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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dialogue Session with FSIC

Bishop Julius leading the Opening Prayer

Sandakan : Mother General of the Franciscan Sister of the Immaculate Conception, Sr Grace Deosing, fsic and her council members Sr Terry Loukang, fsic, Sr Germaine Angkangon, fsic and Sr Appolonia Gumbu, fscic together with Sr Lilianna Gubod, fsic and Sr Dorothy Laudi ,fsic paid a courtesy call to Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom this morning, Tuesday 3rd November 2009 at the Diocesan Meeting Room, Church Hill Road.

A dialogue session was held among them with the attendance of Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary's Cathedral, Henry Wong, Chairman of the Paitan Mission and Francis Tan of the Diocesan Pastoral Office. Paitan is a remote area, situated in Marudu, north east of Borneo and some four hour drive from Sandakan. It became a missionary area of the Cathedral Parish of St Mary, Sandakan sometime in 1985.

Sitting L-R: Henry, Fr Thomas, Bishop Julius, Sr Grace
Standing L-R: Sr Appolonia, Sr Lilianna, Francis, Sr Germaine, Sr Dorothy, Sr Terry

Bishop Julius commended the Sisters for their direct involvement in the mission. Their presence and influence had contributed to the growth of the said mission. However, he opined that the local people should be allowed the opportunity to stand on their own and be responsible to themselves especially when the mission enters into its 25th anniversary next year.

Sr Grace Deosing, fsic, said that it is a privilege for her congregation to share in the undertakings of the Paitan Mission especially after the erection of the Diocese. She was in agreement with Bishop's vision that the local parishioners especially the catechists should be empowered to look after the mission.

The session was an excellent platform for building up harmonious relationship. They spend time to discern on possibilities to further improve the mission in Paitan. They discussed on issues related to pastoral care, education development, physical needs and land matters. There are much to be desired and for that much effort is needed to see to the success of the mission.

by DS


  1. how I long to go there any ways or procedures on how to join this mission?

  2. Hi Haelius,
    Paitan though remote, is just about four drive from Sandakan. Upon reaching Paitan bridge, take a one hour boat ride upriver to the Mission House.The people lead simple life. Most are farmers, planting for their own needs. There is no treated water supply. They depend on rain and the river. No electricity supply too.

  3. hope in the future, I can join the mission....thanks for the info, anyway...



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