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Thursday, June 27, 2013


By : Julita, SOCCOM Tawau               
Tawau : Holy Trinity Parish Tawau, organized a half-day food bazaar and  games in conjunction with the Annual Parish Family Day on Saturday 22nd June 2013 with the theme of 'We Are One Family of God.' The main objective of the event is to strengthen the bond and understanding among families of all the various communities in the parish.
Msgr Nicholas making the first coconut throw to mark the start of the Family Day
Some 300 parishioners; children, youth and adults ~ parents and grandparents, mainly from the 4 main communities namely TUKAD (Kadazan Dusun Community), IPC (Indonesian Pastoral Community), FPC (Filipino Pastoral Community) and CPC (Chinese Pastoral Community) attended the event. 
The event began with  an Opening Prayer led by Sr. Liza, FSIC. It was then followed with an aerobic session led by  a professional aerobic instructor  at 7.30 am. 
Food stalls were set up by the various communities to provide parishioners easy access to food for breakfast as well as lunch at very reasonable price. A vast variety of food; fried noodle, stuffed taufu, fried chicken wings, porridge, soto, fruits, lichun, drinks ( hot and cool ) and various traditional food were on sale. Some senior parishioners attended and witnessed the event. Their attendance was a great support to the participants and the organizers.
It was a fun-filled day with a host of games like street soccer, tug-of-war, coconut bowling and sack race. The children participated in the telematch.
Fr. David in his address to all participants and supporters of the event said, 'Through this activity we believe that the spirit of friendship and understanding will unite us all as one family of God in witnessing His love to others. We hope that this wonderful, simple but yet joyful occasion will built among us the spirit of togetherness and care.' 
The involvement of each community in the selling of food and participation in the games had contributed to the success of the event. It is indeed marvelous that with God’s love and the spirit of unity, respect and acceptance prove that there is nothing that can divide the wonders of God's plan in uniting the human race as one community. There are of course parts to be improved but  yet this event will stimulate the understanding of each parishioners the importance to stand together and to journey as a whole and not as individual.
The Holy Trinity Parish Tawau is planning to host a similar activity  for the up coming 6th  Sandakan Diocesan Anniversary event in October this year.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Reporting from Sandakan
By: Sherlyn Ho
Pictures by: Empowered Ministry, Jonathan Fabian,Timothy James Michael, Mark Nethanel Michael
The Sandakan delegates with Nishant Fernando from India (6th from left)
KUCHING: The 4th day, 9th of June 2013, marked the final day of the Annual Easter Rally (ER) Conference held in ACCPC. It was also the last day for many of us to be in Kuching, especially delegates  from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Sibu and Sandakan. 
The day commenced with a communal praise and worship session at St. Joseph's Hall, followed by the 13th session at 9.30 a.m. All the way from India, the session was facilitated by Nishant Fernando. Rather than giving a scripted session, he proceeded with a personal testimony of his own comprising of making music out of hands clapping and feet stomping at the very beginning. Before he shared his life story and journey with the Lord, he briefly commented on how the Father of Faith (Abraham) took God’s word as it is, to the contrary of our lives today. As God’s children, we must know what is in store for us in God’s heart. Unfortunately, most of us don’t. It is because we don’t know it, we don’t claim it and we don’t believe it. Of course, the popular idiom says ‘seeing is believing’ but we need to know that faith is something that we believe and already received even before seeing it. 
That is how strong Abraham’s faith in believing that he would receive what God promised him. Nishant also highlighted the phrase, ‘Your mouth speaks what your heart is’ as in Luke 6 : 45. The more unnecessary things we speak, the more it is accumulated in our hearts. These are one of the poisonous effects of letting negative strongholds motivate our lives.  Lastly, he talked about the potholes and bumps of his life as he lost his father and soon his brother who died of cancer. He also shared about how God had restored cheerfulness to his mother after a year of depression she went through. After a short break, the session resumed with praise and worship conducted by the young working adult team 
At 2.00 p.m, the concluding session was held in the same hall by Jude Antoine. We were joined together in prayerful adoration kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament. A moment of silence filled the hall accompanied with a background sweet serenade to the Lord.
The finale of ER2013 was celebrated with a concluding Family Mass at 4.30 p.m, presided over by Archbishop John Ha of  the Archdiocese of Kuching  The Gospel of the day was taken from Luke 7: 11-17 which was drawn from the Lord’s command to the only son of a widow: “Young man, I say to you, rise up!” In his homily, the prelate emphasized that the presence of Jesus is the presence of Life. According to the Gospel, firstly, Jesus gave life to the young man. Secondly, He gave him back to his mother. These events are significant to show that we are the young man whom God calls to “RISE UP!” not because God needs us, but the whole community and the nation.

After the recessional hymn was sung, a surprise awaited Archbishop John as an anniversary cake was presented to him on stage. It was his 15th Episcopal Ordination Anniversary on the last 6th of June.
In the closing ceremony, each and every state representative made their way to the front of the stage along with their respective state’s flags. All delegates from the respective state were required to rise and say a prayer for their state, including representatives from our neighboring country, Brunei. After the communal prayer, gifts were presented to all guest speakers; Jude Antoine, Andre Ong, Fr. John Chia, Leoreen Heah, and Nishant Fernando. The closing finale ended merrily with a communal singing of this year’s ER’s theme song ‘Rise Up’.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Reporting from Sandakan
By: Shawn Ian Dalius Lobinjang
Pictures by: Jonathan Fabian,Timothy James Michael, Mark Nethanel Michael

Participants from Sandakan
Kuching: The third day, 8th June 2013 began with the Eucharistic celebration   in Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The celebrant of the mass was Fr. Larry from the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur.
The Gospel was taken from Luke 2: 41-51. People nowadays are lost in the  tremendous pace of modernization. They lost focus unlike Jesus, then at a very young age had already started proclaiming the Good News at the temple and they were astonished by Him. We should live and emulate Jesus as a role model in our lives. Mary and Joseph were worried and with much anxiety they sought everywhere for the boy Jesus. The care of a mother towards her son is a call for all of us to always honor our father and mother. Fr.Larry further explained that, Mother Mary’s love and compassion towards her son is the reason we celebrate this mass today to give honor and appreciation to her.

We began our plenary session around 9.30 AM at the Main Hall. The plenary session was conducted by Jude Antoine. His talk centred on “Living the purpose”. Jude began his session by asking, 'what is the purpose of your live?' People would tend to live on what is important to themselves, a very selfish attitude. We should become peacemakers of divine nature. 'Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of our Lord. By his divine power, he has lavished on us all the things we need for life and for true devotion, through the knowledge of him who has called us by his own glory and goodness.' (2 Peter 1: 3-4)

To conclude his talk, he said we should choose our destiny but leave it always at the hand of the Lord. The human heart may plan a course, but it is Yahweh who makes the steps secure (Proverbs 16: 9).
The 11th session at 2.00 PM was facilitated by Fr. Felix Au on “The door of Faith”. Fr Felix Au is currently the Spiritual Adviser to the Empowered Ministry in Kuching. He is the rector of St.Joseph's Cathedral and the chairperson for the Archdiocesan Youth Commission.
Fr. Felix Au, explained the 1st journey of St. Paul and Barnabas in chapter 13 of the Acts of Apostles. Many miracles had happened during their journey in their endeavor to proclaim the Word of God. Fr. Felix explained the whole chapter, using words easily understood by the young people. It was presented in a very interactive way, engaging the participants most of the time.
Session 12 began around 3.30PM. facilitated by Mrs. Leoren Heah. Apart from being a regular speaker, she is also a worship leader and a facilitator. Leoreen serves as the Assistant Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and is a member of the Catholic Education Committee. She is a catechist for   the Confirmation class. She was the key speaker for last year’s Empowered Camp 2012 and this year she facilitated a session for Empowered Women of Faith Conference                                             
Leoreen’s main talk was about the difficult questions about being a Catholic. She began by posing a few random questions to the participants about, 'Who is Jesus? And why do you believe in Christ?' She told us in today’s society, it is tougher for us to answer and speak about the truth about Catholicism especially among our Catholic youths. 
To end her session, she then led us to a moment of prayer. Those who accept Christ were invited to the center of the stage to pray for those who are yet to accept Jesus as their Savior. It was really a touching moment for us to pray for those who are still seeking Christ.

To end the day of day 3, the Empowered Ministry held an open air concert at the Kuching Amphitheater, Jalan Budaya. The concert began with an opening praise and worship from guests worship bands of Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Limbang, Penang and from the Empowered Ministry, Kuching. Although, it was drizzling and wet, but the Holy Spirit empowered the people to even worship more. 'Alleluia! Praise the Lord!' were resounding all over the venue. It was truly an amazing day for us and with a loud “Bang” of fireworks display, it marked the close of beautiful day 3.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Seminar Katekatikal bagi Pembimbing - Pembimbing Sekolah Minggu, Paitan

Sr. Veronica Kandaung, fsic bersama pembimbing - pembimbing sekolah minggu Paitan

SANDAKAN - Pelayanan Katekatikal Diosis Sandakan telah mengadakan seminar bersama lebih kurang 20 pembimbing - pembimbing Sekolah Minggu bertempat di St. Francis dari Asisi, Sukang Paitan pada 11 sehingga 14 Jun 2013 yang lalu.
Pembimbing-pembimbing sekolah minggu yang menyertai seminar ini kebanyakkannya terdiri dari para belia yang datang dari Kampung Pulau, Kampung Rakanan, Kampung Tigawi, Kampung Pinangkau, Estate IJM Sugud dan dari Kampung Sukang itu sendiri.
Dalam empat hari seminar tersebut Sr. Veronica Kandaung, fsic, yang juga Koordinator Komisi Katekatikal Diosis Sandakan telah mengongsikan ilmu dan maklumat yang berguna bagi para pembimbing dalam pelayanan mereka sebagai pembimbing sekolah  minggu. Antaranya adalah mendalami iman dan berdoa secara Katolik, berdoa dengan menggunakan 3 langkah dengan Alkitab, informasi - informasi berkenaan Misi Paitan, menjelaskan cabaran-cabaran orang Katolik di Malaysia dan pendedahan sebagai pembimbing sekolah minggu.
Salah seorang peserta menyampaikan hasil dari perbincangan kumpulan
Saudara Peter Saimin, katekis St Francis dari Asisi, Sukang, menerangkan serba sedikit sejarah kewujudan Kristian Katolik di Paitan.
Pengerusi KUK Estate IJM, Saudara Willie, turut menyertai seminar ini dan beliau berharap agar Sr. Veronica Kandaung dapat membuat lawatan di Estate IJM, Sugud, Paitan
Selain itu Anna Teresa, dari Pejabat Belia Diosis telah turut serta dalam membantu seminar ini dengan mengongsikan kepentingan untuk meletakkan Tuhan sebagai yang terutama dalam pelayanan. Ini adalah kerana Dia adalah penyuntik utama semangat dalam pelayanan. Saudari Anna juga mengongsikan maklumat dan statistik umat Katolik  di Diosis Sandakan secara keseluruhan dan Paroki Sandakan secara khususnya. Melihat kepada statistik yang disampaikan ternyata seperti yang tertulis dalam Matius 9: 37 "Tuaian memang banyak, tetapi pekerja sedikit". Maka dengan itu para pembimbing perlu melihat pelayanan mereka sebagai satu panggilan dalam membantu gereja terutamanya umat Paitan dalam mengenali Yesus lebih mendalam agar iman mereka diperkuatkan.
Seminar ini diharapkan dapat memberikan pendedahan yang sebaik - baik yang mungkin kepada peserta - peserta yang hadir. Sr. Veronica juga berharap agar para pembimbing akan mengongsikan dan mempraktikkan apa yang mereka perolehi ini dalam pelayanan mereka. Beliau juga berharap agar mereka melayani bukan atas dasar mereka dipilih untuk menjadi pembimbing semata-mata akan tetapi melayani lebih sungguh dan ke dalaman hati untuk menyebarkan kasih Tuhan Yesus kepada semua.
"Sekiranya kamu merasa terpaksa melakukan pelayanan ini, kamu akan merasa penat, bosan dan terbeban. Melayanilah dengan penuh cinta kasih dan sukacita...."
~Sr. Veronica Kandaung~
Seminar diakhiri dengan perkongsian harapan dan berkat yang diterima oleh para peserta serta doa penutup dan kemudiannya bersama-sama menjamu selera makan tengah hari sebelum Sr. Veronica dan rombongan kembali ke Sandakan.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Retret Dan Perhimpunan Agung KWK Keuskupan Sandakan

Disediakan oleh;
Victoria Salati
Pencatit Laporan Aktiviti Perhimpunan

SANDAKAN: Paroki Katedral St Mary, Sandakan telah menjadi tuan rumah bagi penganjuran Retret dan Perhimpunan Agung Kerasulan Wanita Katolik (KWK) Keuskupan Sandakan kali ke-4 pada 06-09 Jun 2013.

Pendaftaran bermula jam 2.00 petang pada 06 Jun 2013. Seramai 75 ahli telah mendaftarkan diri bagi menjayakan program ini. Mereka adalah antara wakil-wakil dari 4 Paroki iaitu dari St. Dominic, Lahad Datu – 4 orang, St. Martin, Telupid - 33 orang, Holy Trinity, Tawau-14 orang dan tuan rumah sendiri seramai 24 orang. Penyertaan agak kurang menggalakkan jika dibandingkan dengan Retret dan Perhimpunan Agung kali-2 pada tahun 2011 di Paroki St. Martin, Telupid. Pada tahun tersebut terdapat 132 penyertaan. Ini berkemungkinan disebabkan oleh musim cuti sekolah. Ramai di kalangan ahli mengambil kesempatan untuk bercuti bersama keluarga masing-masing.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Reporting from Sandakan
By: Clare Cordova
Pictures by: Empowered Ministry, Jonathan F, Timothy James Michael, Mark Nethanel Michael
Kuching : The second day of the 'Rise Up' Conference (7th June 2013) began with the Eucharistic celebration, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The mass was celebrated by Fr. Jepy Augustine, con celebrated by Fr. John Chia.
The Gospel reading was taken from Luke 15: 3-7. The Gospel is about The Parable of the Lost Sheep. He clarified that Jesus died for us because of his amazing love for us. He elaborated more by telling us that Jesus' love extends even to those who go away from Him. He concluded his homily by telling the youths to bring the Good News to people out there who seek the Love of Christ and to remain in communion with our Lord.
After the Holy Mass, at around 9.30 AM the worship conference commenced with a talk entitled “Inner healing and worship” by Nishant Fernando. Nishant is a 22 year-old young qualified musician, audio engineer and a film editor by profession. He is also a full-time minister in Potta, India. He is also a worship leader and later produced his first album entitled “Revival”. His talk was mainly about having a live connection between us and God giving rise to inner peace. He added it is only possible if you have the desire to let God heals you from your sorrows. All in all, inner healing enables you and others to receive God’s Love through your music. 
The second session on  “Anointed Music” facilitated by Jude Antoine began at 11.30AM.  He explained that we should always be humble musicians and place God the center of our worship. Being a musician for the Lord, we should always have personal prayers that will lead us to spiritual maturity. He added, that a worship ministry should always DISCERN and PROPHECY so that we can hear the voice of God. After his talk, all of us were prayed over ~ God’s spirit was moving inside the Mater Audi Auditorium. Tears of joy, and people speaking in tongues filled the room. 
The next session began at 2.00PM. with Benedict Lo facilitating on “Prophetic Music”. He is an architect by profession. Ben is married and presently is also one of the elders of the Empowered Ministry. Ben shared his early years as a young and humble musician for the Lord. He explained that, music is to comfort, encourage, strengthen, confront and stir the hearts of the people. By having anointed music, it can take us to another level of worship. In addition, he gave us tips on being a musician for the Lord, the two components of being DISCIPLINE and HUMBLE. He added, 'God does not want your abilities, but your availability for Him.'
After, his session we continued with our music streaming session again according to our instrument of choice. During this session, all of us combined together as a whole band to practice for the theme song “Rise Up”. It was really an awesome moment to work with one another creating harmony for the Lord. The practice lasted from 3.00PM to 4.30PM! Session resumed at 7.30PM with “ER 2013: Worship Night” led by Nishant  accompanied by the Empowered Music Ministry. 
After the praise and worship session, it was a time for us to rehearse the music and the theme song “RISE UP”. Although, we did not have adequate time for practice but God is always with us. It was truly an amazing get together and a successful try for us. 
Right after the rehearsal, we attended the adoration and inner healing session. Fr. Simon Poh, led the Adoration and Jude Antoine, the Inner Healing. We began by having a time of worship and then all of us were invited to the inner healing session in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. We felt the presence of Jesus at the center of the Main Hall. His Spirit was moving us. People were bursting into tears during the inner healing and adoration session. It was truly an eye opener for us the richness of our Catholic faith. It was really a good session to end the night of day 2.

Monday, June 17, 2013

YMG – Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit

Oleh : Roland Henry

TAWAU (19 Mei 2013) – Tim Kerasulan Belia Paroki (KBP) Holy Trinity Tawau telah menganjurkan Youth Monthly Gathering diadakan di Upper Room, Dewan Paroki dengan tema ‘Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit’. Tema ini sangat berbeza dengan tema YMG sebelumnya. Ramai yang tidak menyedari tentang kepentingan dan perlunya pengetahuan yang lebih mendalam berkenaan dengan Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit ini. Maka dengan sebab itulah tema tersebut dimuatkan ke dalam YMG kali ini dan sangat bertepatan sempena menyambut Tahun Iman ini. Seramai 67 orang belia hadir ke program tersebut termasuklah Sr. M. Rusiah FSIC.
Program YMG yang ke - 21 ini dimulai dengan sesi pendaftaran pada jam 12.30 tengah hari dan sangat menyeronokkan apabila menerima kunjungan belia yang baru pertama kali mengikutinya untuk bersama-sama menuntut ilmu demi pengukuhan iman sebagai seorang belia Kristian Katolik. Alunan muzik padu yang dipimpin oleh YMG Junior Band meningkatkan lagi semangat belia melalui lagu puji-pujian dan penyembahan.
Sewaktu awal sesi input mengenai tema YMG-21 iaitu Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit yang disampaikan oleh Sdri. Naomi Francis selaku wakil Tim KBP Holy Trinity Tawau, para belia diberi sedikit penjelasan tentang 6 Sakramen Gereja selain dari Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit yang melengkapi 7 Sakramen Gereja Katolik berdasarkan rujukan buku YouCat, katekismus popular dalam versi Bahasa Indonesia, di muka surat 121 hingga 160.
“Oleh sebab kita tidak percaya akan kebaikkan Tuhan, kita mengalami kesukaran menyelamatkan segalanya kepada Tuhan. Penyerahan diri kepada Tuhan itu terhalang sepenuhnya dan tidak tahu lagi harus bagaimana dan ke mana? Apabila kita dalam keadaan sakit itu, kita cuba untuk mencari pegangan hidup yang lain. Kebanyakan dalam masyarakat kita, kalau mereka sudah tidak percaya akan perubatan moden, mereka pergilah jumpa bomoh, jumpa dukun-dukun, percaya kepada pegangan tangkal-tangkal, minum air yang terjampi. Itulah yang berlaku, mereka mencari pegangan yang lain sedangkan ada sana yang lebih hebat iaitu Yesus yang mempunyai kuasa penyembuhan yang luarbiasa” kata Sdri. Naomi semasa memberi perkongsian di dalam sesi inputnya.
Ramai yang beranggapan bahawa Sakramen Pengurapan Orang sakit hanya diberikan kepada mereka yang nazak sahaja dan takut menerima Sakramen ini kerana mereka fikir sakramen ini seperti vonis mati. Tidak sama sekali. Sakramen ini juga boleh diterima oleh sesiapa sahaja yang sedang menderita sakit, mereka yang akan menjalani pembedahan, sedang mengalami penyakit yang sukar diubati. Sakramen ini bertujuan untuk menyatukan penderitaan bersama Kristus yang hadir sebagai penyelamat dan penghibur, damai serta memberi kekuatan untuk menanggung ketakutan dan rasa sakit dalam Tubuh-Nya.
Sakramen ini diberikan melalui pengurapan minyak suci pada dahi dan kedua telapak tangan, diiringi dengan doa-doa. Sakramen ini hanya boleh diberikan oleh para uskup dan paderi kerana sebenarnya yang bertindak itu adalah Kristus sendiri yang akan memberi kesembuhan kepada mereka yang menerimanya sama seperti Firman yang dipetik dari Yoh 5:14 – “Engkau telah sembuh; jangan berbuat dosa lagi supaya padamu jangan terjadi yang lebih buruk”.
Para belia bukan sahaja dapat mengenal dan mengetahui fungsi dan cara mengaplikasi Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit malah dapat memahami tugas umat awam dalam Sakramen ini. Para belia digesa untuk memberanikan diri dan mengunjungi orang sakit di mana sahaja keberadaan mereka agar setiap kunjungan dapat memberi perhatian dan penghiburan besar bagi orang sakit serta mendoakan kepada mereka. Selain itu, menjadi orang tengah gereja untuk menyalurkan maklumat dan meningkatkan kesedaran umat setempat tentang Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit.
YMG-21 diteruskan dengan perkongsian di dalam kumpulan agar para belia dapat berkongsi dan bertukar-tukar pendapat mengenai tema pada hari tersebut. Pihak Tim KBP juga sempat mengongsikan tayangan slot demo lakonan oleh Rev. Fr. David Garaman dan beberapa orang belia yang disediakan khas untuk program ini supaya para belia yang hadir pada ketika itu dapat melihat tatacara seorang paderi memberi Sakramen Pengurapan Orang Sakit. Setelah itu, Sdra. James Joseph selaku emcee memberi pengumuman aktiviti belia yang akan datang dan diikuti dengan Doa Intensi Untuk Orang Sakit sebagai doa penutup. Pertemuan YMG diakhiri dengan sesi bergambar bersama di depan Dewan Paroki kemudian menjamu selera di Kantin Paroki Holy Trinity sebagai tanda kesyukuran program YMG bulan ini dan juga meraikan ulangtahun kelahiran ahli-ahli KBP pada bulan Mei.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ceramah 'Tambahkan Iman Kami' ~ Lukas 17 : 5

SOCCOM Telupid, Lahad Datu dan Tawau

Telupid : Seramai 120 umat awam dari persekitaran Paroki Santo Martin Telupid telah hadir ke ceramah 'Tambahkan Iman Kami' Lukas 17 : 5. Ceramah ini, di sampaikan oleh Fr Lukas Jua dari Maumere, Flores, Indonesia, telah diadakan pada Selasa, 11hb Jun 2013 dari 7.30 malam - 9.45 malam di Gereja Santo Martin. Sebelum itu, ceramah yang sama telah diadakan di Katedral St Mary, Sandakan pada 10hb Jun 2013.
Fr Simon mengalu-alukan kehadiran Fr Lukas serta menyampaikan sumbangan kepada beliau
Lahad Datu : Selesai sahaja sesi ceramahnya di Telupd, Fr Lukas Jua pada keesokannya, 12hb Jun 2013 telah pun mengadakan sesi yang sama di Paroki St Dominic, Lahad Datu. Seramai 300 umat telah menghadiri sesi tersebut dan turut serta ialah Fr Simon Kontou, Paderi Paroki, Fr Marcellinus Pongking, Pembantu Paderi Paroki, para religius dan wakil-wakil MPP.
Tawau : Pada 13hb Jun 2013, ceramah yang sama yang disampaikan oleh Fr Lukas Jua, telah berlangsung di Dewan Paroki Holy Trinity dari pukul 7.30 malam hingga 9.45 malam. Lebih dari 400 umat mewakili pelbagai komuniti termasuk KKD dan stasiluar hadir ke ceramah tersebut. Turut hadir bersama ialah Msgr Nicholas Ong, para religius dan Sdra Mario, pengerusi MPP. Satu slot singkat soal jawab diadakan sebaik selesai sesi input.


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