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Solemn Charge ~ Year of Faith - Read the Catechism Of the Catholic Church in a Year

Mengikuti Jejak Kristus

Mengetahui dan Mengasihi iman Katolik

Friday, February 22, 2013

新春聯歡晚會 Chinese New Year Dinner Celebratrion

晚宴於英皇海酒家舉,出席的嘉賓有BISHOP DATUK JULIUS GITOM、主任司鐸FR. THOMAS MAKAJILFR. ANTHONY MIKAT、修女及堂區牧靈委員會主席 PATRICK SEAH夫婦。當晚除了華人教友外,英文組以及巫文組的教友也購票出席同歡共慶。

華協主席陳儀鳴兄弟及副主席盧姵伶姐妹分別以中、英語致歡迎詞,FR. THOMAS MAKAJIL受邀致詞後也帶領餐前祈禱。

晚宴以新年傳統的“撈生”掀開序幕,來自YAMAHA音樂學院THE CHORUS的學生們呈獻各式各樣的樂器演奏,如小提琴、鋼琴、吉他、鍵盤、爵士鼓及歌唱,為晚宴增添熱鬧氣氛。


930分,晚宴於BISHOP DATUK JULIUS GITOM的結束祈禱及降福下圓滿結束。



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu

By Peter Zeter

Pic by: Anthony Lim-Makinjal Sacred Heart Kota Kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu, Saturday 16.02.2013 - For some 'Red Mass' seems to be strange and unfamiliar. To a few, it may spark different perceptions as to what this celebration is all about. But for the Catholic lawyers around Sabah, the Eucharistic celebration on last Saturday has been an event to look forward at every start of the year.
Red Mass, in its second time being organised here in the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, is the Eucharistic celebration dedicated for those who are in the legal profession. It is being a 'Red' Mass', as the Church prays to impart the Holy Spirit and empower lawyers of the gift of prudence.
For Archbishop John Wong, this was his first Red Mass after assuming the archbishopric of the Archdiocese about a month ago. In his homily the prelate encouraged the lawyers to allow thier Christian faith to influence thier profession. He continued, whilst reminding all of the worldly influences that could tarnish the legal profession, he says that being a lawyer is not just a profession. "As lawyer, you are entrusted to defend and uphold the principle of justice." 
To link the event to the Year of Faith, the prelate expressed his hope that the Catholic Lawyers Apostolate will organise an event for the Year of Faith. The YOF is a time to reflect on what we actually believe in and be strengthened. "When you are firm in your faith, you will find that your profession as administrators of justice will be a blessing to you and society," said the Archbishop.

For Vanessa, Cindy and Cynthia, being second time joining such event, they are happy to have such occasion where they have the opportunity to celebrate meaningfully, being lawyers and as Christians. Asked if they will join again if the mass is being celebrated and hosted by the Sandakan Diocese, they say 'Yes, certainly we will go.'


By Julita, SOCCOM, Tawau

Tawau : Entering the Season of Lent by receiving the ash as a symbol of repentance gives us hope and confidence in the merciful heart of Jesus. We are to turn back to God, to focus on Christ, not merely in this season but for our entire lives. This season leads us to examine our lives, to leave behind our old ways and to pray that we be led to holiness.
Some 1,200 parishioners of Holy Trinity Church, Tawau gathered to celebrate Ash Wednesday on 13th February 2013. Though it was raining, it did not dampen the spirit of the parishioners to attend the 7.30 pm Eucharistic celebration, marking the start of the 40 days Lenten season in preparation for Easter.
In his homily, Msgr. Nicholas Ong touched on the meaning of Lent , 'As we enter the Lent season, let us examine ourselves deeply especially in our daily routine. Do we put ourselves in the presence of the Lord most of the time or is God edged out from our lives?  Lent is a time for us to have the confidence and courage to turn away from earthly things and focus more on preparation  for salvation given freely by God. We need to turn away from sin and deny ourselves from all earthly pleasures, focusing our mind to the light of salvation.'

Parishioners are reminded to reflect on their spiritual lives especially in this Year of Faith, their commitment on the gift of life given freely through Christ's resurrection. We are to open our hearts to the loving touch of our Lord, to come and present our sinful lives to our forgiving God. This season is a journey towards freedom, so we are to raise our hearts to Him and evaluate - where do we stand?

He concluded by inviting all parishioners to continue their effort to know and experience God's guidance and forgiveness as we enter this Lent season with hope and blessing.
  Msgr and EMCs mark the sign of the cross with ashes on the foreheads of faithful with the words, 'Repent and believe in the Gospel.'

Monday, February 18, 2013


By Julita, SOCCOM Tawau

Tawau : The Chinese Community of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau commenced the Chinese New Year with a thanks giving Mass on Sunday, 10th February 2013 at 11.00 am. The Mass attended by some 400 Chinese parishioners, was presided over by Msgr. Nicholas Ong and con celebrated by Fr. David Garaman.
Msgr. Nicholas began his homily by extending warm greetings and CNY wishes to the parishioners. He said, 'Your attendance today at this Thanks Giving Mass showed that you have a priority in your life journey. May this prosperous New Year bring you closer to the Lord our God, our provider.' 
He continued, 'let us be thankful to all the blessings granted to us for the past year and let us begin this year with a contrite heart to built a deeper relationship with the Lord by putting our effort to spread the Good News among our family members and friends.'
He went on to relate the reading of the Gospel taken from Luke 5:1 -11, 'do not be afraid; from now on it is men you will catch. 'He urged all parishioners to take the challenges of today's situation by committing themselves to the call of the Church to live the Year of Faith with courage and hope. Continue to be the instrument of the Lord in reaching out to those lapsed who have turned away from the Catholic Church.'
He concluded by saying, 'May God's blessing be upon us always not only this year but till the day of the Lord's coming. Wishing all a blessed, happy and prosperous new year.  Amen!
After the Eucharistic celebration, Msgr Nicholas and Fr David blessed the mandarin oranges and distributed them to all parishioners together with ang pows.
Lion dance held at the Church entrance
The rector, accompanied by the religious, PPC and the Chinese Pastoral Community ( CPC ) Chairmen visited a few Chinese families, spending time and joining in the joy of the occasion. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

'Remember, man, you are dust and unto dust you shall return.'


The First Reading in Bahasa Malaysia ~ Joel 2 : 12 - 18
The Responsorial Psalm,, 'Have mercy on us, O Lord for we have sinned

Sandakan : Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent. We are called to enter this season of grace in the spirit of penance, to acknowledge that God is merciful and at the same time we also acknowledge that we are sinners in need of God's liberation. We therefore ask God for His strength and mercy and to seek His guidance so that we may celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus with open minds and hearts.
2nd Reading in Chinese 2 Cor 5 : 20 - 6 : 2
Fr Anthony Mikat proclaiming the Good News, Matthew 6 : 1 - 6, 16 - 18
Bishop Julius in his homily
Some 2,000 parishioners assembled at the Cathedral to celebrate Ash Wednesday, 13th February 2013 at St Mary's Cathedral. The 7.30 pm tri-lingual Eucharistic celebration  was presided by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom and concelebrated by Fr Anthony Mikat.

Bishop Julius in his homily invited all parishioners to pray for Pope Benedict XVI who had announced his resignation effective end of February that he may be granted good health and continue to serve the Church in other capacities.

The prelate continue to say that the season is a time of fasting, prayer and penance leading us through the 40 days to Jesus' resurrection. This journey of 40 days is similar to that of Jesus own's 40 days spent in the desert in prayer and fasting contemplating his suffering, death and resurrection. The priest will say as he signs the cross on your foreheads with ashes, 'Remember, man, you are dust and unto dust you shall return' ~ an invitation for all to search deep in our hearts reflecting on the antiphon of the Gospel, 'Create in me a  clean heart O God and renew the right spirit within me.'

From the Gospel, Jesus gives us the three traditional pillars of lenten observances; prayer, fasting and almsgiving. In prayer we build up our relationship with God, uniting ourselves with Jesus in the Church, that is His body. Fasting is not merely exercising self-control and self-discipline but to help us realize the sufferings of those who are forced to fast due to poverty, injustices and economy and political structure. Thus the Church exhorts her members to be generous in giving for it is an expression of our gratitude of all that God has given us. The act of giving is in fact an attitude of hearts; humble, repentant, merciful and compassionate. As disciples, we are all duty bound to give to those in need.

The lenten season may be a time to prepare ourselves to the death and resurrection of Jesus. We are called to walk with Christ with  our behaviour approved by God and not applauded by man. Our sacrifice in giving, reaching out to the someone in need should fall in line with what Jesus said, 'your left hand should not know what your right hand is doing.' It is in such attitude that we may enter this time of grace with God's guidance and celebrate with hope the true meaning of Easter.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Voices of the Leaders - Youth Leader's Camp II

Compiled by DSst

More sharings by participants of the just concluded 5 day 2nd Diocesan Youth Leader's Camp (YLCII) held in Holy Trinity Church, Tawau.

 Felsa May (Holy Trinity Church, Tawau)

Leadership brings great meaning to me in my journey as a youth leader. I believe everyone can develop leadership skills. However, the process of developing leadership skills is full of obstacles. It's a practical knowledge that needs courage to slowly understand and put it into action that leads to self confidence. I need to learn more of myself before I understand others. It is supported by motivation and love of others and above all, it teaches me Jesus's journey of faith with His disciples. Alleluia. L : Leads; E : Everyone; A : And; D : Determines; E : Each; R : Response.

Marylyn Joannes (Our Lady of Fatima, Beluran)

Sepanjang kem ini, saya dapat mempelajari bagaimana untuk bersabar. Saya mungkin kurang menonjolkan diri sepanjang kem ini, tetapi tidak semestinya saya masih orang yang sama apabila keluar dari kem ini. Input - input yang saya dapat akan saya gunakan dalam membantu umat Allah. Saya akan sentiasa melayani dan bersaksi bagi Kristus. Saya akan berusaha untuk mencintai orang lain dan menjadi insan yang tabah. Saya akan sentiasa merendah diri bagi menunjukkan peribadi Yesus Kristus dalam diri saya. Saya akan kotakan janji saya semasa perutusan iaitu menjadi rasul Kristus ~ selama-lamanya.

Arnoldus Sanga Bayane (St. Dominic, Lahad Datu)

Bila kita betul-betul mahu melayani Tuhan, biarkan kita serah segalanya agar Tuhan boleh memakai kita sepenuhnya. Bila kita mahu melayani, jangan fikir bahawa kita tidak layak, tidak pandai, malu atau ragu-ragu kerana Tuhan yang memilih kita. Kita dipilih bukan atas kebolehan atau kebijaksanaan kita, tetapi kerana DIA mengasihi kita. Dia mahu supaya kita terus melayaniNya agar jiwa kita dapat dipenuhkan dengan kasihNya. Melayanilah dengan rendah hati agar kita senantiasa dapat  merasakan kehadiran Tuhan dalam pelayanan kita. Amen.

Sloane Styne Joseph (St. Martin, Telupid)

Dalam setiap hidup kita sebagai seorang belia, ada sahaja halangan yang kita hadapi. Saya sering menghadapi masalah dalam keluarga, masa dan juga pelajaran sehingga hampir membuat saya ingin meninggalkan pelayanan saya dalam gereja. Namun begitu, saya bersyukur kerana YLC II telah membangkitkan semula semangat saya untuk menjadi hamba Tuhan. Pelayanan itu amat memenatkan bagi sesetengah belia, namun, percayalah bahawa apabila kita berjaya menjalankan tugas pelayanan kita, barulah kita menyedari bahawa Tuhan sentiasa bersama dan membimbing kita untuk jalan bersamaNya. Pada saat itulah kita akan merasakan bahawa kita ini adalah karyaNya yang indah dan betapa indahnya dan seronoknya melayani untuk Tuhan. Pelayanan akan menjadi keutamaan saya mulai saat ini dan jika diizinkan Tuhan, saya ingin meneruskan pelayanan saya sebagai seorang paderi. Puji Tuhan. Amen.


New Advent