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Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Trinity Church, Tawau

New Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) - 2009

[Msgr. Nicholas Ong (seated 4th from left) with the New PPC members]

The nomination/selection process for the new Parish Pastoral Council of Tawau Holy Trinity Church has been completed.

It started off with nominations of parishioners followed by a general workshop for the potential candidates. In it, Fr Philip Muji, the assistant rector, first gave the potential candidates a power point presentation of the new Diocese of Sandakan’s mission statement and the role, purpose and function of the parish pastoral council.

A sharing by a former PPC chairman outlined how the lay participation in the parish over the last 2 decades had changed from a task orientated parish council of the pre Diocesan Organizational Pastoral Planning (DOPP) era to a post DOPP pastoral parish council emphasizing on discernment, pastoral planning and formation.

In his comments, Msgr. Nicholas Ong the rector told the group that with a new diocese, they should expect changes and new directions. He further elaborated that small parish groups such as the Basic Ecclesial Communities would be asked to play a more prominent and active role in our parish life.

Members of the incoming Parish Pastoral Council will be commissioned after Easter.

Marcus Chin

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