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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New St Mary's Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council

By: Dospo
The New PPC Line up
Sandakan : On Saturday, 25th April 2009, the first St Mary’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council members were commissioned to fulfill the rightful role of the laity in today’s Church. Eleven lay faithful and a religious sister took their pledge to serve wholeheartedly for the Cathedral Parish before the Parish Priest, Fr Thomas Makajil, witnessed by the congregation during the 3rd Sunday Eucharistic celebration. The full council will comprise fourteen members, including the Parish Priest and his assistant, Fr Paul Lo. They will serve for a term of two years from 2009 ~ 2011.

The group is moderate in size; however the background of those involved is quite diverse. The youngest being in the early 20’s while the oldest is in the mid 60’s. The main office bearers will be selected among themselves during their inaugural meeting to be determined by the Parish Priest.

Anna Theresa Amandus, attached to an audit firm, when interviewed after the commissioning said, ‘I am nervous but quite excited about the ceremony. I am indeed honored to be a member of the group and hope to contribute towards the enhancement of youth development in the Cathedral Parish.’

Another young member, Christopher Aban who is with Maybank shared that he will give all he has and to do his best at the task put before him.

Phillip Mosinoh, a retired civil servant has been with the previous council before. He has vast experience in Church affairs and was glad to be given another chance to serve and assured that he will share his experience with all other council members.

As they assume their role as the 1st Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council member, let us all pray for them that they may sincerely serve with much commitment and dedication in building up the Kingdom of God in line with Bishop Julius’ motto, ‘Serve One Another With God’s Love.’

Below is a brief profile of each of the Council member;

Fr Thomas Makajil who hails from Penampang, ordained in 1978 was the former Parish Priest of St John’s Church, Tuaran.

Fr Paul Lo is from Kudat and was ordained in 2005. He was posted to St Mary’s Cathedral as the assistant parish priest since then.

Sr Appolonia FSIC is the Sister in Charge of St Mary’s Convent. She joined the Congregation in 1987 and took her final vow in 1994. Prior to her new appointment, she was in charge of the Stella Maris Pre Novitiate Convent.

Annie Rokneh is a full time housewife. She is the pro-tem Chairperson of the Diocesan Catholic Women’s Apostolate. She is also a member of the Parish liturgical committee. She is a strong supporter of the Paitan Mission. She served in the previous Council.

Winnie Khoo is a full time housewife. She is an animator in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word and is involved in the ladies bible sharing group.

Anna Theresa Amandus is attached to a local audit firm. She is currently a committee member of the St Mary’s Youth Team.

Airene Gumanas is the acting Chairperson of the St Mary’s Youth Team. She is also a member of the Church’s IT group. She serves as lector / commentator.

Christopher Aban is with Maybank. He is talented in music and currently is the leader of the Youth Music Ministry.

Phillip Mosinoh is a retired civil servant. He is the Chairman of the St Mary’s Cathedral Kadazan Coordinating Committee and the Parish Liturgical Committee and plays an active role in the Parish Music Ministry. He is an extraordinary minister. He was a former Council member.

Jacob Chin, attached to a private firm was a former parish councilor for 6 years. He is the vice-Chairman of the Parish Liturgical Committee and he also leads a bible sharing group. He is a member of the Star of Yahweh Covenant Community.

George Majawat, a retired civil servant is currently serving as a committee member of the Pastoral Committee of St Mark’s Church. He is an extraordinary minister.

Richard Atilano, a former council member works in a government link company. He is a Sunday School teacher and is involve in the BM Family Life Ministry. He is also an extraordinary minister.

Patrick Seah, a retired airline employee is involved in the Parish Grief Ministry. He is also a lector for daily mass. He is committed in counting money of the Sunday collections.

John Baptis Joannes is attached to the Duchess of Kent, Hospital. He is an active member of the BM Family life Ministry. He is also a member of the BM CCR Prayer Group.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Record of events leading to the selection of New Cathedral PPC members (2009-2011)

Mid January 2009
Announcement of the dissolution of PPC
  • 28th January 2009
Invitation to ALL parishioners to attend the Assembly of Faithful on 28th February 2009. (flyer and bulletin)
  • 07th February 2009
Invitation to ALL Church groups to send representatives to the Assembly of Faithful on 28th
  • 27th February 2009
Formation and first meeting of the Discernment Committee
  • 28th February 2009
Assembly of Faithful at Parish Hall. 250 parishioners attended the Assembly
- 45 nominees received
  • 10th March 2009
2nd meeting of the Discernment Committee
  • 19th March 2009
Invitation to ALL nominees to attend a half day Workshop session at the Catechetical room on 28th March 2009. (Through flyer and personal call)
  • 28th March 2009
24 nominees responded to the Workshop session. 19 signed the ‘Declaration of Intent’ form.
  • 02nd April 2009
3rd meeting of the Discernment Committee.
· Discern on the selection of the new PPC members.
· Selected potential members to the new PPC with alternate members.
· Dissolution of the Discernment Committee.
  • 12th April 2009
Announcement of new Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council
· Fr Thomas Makajil
· Fr Paul Lo
· Sr Appolonia FSIC
· John Baptis Joannes
· Annie Rokneh
· Winnie Khoo
· Patrick Seah
· Airene Gumanas
· George Majawat
· Phillip Mosinoh
· Jacob Chin
· Christopher Aban
· Richard Atilano
· Anna Theresa Amandus

  • 25th April 2009
Commissioning of Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council during the Eucharistic Celebration of the 3rd Sunday of Easter at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan.

60th Wedding Anniversary ~ The Priceless Diamond Years

Mr and Mrs M. Fabia

Sandakan: Every marriage matters, because marriage comes from the hand of God. God brings a man and a woman together to love and support each other. Their love becomes visible in the children they bring into the world and in their acts of generous service. The love between spouses symbolizes Christ’s love for the church. One such couple, married for 60 years is an excellent model and a manifestation of Catholic marriage.

Mr Marcelino Fabia came to Sabah (then British North Borneo) early 1948. He met a beautiful and charming local lass, Florence Dominic, and after a year of courtship, he married her on 18th April 1949 at St Mary’s Church, Sandakan.

Blessing by Fr. Thomas Makajil

Sixty (60) years later, on 18th April 2009, by the divine grace of God they again exchanged their marriage vows and commitments at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan, celebrated by Rev. Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of the Cathedral whereby about 300 family members and friends witnessed the joyful and auspicious Diamond Jubilee celebration of their love and fidelity. The ceremony reminded us of St Paul’s teaching that marriage bears witness to the indissoluble love of Christ for his Church.

Mr and Mrs M. Fabia with the rector

Both husband and wife had been very active in Church activities through their generous acts of service. Mr Marcelino Fabia donated a piece of land at Mile 28, Labuk Road with a chapel, hostel and a bungalow built on it which is now the Diocesan Retreat Centre. He played an important role and contributed towards the construction and completion of the St Mary’s Parish Hall in 1987 and St Mark’s Church in 1992.

Mr Fabia and Florence were founder members of the Neo-Catechumenal Way established in 1982 and together they stayed and remained as faithful members for 20 years. They served as animators of the English RCIA program when it was first introduced in St Mary’s Church in 1985. Pooling their resources together, they had successfully churned out many loyal Catholics. They had responded to the great commission, in the Christian tradition to spread the teaching to all the nations of the world. He initiated the formation of the Filipino Pastoral Community where he was elected as the founder Chairman and served for two terms from 1990-1994. Florence was a founder member of the St Mary’s Catholic Women’s League in 1970. She remains as an auxiliary member of the league until today.

Ferdee Mariano, a close family friend, when asked what help sustain the couples’ marriage, has this to say; ‘By far their marriage stays intact based on the set of values of trust, faith and effective communication.’

Cake cutting ceremony together with their children

Mr Fabia and Florence Dominic are blessed with three children, Wanda, Eleanor and Melvin, who are all successful professionals in their chosen career and 12 grandchildren.

Below is the beautiful salutation from their loving children;

60th ~ The Priceless Diamond Years

Sixty precious diamond years
The greatest years in life
Years of trust and patient
As loving husband and wife
Planning things together
And watching dreams come true
Sharing little secrets
Meant, especially for two
Remember moments filled
With both sad and happy years
No wonder that they’re thought
Of as the priceless……..
Diamond Years.

Congratulations & God Bless!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grand Opening and Solemn Blessing of St Cecilia's Multi-Resource Centre

New Multi-Resource Centre

Sandakan: St Cecilia Convent Secondary School, one of the most prestigious schools, is the first all girl school in Sandakan. It was established by the Blue Sisters of the Catholic Mission in 1966. Rev. Mother St Leonard was the founder of the school and she assumed duty as the first principal until 1968 where she was later replaced by Rev. Mother Francis Theresa. The era of the Catholic blue sisters came to an end when Mother Francis Theresa was transferred and replaced by a lay principal. The school is located about 4 kilometers from the town center and within its vicinity are St Mary’s Secondary School, St Mary’s Convent Primary School, St Mary’s Town Primary School and St Mary’s Labuk Primary School.

The idea of constructing a new block of building to house the Science and IT laboratories was conceived in 1998. Due to the frequent changes of principals the proposed building was shelved for quite a while and when Miss Lily Lim took over the helm of the school in 2004, she reactivated the idea but with a change of plan from a double to a triple storey building. With God’s blessing and through the collaboration of members from the school, the alumnae association and the school management board, the challenge was taken up and the first fund raising was done in 2005 with a jogathon and a food bazaar. There were no fund-raising project in 2006 as Lily Lim, the school principal and Alice Kok, chairperson of the school board were occupied with their master degree program but in 2007, a 40th anniversary charity dinner for 100 tables was successfully held and from then on they never ever look back. On 24th April 2008, the ground-breaking ceremony was blessed by Bishop Julius and two more fund raising projects were organized i.e. the charity show and the charity golf.

Miss Lily Lim, the Principal

Exactly one year later, the grand opening and solemn blessing of St Cecilia’s multi-resource centre by YB Aw Kam Wah, the state assemblyman for Elopura and Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom, the Bishop of the Diocese of Sandakan respectively was held on 25th April 2009. The event was also attended by Ir James Wong, the President of Sandakan Municipal Council, En. Mohd Ali, the representative of the Sandakan Divisonal Education Officer, Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary’s Cathedral, local dignitaries, former students and leaders of the Catholic Church.

Speech by YB Aw Kam Wah

YB Aw Kam Wah commended the working committee for a job well done and he pledged to contribute RM20,000 towards the purchase of computers. He assured the school authorities that the government is always concern and has always given priority to educational development in the country. He cited the example where mission schools throughout the country had recently been allocated grants to repair and upgrade schools and was happy to note that St Cecilia’s Secondary School was among the recipients.

Speech by Bishop Julius

Bishop Julius performing the Blessing Rite

Blessing the New Multi-Resource Centre

Bishop Julius, in delivering his speech gave thanks and praise to God Almighty that through His divine grace, the project has eventually materialized. He hoped that the building will be utilized to the optimum for the benefits of the school children. He also stressed that effective schools may only prevail through a strong partnership of all concerned parties. He also touched on the need to balance physical and spiritual development of school children and urged all those entrusted with the duty to place more emphasis in molding the young in accordance with the national educational philosophy. This will help the younger generation from coming under negative influences that come with the digital advances.

Presentation of Mementos to the guests of honor

After the opening ceremony and the rite of solemn blessing, Alice Kok expressed her appreciation to all who had responded to the invitation to the event. She thanked all kind and generous donors who had contributed in one way or another towards the project. She then presented mementos to the guests of honor.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by YB Aw Kam Wah and Bishop Julius

The bazaar, the last of the series of fund raising program for the building project was officially declared open by YB Aw Kam Wah and Bishop Julius.

The total cost of the building and the fixtures is close to RM1 million and hopefully through the proceeds derived from the bazaar could cover the balance of the final payment.

According to Alice Kok, the success of the project is because of the close working relationship among fellow committee members. There was a tangible sense of teamwork among members. They were devoted and committed to a common vision and purpose. The members worked very hard and they had faith and stayed focus on the strategies. She believes that with God all things are possible.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perayaan Hari Penaung Santo Markus

Selebran Perayaan Ekaristi: Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil

Sandakan: Jumaat, 24hb April 2009, buat kali ke 16, Gereja St. Mark telah merayakan satu Perayaan Ekaristi khas bagi menyambut Perayaan Hari Penaung Santo Markus yang lazimnya dirayakan pada 25hb April setiap tahun. Santo Markus, seorang penginjil yang hebat adalah pengarang Injil Markus. Dia menyebar iman kristiani melalui hasil karyanya. Penulisannya melalui inspirasi Tuhan telah membawa kepada tambahnya manusia sejagat mempercayai Tuhan Yesus. Gereja Katolik St Mark terletak 20 kilometer dari pusat bandar Sandakan. Tapak tanahnya diperolehi sebelum Peperangan Dunia kedua. Visi paderi-paderi serta pemimpin-pemimpin Gereja yang terdahulu telah mendorong mereka memperolehi tanah tersebut bagi tujuan pembinaan Gereja dan sekolah untuk melayani umat-umat yang tinggal di persekitaran luar bandar. Ia juga adalah landasan bagi Gereja menjalankan usaha-usaha penginjilan selaras dan selari dengan misi Gereja iaitu menyebarkan khabar gembira ke seluruh pelusuk dunia.

Perarakan Masuk tarian Kanak-kanak dari Komuniti Cina

Pada tapak yang diperolehi, maka terbinalah sebuah bangunan kayu dua tingkat berukuran 60 kaki panjang dimana tingkat bawah digunakan sebagai bilik darjah yang mampu menampung seramai 40 – 50 orang murid manakala di tingkat atas terdapat sebuah chapel dan 2 buah bilik.

Persembahan dari semua Komuniti

Sebaik sahaja tamatnya peperangan dunia kedua pada tahun 1945, bangunan kayu itu menjadi usang dan akhirnya roboh. Tiada usaha diambil untuk membina semula bangunan Gereja bagi melayani umat-umat setempat sehinggalah pada tahun 1991 satu komiti yang diketuai saudara John Pang dibentuk untuk melaksanakan tugas membina sebuah Gereja pada tapak asal. Pada akhir tahun 1992 bangunan Gereja St Mark siap dibina. Pada 21hb Januari 1993, upacara perasmian Gereja St Mark telah disempurnakan oleh YB Datuk Bernard Dompok, Timbalan Ketua Menteri Sabah pada ketika itu dan pemberkatan dilakukan oleh Yang Mulia Bapa Uskup Agung John Lee.

Semoga Gereja St. Mark terus berkembang demi Yesus Kristus. AMEN!

Perayaan Santo Markus di Gereja St Mark dimulakan dengan perayaan Ekaristi dalam dua bahasa iaitu Bahasa Cina dan Bahasa Malaysia pada pukul 7.00 malam untuk manfaat umat-umat setempat yang terdiri dari komuniti Cina, Kadazan Dusun dan Timor. Gereja dipenuhi dengan kehadiran umat iman setempat serta umat dari Katedral St Mary.
Persembahan dari kanak-kanak Cina

Perayaan Ekaristi tersebut telah dirayakan oleh Fr Thomas Makajil, Rektor Katedral. Turut hadir ialah ketiga-tiga Sister Fransiskan. Pembacaan injil diambil dari petikan Injil Markus 16: 15-20. Dalam homilinya, beliau mengulas bahawa Santo Markus adalah Santo Penaung Gereja dan diingati sebagai penginjil hebat. Karyanya iaitu Injil Santo Markus satu di antara empat Injil yang memberi kita pengetahuan tentang kejadian-kejadian yang berlaku dalam hidup Yesus Kristus. Santo Markus juga pernah menjelajah bersama Santo Paulus, Barnabas dan Santo Petrus untuk menyebarkan khabar gembira kepada manusia sejagat. Santo Markus seorang yang penuh dengan iman dan sangat berdedikasi dalam pelayanan perwartaan injil. Petikan Sabdanya berbunyi “Pergilah ke seluruh dunia dan wartakan Injil kepada semua makhluk” lantas Fr Thomas Makajil mengajak semua umat khususnya umat dari Gereja St Mark untuk mengikuti jejak langkah Santo Markus demi memperkembangkan Kerajaan Tuhan. Beliau menambah, semua orang boleh menjadi penginjil sebagai ‘mulut’ dan ‘tangan’nya.

Persembahan SUMAZAU dari kanak-kanak Kadazandusun

Setelah selesai Perayaan Ekaristi, semua umat dijemput untuk berkumpul di dewan bagi acara ‘Fellowship’. Acara dimulakan dengan ucapan alu-aluan daripada Pengerusi Komiti Pastoral St Mark, Saudara Mariyoh Ginjal di mana beliau menyampaikan penghargaan terhadap segala usaha para AJK Perayaan dan sumbangan para penderma. Beliau menyahut agar wujudnya kesatuan yang berterusan di kalangan setiap kumpulan di Gereja St Mark. “Sebab seperti tubuh tanpa roh adalah mati, demikian jugalah iman tanpa perbuatan adalah mati” (Yak 2:26). “Ada rupa-rupa karunia, tetapi satu Roh. Dan ada rupa-rupa pelayanan, tetapi satu Tuhan. Dan ada berbagai-bagai perbuatan ajaib, tetapi satu Tuhan adalah satu yang mengerjakan semuanya dalam semua orang.” (1Kor 12:4-6) Seterusnya, Fr Thomas dijemput untuk memberi sepatah dua kata. Dalam ucapannya pula beliau meluahkan rasa gembiranya kerana dapat melihat pelbagai perubahan berlaku pada Gereja St. Mark. Dinding-dinding telah dicat semula, lampu-lampu lama telah bertukar kepada yang lebih terang dan banyak perubahan lain lagi yang dapat meningkatkan imejm baru kepada Gereja. Beliau merayu kepada para umat agar sentiasa hidup dalam Terang Yesus Kristus. Seperti telah dinyatakan dalam homilinya, Fr Thomas menambah bahawa semua umat, tidak kira status mahu pun kedudukan mampu menjadi penginjil yang hebat seperti Santo Markus. Beliau mengakhiri ucapannya dengan menyatakan perasaan terujanya pada hari yang istimewa ini kerana dapat melihat kerjasama antara komuniti-komuniti yang berlainan selaras dengan moto Bapa Uskup Julius Dusin Gitom iaitu ‘Melayani Sesama dengan Kasih Tuhan’ dan petikan alkitab, “Demikian juga kita, walaupun banyak, adalah satu tubuh di dalam Kristus; tetapi kita masing-masing adalah anggota yang seorang terhadap yang lain.”(RM 12:5).

Persembahan dari Komuniti Belia Cina

Persembahan dari Komuniti Belia Timor Indonesia

Persembahan dari Belia Kadazandusun St. Mark Sandakan

John dan Mary Pang serta Fr. Thomas Makajil

Acara pemotongan kek

St. Mark merayakan hari penaungnya yang ke 16

Acara diteruskan dengan pemberkatan makanan oleh Fr Thomas. Semua dapat menikmati bermacam-macam hidangan yang telah disediakan oleh komuniti-komuniti dan kumpulan-kumpulan pelayanan Gereja. Selepas itu, acara diikuti dengan pelbagai persembahan dari komuniti masing-masing. Kemuncak Perayaan Ulangtahun Santo Markus ialah acara Pemotongan Kek oleh Fr Thomas, tiga Sister fsic dan beberapa penderma yang budiman. Pengakhiran bagi perayaan tersebut merupakan acara Cabutan tiket bertuah.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Trinity Church, Tawau

New Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) - 2009

[Msgr. Nicholas Ong (seated 4th from left) with the New PPC members]

The nomination/selection process for the new Parish Pastoral Council of Tawau Holy Trinity Church has been completed.

It started off with nominations of parishioners followed by a general workshop for the potential candidates. In it, Fr Philip Muji, the assistant rector, first gave the potential candidates a power point presentation of the new Diocese of Sandakan’s mission statement and the role, purpose and function of the parish pastoral council.

A sharing by a former PPC chairman outlined how the lay participation in the parish over the last 2 decades had changed from a task orientated parish council of the pre Diocesan Organizational Pastoral Planning (DOPP) era to a post DOPP pastoral parish council emphasizing on discernment, pastoral planning and formation.

In his comments, Msgr. Nicholas Ong the rector told the group that with a new diocese, they should expect changes and new directions. He further elaborated that small parish groups such as the Basic Ecclesial Communities would be asked to play a more prominent and active role in our parish life.

Members of the incoming Parish Pastoral Council will be commissioned after Easter.

Marcus Chin

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jadual Diosis Sandakan

Perayaan Ekaristi

Katedral St Mary, Sandakan

Sabtu: 6.OOptg (BI)

Ahad: 7.OOpg (BC) 9.OOpg (BM)

Gereja St Joseph , Jalan Labuk, Sandakan

Ahad: 5.OOptg (BI)

Gereja St Mark, Batu 12, Jalan Labuk, Sandakan

Sabtu: 6.OOptg (BC) Ahad: 9.OOpg (BM)

Gereja St Paul, Ulu Dusun, Sandakan

Ahad: Misa/Ibadat Sabda - 1 O.OOpg (BM)

Gereja Our Lady of Fatima, Beluran, Sandakan

Ahad: Misa/Ibadat Sabda - 1 O.3Opg (BM)

Jaya Bakti, Beluran, Sandakan

Ahad: Misa/Ibadat Sabda - 8.3Opg (BM)

Sakilan Desa, Sandakan

Ahad: 9.3Opg (BM)

Sungai Manila, Sandakan

Ahad: Misa/Ibadat Sabda - 11 .OOpg (BM)

Bukit Garam, Sandakan

Ahad: Misa/Ibadat Sabda - 11 .OOpg (BM)

Gereja St Dominic, Lahad Datu

Sabtu: 6.OOptg (BI)

Ahad: 7.OOpg (BI) 9.OOpg (BM) 5.00ptg (BC)

Gereja Holy Trinity, Tawau

Sabtu: 6.OOptg (BI)

Ahad: 7.OOpg (BC), 9.OOpg (BM) Misa Harian; 6.OOptg

(Khamis & Jumaat pertama: 8.3Omlm selepas adorasi)

Gereja St Martin, Telupid

Ahad: 8.OOpg (BM)


New Advent