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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ziarah Tempatan ~ KKD Paroki St Mary, Sandakan Sempena Tahun Iman

Leonnie Degallucion

Sandakan : Sempena dengan tahun iman, FSIC telah menganjurkan Ziarah Tempatan untuk ahli-ahli Komuniti Kristian Dasar Paroki St Mary pada 13hb – 16hb September,2013. Seramai 42 orang telah menyertai program ziarah ini termasuk dua orang religius sister, Sr Apollonia fsic dan Sr Callista fsic yang telah menjadi pembimbing ziarah tersebut. 13 kawasan telah dijadikan destinasi ziarah yang bermula dari Katedral St Mary Sandakan dan berakhir di Carmelite Monastry, Kota Kinabalu.
 St. Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan.
Carmelite Monastry, Kota Kinabalu.
 Sacred Heart, Kota Kinabalu
 Stella Maris Church, Tanjung Aru

Grotto St. Michael Penampang
   Gereja St. Michael, Penampang      

Shrine of St. Theresa Tambunan

Hari Pertama Misa Kudus Selebran Fr. Jimsy. Pace Bane Retreat Centre. Papar

   Shrine of Msgr Watcher, Pace Bene, FSIC, Retreat Centre, Papar
   Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Limbahau, Papar. 
  Memorial of Msgr Watcher, di Gereja Katolik St. Anthony, Tenom.   
 A visit to the actual site where Msgr Watcher was killed 
~ Sapong, Tenom. 
Album Kenangan Bapa Uskup Keningau + Rt. Rev. Cornelius Piong
dan Penziarah dari Keuskupan Sandakan di Diocesan Retreat Centre, 
Tatal,  Keningau.
 Gereja Katolik Holy Cross (Salib Suci) Toboh, Tambunan
Persiapan awal telah diadakan dengan mengadakan triduum untuk semua peserta yang telah dipimpin oleh Sr Apollonia fsic pada 10-12 September. Melalui ziarah tempatan ini, pengalaman mengenali dan mengetahui sejarah agama Katolik bertapak dan berkembang di Sabah dan mendalami iman setiap peribadi para ziarah melalui iman dan perbuatan yang telah ditunjukkan para misionari semasa membawa agama Katolik di Sabah.
Ziarah ini sempena dengan Tahun Iman mampu memberi inspirasi yang baik kepada setiap peziarah. Disamping meneguhkan iman ia juga satu proses menyucikan diri.

Monday, September 23, 2013








     该晚会于当天晚上730分在堂区活动中心举行。我们非常感谢Thomas神父、 两位修女和堂区委员会主席Petrick Seah抽空出席盛会,使当晚的场面倍添色彩。


    颁发猜灯谜比赛的奖品于优胜者过后。主办当局也特别准备了问答比赛予在场的来宾们,专考IQ的问题让来宾们绞尽脑汁。该晚会于晚上915, 在结束祈祷和Thomas神父的祝福下圆满结束 。

My Personal Sharing and Reflection

A Reflection by Sunday Samuel Work, IFFAsia Batch-7
(Sunday who hails from the Paitan Missionary Area, Sandakan is currently pursuing a one year formation program in IFFAsia, Quezon City, Philippines and is expected to graduate on 24th November 2013)
During my first few months here in IFFAsia, we were taught to build strong foundation of faith and prepare ourselves to be primary initiator on facing the challenges of the church through series of sessions. For the first phase, we went through the human module that helps us to deeply understand ourselves, explore our inner-selves, discover our talents. We were also taught on tips about building relationship bonds with others. We experienced a 'Weekend Retreat Towards a New Life' that really helped us to discern, think and have a break to re-look at our inner journey and to have time to talk with God.  All of these really led to spiritual renewal and preparation of oneself for the Holy Week. Likewise, we joined the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by conducting a Faith Walk. It was a long walk with very precious purpose for each and everyone.
Children play on the streets as there is no space for recreational facilities. 
            As we continue to journey in community living, the Social Immersion as part of our Social Module helped us a lot to understand what community really is. Not only by knowing its complexity and to know its profile, it is also important for me to experience the love, care, kindness and hospitality that we shared among us, the host parish and our foster families. Through these, it gave me an impact and to dig deeper about understanding society, in all aspects and appreciating the people who were involved in the program. We continued to feed ourselves with knowledge and compassion to the society as we started to study about the principles and perspectives about social development. By applying what we have experienced and learned, we are now making a Developmental Action Plan that would help our community to enhance their lives and empower every individual in the light of our Lord.
Payatas, the dumpsite in MetroManila - children live by the streets
Moreover, Spiritual and Pastoral Modules were also given to us so that we could have an integral formation in order to become better Christian servant-leaders. We finally share and attest our knowledge, skills and attitude when we conducted our Professional Internship. As I prepare and discern, I have asked myself, if I am really going to achieve my objectives? Do I really have the character to be a lay pastoral worker?  I need all the formation, the grooming to be more confident in my mission as I return home to my parish where I will serve the parish as a whole and the youth ministry in particular.
Furthermore, I felt that I may achieve my objective through sociological skills in the actual application of knowledge and work in the community. A parish-based work is truly pastoral work. This is not just sitting and holding a pen inside the office but the opportunities to interact with the people on ground. I know deep in me that service is also a journey. Moreover, not only as pastoral work, but I could also open myself for the social realities that are visible in the ecclesial community of the Parish. Serving the poor and the marginalized allows me to serve Christ himself. I realized that this internship is truly and fully pastoral work.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


(斗湖讯)一年一度的華人传统文化中秋节晚會順利的在15/09/2013斗湖聖三天主堂成功举办。晚上7.30pm節目開始前,约莫200位教友络绎不绝涌入礼堂一同庆祝中秋赏月吃月饼。當晚的節目 有歌唱,剝柚子比賽,猜燈謎,燈籠比賽以及辛运抽奖。節目雖然不多,可是大家都很融入的參與遊戲,玩的不亦乐乎。这次的燈籠比賽孩子們以环保的概念自制出缤纷色彩的燈籠。有一番别出心裁的设计。让所有教友叹为观止,悦目赏心。感谢主让一切活動圆满结束。在這短短兩個小時的聚会,主的恩典让我们投入他的懷抱,共同慶祝主給予 我們一個平安美好佳節的夜晚。愿主的平安常與我們同在

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Diocese of Sandakan organizes 2nd Staff Recollection ~ 2013

Article by DSst
Photos by Bell
Sandakan : 33 Diocesan and Parish staff from across the four parishes gathered at the Diocesan Retreat Centre, Ulu Dusun some 50 km from the town for the 2-day 2nd annual staff recollection on 15th and 16th September. The aim of which is to boost staff morale in working in a church setting, providing effective service to the people of God. It provided space and a wonderful opportunity for all to strengthen relationship bonds.
The first day, 15th September started with the Opening Mass presided over by Fr Dr Charles Chiew from the Diocese of Keningau. In his homily he shared on the ‘twin parables’ of the lost sheep and the lost coin. The shepherd and the woman set aside everything to look for the one lost sheep and the one lost coin respectively. Likewise the Lord will search for the lost soul until he finds him. He does not forget us and never abandon us. As members of the Body of Christ (1 Cor 12) we are to carry on the mission, to lend our shoulders to the lost to lean on. As members of the Diocesan and Parish staff we are to be living witnesses and win souls to the Lord. If this happens, there would be much rejoicing.
Anna Teresa of the Diocesan Youth Office facilitated the ‘ice breaker’ session with two highly interactive games and songs; ‘I want to know a little of you’ and the ‘ripple effect’. The fun games were engaging and set the environment to one that was conducive with walls broken and bridges built.
Fr Charles spoke on ‘Lay Spirituality’ which is a call to holiness within the context of family life, the neighborhood, work place, community and parish life. ‘Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy’ ~ Lev. 19 : 1-2). 
He continued to share on the word ‘Sacrament’ touching on;
  • Jesus ~ the first Sacrament
  • The Church ~ the Sacrament after Jesus death and resurrection
  • The Christian community as a Sacrament
  • Becoming a Sacrament to others and its many challenges
The following day, 16th September was the session on ‘Scatter and Gather’ facilitated by Francis Tan of the Diocesan Pastoral Office. Citing several examples from the Bible, even the closest members of Jesus became an obstacle to others to seek Him. Participants shared on Pope Francis’ homily on 25th May on the Gospel reading from Mark 10 in which the disciples rebuked people who were bringing children to Jesus. The prelate’s preaching appealed to all not to create the 8th Sacrament ~ The Sacrament of ‘Pastoral Customs’. The small group discussion and the sharing session touched on how as Church employees (frontier-man) reach out to make parishioners welcomed when they seek for assistance.
Sr Maria Dipal rgs of the Good Shepherd Sisters facilitated the session on ‘Communication and the Spirit of Team Building’. She started her session with a dynamic team game, ‘Protecting a team member from being lured away by Satan’ and ‘Closing the door to Satan’.

Effective communication is a vehicle to build an efficient team for the provision of good service to all people of God. Her session touched on the recipe for interaction, verbal and body language communication, challenges and hindrances to effective communication and what the Bible says about communication.
The Closing Mass was presided over by Bishop Julius. The prelate in his homily said that the theme for the day’s readings focus on ‘Prayer and Faith’. Faith will grow, increase and be strengthened through prayers. Faith is an inseparable condition for prayers. Jesus works through people of faith. Church employee must relate faith to their work to bring out excellence in performance for the Lord and unto His Glory. The contribution by each employee as ‘hand and feet’ of the pastor is significant in bringing about the fragrance of the Church.
The prelate added, ‘Your 2-day stay in gathering opens the door for self improvement through the input sessions from the facilitators. Your bonding will move you to be a stronger formed team with better understanding for improved and productive service’.
In conclusion, the prelate said, ‘Today is significant for it marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia. Let’s pray for our leaders that they be given the wisdom to propel the nation to greater heights where the people will continue to enjoy peace, stability and prosperity.  Pray for the Lord’s blessing for our Diocese. Pray for our Church leaders, especially the priests and myself that we stay healthy and remain faithful in our vocation, shepherding the flock.’

Friday, September 13, 2013


Oleh Sebastian J. Francis
Lahad Datu : Pada 16 Oktober 1988, satu komiti yang digelar sebagai ‘Komiti Katekis’ telah dirasmikan oleh Fr. Gerard Preyde dan dipengerusikan oleh sdra. Sebastian J. Francis. Kini, ‘Komiti Katekis’ tersebut telah ditukar kepada Komiti Pertemuan Minggu Gembira (PMG) pada tahun 2003. Pada tahun ini, genaplah PMG menjangkau 25 tahun melayani anak-anak PMG dan sempena dengan itu, satu Majlis Makan Malam untuk merayakan Jubli Perak PMG telah diadakan pada 31 Ogos 2013 yang lalu.
Majlis Makan Malam PMG tersebut diadakan selain bertujuan menyambut Jubli Perak PMG ke-25 tahun,  dalam masa yang sama juga hasil kutipan sepenuhnya dari makan malam ini akan diserahkan kepada Gereja untuk membantu dana Pembangunan Dewan Ibadat yang baru. Sebanyak 82 meja (820 orang) telah disediakan dan terjual semuanya berkat usaha dan bantuan Komiti PMG dan semua umat beriman, di samping sokongan dan dorongan daripada Rektor Paroki, Rev. Fr. Simon Kontou dan Pembantu Rektor, Rev. Fr. Marcellinus Pongking.
Majlis dimulakan dengan ketibaan para tetamu bermula pada jam 6 petang. Majlis dirasmikan dengan doa serta ucapan daripada Fr. Simon dan pemotongan kek Jubli Perak PMG. Seramai 25 kanak-kanak PMG membawa lilin bersama para pembimbing sambil menyanyikan lagu ‘Happy Anniversary’ bersama-sama di atas pentas. 
Majlis diteruskan dengan hidangan makan malam sambil menonton persembahan pembukaan daripada para pembimbing PMG dan diteruskan dengan persembahan daripada kanak-kanak PMG. Antara persembahan yang diadakan ialah lakonan, nyanyian, tarian cha-cha, tarian kembot, sumazau dan tarian India.
Turut diadakan ialah penyerahan cendera kenangan Jubli Perak PMG daripada penyelaras PMG iaitu sdra. Sebastian J. Francis kepada semua Paderi dan Sister yang telah datang memberi sokongan. Selain itu, para penderma yang telah menderma sebanyak RM500 ke atas turut menerima cendera kenangan Jubli Perak PMG yang disampaikan oleh Fr. Simon.
Selain itu, turut diadakan cabutan tiket bertuah serta penjualan majalah kenangan,'face towel', dan 'sticker' Jubli Perak PMG.
Sebelum majlis sampai ke penghujungnya, penyelaras PMG telah menyerahkan mock cek berjumlah RM 92,554.35 kepada Rektor Paroki iaitu Rev. Fr. Simon Kontou. Hasil wang ini diperolehi dari penjualan tiket majlis makan malam, derma daripada para umat dan syarikat. Juga hasil penjualan daripada majalah kenangan, face towel dan sticker Jubli Perak PMG. Terima kasih tidak terhingga juga diucapkan kepada Pengerusi Komisi Katekatikal Keuskupan, Sr. Veronica Kandaung fsic yang turut hadir pada perayaan ini. 
Majlis berakhir tepat pada pukul 11.00 malam dengan ucapan terima kasih daripada Rev. Fr. Simon kepada semua yang hadir dan semua yang menjayakan majlis ini.
Pada keesokannya, satu misa khas bermula pada jam 11 pagi telah diadakan dan dikendalikan oleh para pembimbing PMG. Misa ini adalah Misa Kesyukuran atas sambutan Jubli Perak PMG yang ke-25. Turut serta, para pembimbing katekatikal Gereja St. Dominic dan para pembimbing outstasi seperti dari outstasi Tungku. Tidak ketinggalan, bekas-bekas Pembimbing PMG turut hadir memberi sokongan. Selesai Misa, penyelaras PMG memberi ucapan terima kasih kepada semua umat yang telah membantu menjayakan Ulang Tahun Jubli Perak PMG, khasnya kepada para Paderi, Sister, pembimbing, pelajar dan semua umat.


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