student Ministry. They were present to lend support to the Christian students and shall extend pastoral care to the students.
The team members will return on Thursday, 16th October 2014 to help them prepare spiritually for their upcoming exam.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Oleh Eman Lee 
Sandakan : Seramai 12 orang belia Katolik St. Mark Batu 12 dan St. Peter, Sg. Manila telah mengadakan program pendedahan lawatan sambil belajar serta membuat kerja-kerja amal kebajikan di Rumah Amal Cheshire, Batu 5, Sandakan, Sabtu 4hb Oktober 2014.
Aktiviti tersebut merupakan sahutan peserta-peserta Unite Camp dari St Mark dan St Peter untuk menjangkau kepada orang yang kurang bernasib baik. Unite Camp yang baru saja dianjurkan pada bulan lalu di  Katedral St. Mary Sandakan bertemakan "..berbahagialah mereka yang murah hatinya, kerana mereka akan beroleh kemurahan.." (MT 5:7)  telah mendorong segolongan belia untuk  membuka hati membantu yang memerlukan.
Ketibaan belia telah disambut dengan mesra oleh penghuni-penghuni Cheshire Home dan saudari Cecilia Kimin, salah seorang petugas pusat tersebut. Saudari Cecilia memperkenalkan dan menerangkan latar belakang Chesire Home.
Cheshire Home adalah rumah Amal pertama di Malaysia ditubuhkan pada 16 Julai 1974. Cheshire home adalah rumah amal yang menjaga orang kurang upaya. Di Sabah Cheshire Home pertama di buka di Kota Kinabalu pada 29 Januari 1983, sekarang sudah berusia 31 tahun. Manakala di Sandakan ditubuhkan pada 8 April 2000 berusia 14 tahun. Seramai 19 orang warga kurang upaya adalah penghuni sepenuh masa di Chesire Home, Sandakan, manakala sebilangan kecil hanya berada di situ pada siang hari. Marilah kita yang banyak menerima berkat dari Tuhan, menghulurkan tangan, membantu mengurangkan beban mereka.
Acara yang dilakukan oleh belia semasa lawatan tersebut adalah membantu membersihkan persekitaran rumah seperti memotong rumput, menyapu, membersih bilik air,  dapur dan sebagainya. 
Warga Cheshire Home amat gembira dengan kehadiran para belia tersebut. Salah seorang peserta bersyukur dengan lawatan tersebut terutamanya membantu dalam kerja-kerja amal di persekitaran rumah tersebut. Melalui aktiviti ini belia mengalami kasih Tuhan dan sesama secara nyata. 
"Hendaknya terangmu bercahaya di depan orang, supaya mereka melihat perbuatanmu yang baik dan memuliakan Bapamu yang di surga (Matius 5:16)

Why Do We Celebrate The Diocesan Anniversary? - Sharings by Members of the Diocesan Youth Apostolate

Compiled by DS / st
It is a thanksgiving celebration and appreciation to all of us, as people of the Diocese of Sandakan. I would like to thank God for the gift of our small and young diocese. It is not easy to have a diocese and make it move. It takes you and me to share our responsibilities. Celebrating diocesan anniversary is also to affirm Bishop and all the priests for their service / ministry to bring Jesus close to us - the church. By coming together, it shows how grateful we are to be part of it and making Diocese of Sandakan as our own. 
~ Anna Teresa Peter Amandus, Coordinator Diocesan Youth Apostolate.

We are grateful that God has showered his choicest blessings unto our Diocese, guiding and leading the Diocese throughout the years. It is also a blessing for me because I am part of it. ~ Arturo Teneros Jr @ Rikkie, St. Dominic, Lahad Datu

Before the Diocesan anniversary, we had holy hour to help us prepare ourselves spiritually for the Diocesan Day. I like what our rector said in his homily, "why do we celebrate the Diocesan anniversary?" When we receive compliments from other parishes, we feel proud. But, do we really know why we celebrate our Diocesan day every year? If we don't know, then all the preparations, meetings, compliments and etc are meaningless. 
He also advised us that as team members in preparation of the Diocesan Day, we need to pray together and for one another. It is important to listen to our friends and their needs. I realized that as committee members committed to journey together, we seldom pray together and what more to pray for one another.  The preparation process has enlightened me to share, to listen, to support and to help one another as a team. 
The Diocesan Anniversary Celebration is a thanksgiving. Praise the Lord for the blessings He has given us for the last seven years. During the course of seven years, I have seen many changes in our diocese. I am thankful that my Diocese stands strong despite of the many issues confronting the church. Praise be to God for the blessings that He had showered upon our Diocese. We have just one priest ordained in the Diocese and hopefully there will be another one next year. We are thankful for everything because it is not easy to build up a diocese. Victoria Yam, St. Dominic, Lahad Datu

Syukur dan Puji Tuhan kerana atas berkatNya kita dapat merayakan Hari Ulang Tahun Diosis Sandakan yang Ke-7. Sepanjang tujuh tahun, banyak perkara positif telah berlaku di Diosis kita. Ia telah banyak menghasilkan buah, buah yang cukup lumayan. Belia-belia di Diosis sudah mula mencederung dalam pelayanan di Gereja. Ini petanda yang baik untuk Diosis kita.
Sungguhpun saya selalu dengar komen tentang "kenapalah kita tidak seperti diosis dulu", namum saya amat bangga dengan pertumbuhan Diosis kita sendiri. Saya dapat nilai bahawa Diosis kita mula berdikari dan ternyata kita sungguh berani dan komited dalam usaha membangunkan diosis ini. Roh Kudus bekerja!  Dan ternyata Tawau, Telupid, Lahad Datu dan Sandakan tetap bersatu dengan penuh cinta kasih. 
~ Felsa May Bantilao, Holy Trinity Church, Tawau

I just want to thank God for EVERYTHING; thank God for the gift of our Bishop, the clergy, religious brothers and sisters and the laity, you and me. 
~ Airene A Gunamas, St. Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Saya mahu berterima kasih kepada Yesus atas kelahiran Diosis Sandakan dan saya adalah       sebahagian anggotanya. Seperti juga Ulang Tahun permandian dan penguatan saya, Hari Ulang Tahun Diosis adalah hari penting bagi saya sebagai seorang Katolik. Saya mesti meraikan dengan berasa syukur kepada Tuhan, dalam doa, dalam fellowship, dalam renungan dan imbasan kembali kepada perjalanan yang telah dilalui. Saya akan terus memberi kemuliaan kepada Tuhan dengan meneruskan pelayanan kerana Karan Tatap Marak!  Saya meraikan kerana Yesus Tetap Marak di hatiku.
~ Esther Albert, Holy Trinity Church, Tawau

Our Diocesan Day is a celebration of faith. I belong to the Diocese. It is only right that I celebrate the auspicious day with thanksgiving and gratitude to God.  
Though we may come from different backgrounds; culture, social and ethnic, we are but ONE in Christ. 
Diversity is a blessing when we are all united in His body. It is testament to the fact that the Catholic Church is universal. We celebrate that unifying God for the gift of our Diocese.  To God be the glory! 
~ Herry Francis Kamuntah, Holy Trinity Church, Tawau

Perayaan adalah simbol kemenangan. Kemenangan apa? Kemenangan Yesus dan kemenangan Gereja. Kuasa-Nya yang luas yang menyebabkan Diosis kita wujud. Itu yang harus kita berasa syukur. Tapi jangan dilupa, dalam kita menyatakan kesyukuran kita, kesatuan di antara kita umat-umatnya menjadi satu gereja adalah satu aspek yang terpenting dalam kita menentukan diosis kita. Cabaran dunia makin banyak. Katolik semakin dicabar. Jadi, merayakan ulang tahun diosis ini adalah sebagai satu tanda kesyukuran kita, kesatuan kita, sebagai Katolik yang mana akan memberikan impak buat kita semua untuk terus berdiri sebagai seorang umat Katolik. Biarpun impak kecil tetapi bermakna. Bagaimana karan mahu marak kalau tiada minyak untuk menghidupkan generator? Jadi, kita ini bagaikan minyak dan diosis itu bagaikan generator, maka dengan itu barulah karan itu tatap marak!
~ Schoffal Charles Moiji, St. Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Saya bersyukur kepada Tuhan atas berkatnya, membimbing dan menuntun Diosis kita. Banyak perubahan telah berlaku sepanjang tujuh tahun sebagai Diosis Sandakan. Antaranya ialah penubuhan Kerasulan Belia Keuskupan (KBK / DYA) dan penubuhan KKD di setiap kawasan masing-masing yang telah dapat menyatukan silaturahim antara sesama. 
Saya juga bersyukur kepada Tuhan kerana telah menghadiahkan kita seorang Bapa Uskup yang begitu penuh tanggungjawab terhadap tugas-tugas dalam pelayanannya. Diosis Sandakan adalah milik kita bersama. Dengan itu, tanggungjawab memajukan Diosis kita hendaklah dipikul bersama. Terima Kasih dan puji Tuhan. Amen 
~ Betram Lansing, St. Martin, Telupid

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bishop Julius Delivers His Anniversary Speech At St Dominic's Church, Lahad Datu

After the Thanksgiving Mass for the 7th Diocesan Day, 6th October 2014 Bishop Julius delivered his anniversary speech, out of which he touched on the following;

Our partnership with the dioceses in Flores, Tanjung Selor in Kalimantan and the dioceses in Sabah is a concrete effort to reach out to the migrants and itinerants. The many activities carried out by the Human Development Commission across the four parishes is yet another step forward to raise awareness among the people, the principle of preferential option for the poor as contained in the Catholic Social Teaching.
The Diocesan Youth Apostolate has been very vibrant over the years to bring the Good News to their peers not just in the main parishes but to the distant outstations. Their approach is most commendable.
The recent concluded 8th Conference for Catholic Women of East Malaysia has not just drawn participants from Sabah and Sarawak. It has also attracted participants from the Diocese of Tanjung Selor. The near 300 participants of the inter-diocesan encounter is something that we are all proud of, as it enhances the spirit of solidarity and promoted the importance of their role in ensuring that the family unit remains strongly grounded in faith. 
We want our communities to grow and our people formed and matured as good Catholics following the ideal of the first Christian communities, in which the believers were of one heart and one soul. When people are built, all things necessary, be it physical or spiritual will fall in place. I am glad to announce that there are 162 BECs spread across the diocese.
There are more than two thousand children in Sunday school. More than a thousand were confirmed and received the first Holy Communion. Last Easter we received some 500 new members into our Church through the RCIA process. However, we fall short of catechists to instruct them. I take this opportunity to invite you to volunteer in this great mission field. We need you to pass on the faith. 
Proper basic infrastructure is important to support the activities of the church. In relation to this, St Dominic’s Parish will soon embark on a 3 million ringgit ‘Pastoral Centre And Worship Hall’ to replace the current worn out wooden building. The spirit of unity centred in Christ coupled with your commitment and involvement will soon lead you realize your dream.
The prelate appeal to parishioners, counting on their goodwill and kind generosity to contribute towards the Seminarian Fund to support the 15 seminarians, 3 in the English Year, 2 in the Initiation Year and 10 in St Peter’s College, Major Seminary, Kuching.  Together with our priests we will help keep our faith alive. 

St Martin of Telupid will host the 8th Diocesan celebration next year. Albert Andau, PPC Chairman of St Martin's Parish Telupid (3rd left) receiving the anniversary banner from Patrick Chong, PPC Chairman of St Dominic's Parish (1st left) witnessed by Bishop Julius. 
After the ceremony in the church, parishioners adjourned to the Open Space behind the church for a luncheon fellowship. In between lunch, the various communities of the parish and representatives from other parishes presented a few performances to entertain the audience.

Solemn Charge ~ Year of Faith - Read the Catechism Of the Catholic Church in a Year

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