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Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Advent at St Mary's Cathedral

Msgr Nicholas Ong with Fr Thomas and Fr Peter Kim

SANDAKAN : The first Advent Eucharistic Celebration Mass was con celebrated by Msgr Nicholas Ong, Fr Peter Kim, SJ and Fr Thomas Makajil at St Mary's Cathedral during sunset mass, yesterday 28th November 2009.

Lighting the 1st Advent candle

Msgr Nicholas Ong, rector of Holy Trinity Church Tawau was here to attend the formation seminar for PPC members while Fr Peter Kim, SJ attached to the Catholic Major Seminary in Yangoon, Myanmar was back home to attend the St Mary's Secondary School Class of 1955 - 1959 reunion event. Both priests were born in Sandakan.

In his homily, Msgr Nicholas Ong called upon everyone to stay awake, that is to be vigilant and pray always. Advent is a time of waiting, waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ continues to come at every Christmas as well as His 2nd coming in glory and majesty at the end of time.

He urged everyone to be prepared as Christ instructed in the Gospel reading of the day. The people are to be constantly prepared watching that their hearts will not be hardened by self indulgence, pleasure and drunkenness, and the cares of the world. In other words, one must always be aware of the realities of the world and be prepared to face the challenges using the basic skill of life base on the teaching of Christ.

DS & photo by Bell

Saturday, November 28, 2009

3rd and Final Day - Formation Seminar for PPC members

An input session by Bro John D' Cruz

SANDAKAN 29th November 2009 : Today, being the third and final day of the Formation Seminar for PPC members started off with an input session by Brother John D'Cruz on 'Institutional Church' and 'Community Church - a new way of being Church.'

He led the participants to be aware of the wave of movement from the conventional teaching which focused on result and work values to the new approach in learning which focused more on child development and life values. 'Facilitators' are needed to build up individuals and the communities.

Sandakan Parish Grouping

Telupid Parish Grouping

Lahad Datu Parish Grouping

Airene from Sandakan

Richard Lobinjang from Telupid

Albert from Telupid

Mario from Tawau

Participants were put into parish groups to share on development of BECs in their own parish. They went through the process of basic life skill in handling situations / issues which includes;
  • Increasing awareness (conscious of the situation, the realities, the difficulties)
  • Deeper reflection (knowing the life of Christ, a happier way to live,be a better person)
  • Action possibilities (promote a better communion, bring out the values of Jesus Christ)

Msgr Nicholas Ong, Bishop Julius and Fr Thomas

The seminar ended with a concluding mass at the St Mary's Chapel, con celebrated by Bishop Julius , Msgr Nicholas Ong and Fr Thomas Makajil.

Bishop Julius in his homily

Bishop Julius urged everyone to be watchful, that is to be more aware of the realities happening within the Church, pray and meditate as well as to reflect deeply based on Christ's teachings before responding to the situations. In life process it is important to share the time, talents and treasure for the growth of the Church.

He went on to say, 'The seminar has just ended but actual work in building and sustaining Basic Ecclesial Communities in each parish will have to begin after this'.

Presentation of certificates

He expressed his appreciation to all who had contributed towards the success of the seminar.

SFO members helping in the kitchen

Shirley Joseph interviewing Esther Albert from HTC

Esther Alim Albert from HTC Tawau in an interview has this to say, 'I am glad that I have come to this seminar. The seminar is well organized. The facilitator had helped me to see things differently based on the teaching of Christ. It has enhanced my leadership skill.'

DS & photos by Bell & Sandra

Program Kepimpinan dan Motivasi Belia

Para peserta bersama Fr Simon

Lahad Datu - Pertama kalinya Team Pelayanan Belia KUK Felda telah menganjurkan "Program Kepimpinan dan Motivasi Belia KUK Felda dan St Gabriel Tungku" dengan bertemakan "Membentuk komuniti Di Mana Impian Yesus Terlaksana".

Sebahagian para peserta
Program ini diadakan di rumah ibadat Felda pada 21 Nov - 22 Nov 2009 dan seramai lebih kurang 50 belia yang berusia 11 tahun ke atas daripada KUK Felda dan Tungku mengikuti program ini.
Saudara Teodulfo Rosalia dari paroki St. Dominic adalah peceramah jemputan bagi program ini dan dibantu oleh beberapa ahli Team Pelayanan Belia Paroki.
Dalam program ini, peserta digalakkan untuk lebih banyak membuat renungan pada Injil Yesus Kristus. Dalam ceramah beliau, saudara Teodulfo juga banyak menyentuh tentang pelayanan sebagai seorang belia di gereja.

Beliau juga menggalakkan para belia untuk menjadikan program ini sebagai titik permulaan mereka dalam pelayanan mereka dan jangan takut untuk melayani.

Saudara Fabian Atong, pengerusi KUK Felda berpesan kepada Team Pelayanan Belia KUK Felda agar program seumpama ini dapat diadakan lebih kerap agar belia di KUK Felda dapat bertumbuh dalam pelayanan mereka.
Penyampaian cendera penghargaan kepada saudara Teodulfo dan wakil TPBP disempurnakan oleh saudara Fabian. Rev Fr. Simon Kontou menutup program ini dengan harapan setiap belia dapat bertumbuh dalam iman Yesus Kristus.
Laporan : Udin @ Kerulus
Gambar : Shirley Yong.


The participants

Tawau : The English CCR & Filipino Community of Holy Trinity Church, together with the Diocesan Service Team of the Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese, jointly held the above seminar on 8th November 2009.

With the theme “I am the Lord that healed Thee”, the seminar concentrated on unforgiveness, relationship problems, hurts and pain, hidden and shameful sins of previous life experiences.

The parish indeed felt very privileged to be able to hold this seminar in Tawau because it is usually held in Bundu Tuhan only. More than 200 people turned up for the seminar, with quite a number from Lahad Datu, Semporna and other outstations like Luasong and Bombalai.

From the seminar, many discovered the areas in their lives that needed to be healed.. Surprisingly, almost half of those coming for counseling were men.

Daniel Kong

The teams also gave an extra input and sharing session to the Filipino community on the importance of the word of God in their daily lives.

After the seminar, many of those attended felt that there was a need to have it again next year with a longer session instead of just a weekend, so that more time could be given for counseling.

The organizers were indeed very grateful to the team from Kota Kinabalu of Joseph Chee, Daniel Kong, Anthony Lim, Anthony Kong and Monica Kong, and also to the strong support of the rector Msgr. Nicholas Ong and his assistant Fr. Philip Muji for the success of this seminar.

Marialyn Morris.

2nd Day - Formation Seminar for PPC members

SANDAKAN 28th Nov 2009 : The second day of the formation seminar for PPC members continued with more mixed group sharings and discussions on two important topics:
  • Living out the Gospel values and Community witness
  • Practical life skills for building up the community

Participants had the opportunity to learn basic life skills and life process using pastoral methods in sharing their life experiences through being aware of the realities and the difficulties of living out the Christian faith. Together they made analysis of the reasons as to why such happenings exist.

They reflected on the life of Jesus in encountering such difficulties and they then responded to the situation.

The sessions of the day were designed to fall in line with the goal and objective of the seminar as well as the pastoral needs of the Diocese.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 1 - Formation Seminar for PPC members


Participants with Bro John D Cruz and Bishop Julius

SANDAKAN : A total of 45 PPC members comprising clergy, religious and lay members from the four parishes of the Diocese of Sandakan gathered at the Diocesan Meeting Room to attend the 3 day Diocesan Formation Seminar for PPC members beginning today 27th November 2009.

The main facilitator for the seminar is Bro John D' Cruz, the Lasallian Formation Director, based in La Salle Centre, Ipoh Perak. He taught for 17 years in schools and was attached to St Mary's Secondary School, Sandakan from 1971 - 1975. He is now fully involved in human development and special education for youth, especially the poor.

The session of the day began with the Enthronement of the Bible, proclamation of the Word taken from Luke 20:29-33, reflection and Opening Prayer led by Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary's Cathedral.

Bishop Julius in his welcoming speech said,'In moving ahead together, we need to pause to concentrate on the process strategically about parish vitality. Vibrant parishes do not just happen. We need pastoral excellence to steer us. We need competent and committed parish leaders of all level.'

John Baptis sharing his experience

Participants were divided into mixed groups to allow them to experience and develop the skill of building communities. The main topic of the day was on deeper understanding of BECs-a new way of being Church. They shared on the following;
  • Common understanding of Christian life
  • The realities of Parish life
  • Difficulties in living out the Christian life
  • Expectation of Community life
Tomorrow's sessions will be on;

  • Living out the Gospel value and Community witness
  • Practical life skills for building up Community

Courtesy Call

A.J. Wong, Fr Peter Kim SJ, Bp Julius, Fr Theo and Msgr Nicholas Ong

SANDAKAN : Fr Peter Kim Se Mang, SJ and Fr Theo M Feldbrugge, MHM who were here to attend the St Mary's Secondary School Class of 1955-1959 reunion event held on 25th November 2009 paid a courtesy call to Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom at the latter's office today, 27th November 2009.
Fr Peter Kim, SJ

Fr Peter Kim, SJ born in Sandakan had his early education at Holy Trinity School Tawau. He studied at St Mary's Secondary School in 1959 and then proceeded to Sabah College Kota Kinabalu. He was ordained Jesuit Priest on 10th December 1979. He served as rector of St Francis Xavier's Church, Petaling Jaya before getting involved in pastoral institutes in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Kota Kinabalu and Johore. Currently he is now attached to the Catholic Major Seminary in Yangon, Myanmar.

Fr Theo M Feldbrugge, MHM

Fr Theo M Feldbrugge, MHM first taught in St Mary's Secondary School in 1956 - 1960. He was then assigned as Principal of St Anthony, Labuan from 1961 - 1963. From 1963 - 1967 he further his study in Dublin and Glasgow where he obtained his bachelor degree in geography and economics as well as a bachelor degree in education. He was pastor and principal of St Francis Xavier, Keningau from 1967 - 1975. After retiring from teaching, he served in New York, the Phillipines and Los Angeles. He is now a retired priest, residing in Holland.


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