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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neo Catechumenate Community - ‘Profession of Faith’

Sandakan : The Neo-Catechumenal Way is a program of faith and conversion which goes on within the structure of the Cathedral Parish in communion with the Bishop and Parish Priest. Members of the community endeavor to live together as a family by accepting one another. It is a journey to enliven the preaching as well as living the Gospel. It aims to remind and revive the baptismal vows one undertook.

The 1st community of the Neo Catechumenate in Sandakan, established in August 1982 which began walking in the Way since then made their “profession of faith” during this season of Lent. Twenty senior members, who had been with the community for more than 20 years took the ‘Profession of Faith’. It was held for four consecutive nights that began on 30th March and ended on 2nd April 2009 at the St. Joseph’s Church with the presence of the International Team of Catechists, Fernando from Spain and Fr. Pippo from Italy together with Fr. Paul Lo the Assistant Priest. Each night began with the vespers and followed by five members of the community who took turns to profess their faith.

Bishop Julius and the Parish Priest, Fr. Thomas Makajil graced the occasion on the last night where the Bishop presided in the rite of the profession of faith for the remainder five members of the community.

Bishop Julius in his homily reminded all who undertook the profession of faith to continue walking in the faith and that they become model to the Catholic faith community.

The ‘senior’ members who had participated in the profession of faith, received the palms from Fr. Pippo on Palm Sunday which commemorates Christ’s triumphant arrival in Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowd, marking the beginning of Holy Week.

By Raymond Wong

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