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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Diocesan Retreat Centre

(Michael Tivit biefing the Bishop on the development of the Centre)

Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom made an official visit to the Diocesan Retreat Centre, Ulu Dusun which is about 45 kilometers from the town centre on 21st April 2009. Anthony J. Wong, Chairman of the Retreat Centre project and Michael Tivit, person in charge of the management team were at hand to brief the Bishop on the current and future development of the said centre.

(Anthony Wong showing Bishop the exact boundary of the land on paper)

The Retreat Centre which comprises a double storey semi permanent bungalow, a chapel, a double storey concrete block and a wooden labor line sits on a 1.75 acre piece of land donated by a kind and generous parishioner. Repair and upgrading work are in progress and is expected to be completed by end of June. All premises except the labor line of the Centre will be fully air-conditioned and bathrooms will be fixed with water heaters. The Centre can accommodate up to fifty (50) persons at any one time. Beautification and landscape work are also in progress to ensure that the said centre is set in a conducive and inviting environment.

(Anthony Wong showing Bishop the about to acquire additional land)

(Inspecting the labour line)

Anthony J. Wong, then brought Bishop Julius to see the proposed 4.25 acres of land adjacent to the Centre which the Diocese intends to acquire. Negotiation for the purchase has been finalized. The contour of the proposed land is very suitable for future expansion to the Centre. Bishop Julius was pleased with the progress of the renovation work and hoped that it will be operational and functional according to schedule. He also would like to see that upon acquiring the additional piece of land, a thorough and detail study of the new Retreat Centre be undertaken.

(Taking a look at the natural fish pond)

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