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Monday, November 16, 2009


Ready for the presentation

The English section Sunday School classes closed for the year with celebration function at the St. Mary’s Parish Hall on the 15-11-2009. The event kick off at 8.15am with presentations by the various classes and awards presentation.

Good buddies

Rev. Fr. Paul Lo took time out to be with the class before leaving early again for the Bahasa Malaysia Mass. Prior to that Fr. Paul Lo officiated at the Mandarin section Sunday School closing.

Fr. Paul in his opening address.

Many awards were given out during the event for winner of speech contest, coloring contest as well as best proclamation of readings from the Bible for various ages. There was also testimony given as well as singing and dancing by the year one and two classes and also from the senior classes. After the event, the animators took the opportunity of a group photo taking for remembrance.

Jasper Vun proclaming the Word at the beginning of the function

Year one & two kids song presentation

1 comment:

  1. hehehe...seeing those kids reminds me of my sunday school days....I entered sunday when I was in Standard 5, 1999 I think, and have my 1st Communion as well as Confirmation at the end of the same year...:D

    That was my first encounter with my 1st love, Jesus, in the Eucharist...and I'll never forget that...



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