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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New St Mary's Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council

By: Dospo
The New PPC Line up
Sandakan : On Saturday, 25th April 2009, the first St Mary’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council members were commissioned to fulfill the rightful role of the laity in today’s Church. Eleven lay faithful and a religious sister took their pledge to serve wholeheartedly for the Cathedral Parish before the Parish Priest, Fr Thomas Makajil, witnessed by the congregation during the 3rd Sunday Eucharistic celebration. The full council will comprise fourteen members, including the Parish Priest and his assistant, Fr Paul Lo. They will serve for a term of two years from 2009 ~ 2011.

The group is moderate in size; however the background of those involved is quite diverse. The youngest being in the early 20’s while the oldest is in the mid 60’s. The main office bearers will be selected among themselves during their inaugural meeting to be determined by the Parish Priest.

Anna Theresa Amandus, attached to an audit firm, when interviewed after the commissioning said, ‘I am nervous but quite excited about the ceremony. I am indeed honored to be a member of the group and hope to contribute towards the enhancement of youth development in the Cathedral Parish.’

Another young member, Christopher Aban who is with Maybank shared that he will give all he has and to do his best at the task put before him.

Phillip Mosinoh, a retired civil servant has been with the previous council before. He has vast experience in Church affairs and was glad to be given another chance to serve and assured that he will share his experience with all other council members.

As they assume their role as the 1st Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council member, let us all pray for them that they may sincerely serve with much commitment and dedication in building up the Kingdom of God in line with Bishop Julius’ motto, ‘Serve One Another With God’s Love.’

Below is a brief profile of each of the Council member;

Fr Thomas Makajil who hails from Penampang, ordained in 1978 was the former Parish Priest of St John’s Church, Tuaran.

Fr Paul Lo is from Kudat and was ordained in 2005. He was posted to St Mary’s Cathedral as the assistant parish priest since then.

Sr Appolonia FSIC is the Sister in Charge of St Mary’s Convent. She joined the Congregation in 1987 and took her final vow in 1994. Prior to her new appointment, she was in charge of the Stella Maris Pre Novitiate Convent.

Annie Rokneh is a full time housewife. She is the pro-tem Chairperson of the Diocesan Catholic Women’s Apostolate. She is also a member of the Parish liturgical committee. She is a strong supporter of the Paitan Mission. She served in the previous Council.

Winnie Khoo is a full time housewife. She is an animator in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word and is involved in the ladies bible sharing group.

Anna Theresa Amandus is attached to a local audit firm. She is currently a committee member of the St Mary’s Youth Team.

Airene Gumanas is the acting Chairperson of the St Mary’s Youth Team. She is also a member of the Church’s IT group. She serves as lector / commentator.

Christopher Aban is with Maybank. He is talented in music and currently is the leader of the Youth Music Ministry.

Phillip Mosinoh is a retired civil servant. He is the Chairman of the St Mary’s Cathedral Kadazan Coordinating Committee and the Parish Liturgical Committee and plays an active role in the Parish Music Ministry. He is an extraordinary minister. He was a former Council member.

Jacob Chin, attached to a private firm was a former parish councilor for 6 years. He is the vice-Chairman of the Parish Liturgical Committee and he also leads a bible sharing group. He is a member of the Star of Yahweh Covenant Community.

George Majawat, a retired civil servant is currently serving as a committee member of the Pastoral Committee of St Mark’s Church. He is an extraordinary minister.

Richard Atilano, a former council member works in a government link company. He is a Sunday School teacher and is involve in the BM Family Life Ministry. He is also an extraordinary minister.

Patrick Seah, a retired airline employee is involved in the Parish Grief Ministry. He is also a lector for daily mass. He is committed in counting money of the Sunday collections.

John Baptis Joannes is attached to the Duchess of Kent, Hospital. He is an active member of the BM Family life Ministry. He is also a member of the BM CCR Prayer Group.

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