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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sharing The Love Of Christ

By Susanna Cordova
Sandakan : St. Francis of Assisi, Sukang, Paitan was selected as an outreach station by a group of 21 members from the Star of Yahweh Covenant Community (SYCC) and one representative from The Servant of the Lord Covenant Community (SLCC) of Papar. 

The 2-day program on 27th and 28th July was not an ordinary visit but more of a pastoral concern, sharing the love of Christ with fellow faithful in this remote missionary area under the purview of St. Mary's Cathedral. It is the obligation of the Church to reach out to the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed.
The Star of Yahweh Covenant Community, formed some 30 years ago in 1984 is a group of Christians, led by the Lord to express their love and commitment to Him and to one another. Members bind themselves to one another and to the group, and made the covenant to live a righteous life in community
The two-day outing saw them engaging in several community works; fixing mosquito netting to the Chapel’s Rest house and clearing the undergrowth around the water reservoir area; the source of water supply to the mission house. 
They also conducted sessions on liturgy for the children through an interesting colouring activity. The youths were enlightened on sacred music for liturgy and they were given ample choir practice for Sunday Service or Holy Mass. SYCC presented a guitar to the choir members. 
Apart from that, faithful attending Mass were given free blood pressure check and blood sugar level test by SYCC members with medical background.
Fr. Thomas Makajil, the rector of St. Mary's Cathedral presided the Sunday Mass. He commended members of SYCC, Sandakan and SLCC, Papar for their outreach activities in Paitan. In his homily, he encouraged the faithful to work and cooperate in developing St. Francis of Assisi's Chapel in Sukang as the centre for Paitan mission. He added that with the basic infrastructure and other resources in place, this would indeed facilitate the development and expansion of the Paitan missionary area. 

To date, Paitan mission has 12 Chapels and a few others are expected to be built in the near future. There is an urgent need of pastoral workers to reach out to the local faithful. 
Peter Saimin a full time Catechist in Paitan mission shared, “The faithful here are increasing in numbers but are in a fragile stage. They are thirsty for God’s salvation but at the same time they are also susceptible to the claws of dark forces”. 
Paitan mission is in need of more shepherds and he welcomes fellow Catholics to assist in pastoral care and material contribution.

The SYCC outing is indeed a blessing. They not only practice what St. James said, 'faith without action is dead' (James 2:26), but it affirms what St. Paul said (Eph 2:10), 'God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do.'

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

圣文生善会(St Vincent De Paul)成立日


善会的领导人将由 Angela Teoh 来带领并拥有1518位团员。团员们来自不同种族而且每月开会23次。开会是于国语进行。
在还没有正式成立之前,设立在马来西亚吉隆坡的 Datuk Watson Peter 总会会长,Aloysius Kee 副主席以及 Dunstan Dominic 秘书在67日至8日拜访了斗湖堂区。他们来的目的是给予团员们一个说明会以及互相联谊。本堂王蒙席鼓吹我们要勇敢牺牲奉献出我们自己,学习耶稣的榜样,把爱的种子传播,结出丰硕的果实。

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Diocese of Sandakan Acquires MPV For Pastoral Outreach

Bishop Julius (left) receiving the key from Henry Wong (right)
Sandakan : The Diocese  of Sandakan has eventually acquired a Proton Exora MPV for its pastoral outreach program. Henry Wong, Chairman of the Diocesan Finance Council handed over the key to Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom this morning, Saturday 26th July 2014 at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre.
Pope Francis in his Evangelii Gaudium, (EG 49) said, 'I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it had been out in the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.' Those streets are the world where people live, where they can be reached both effectively and affectively. (WCD 2014)
The Diocese is vibrant in its pastoral outreach. Pastoral workers are always out in the 'streets' as pastoral concerns remain the top priority.  The Diocese endeavors to equip the pastoral office with adequate resources of which a vehicle is a necessity for them to move about in the streets.
The Diocese paid a nominal deposit and a Good Samaritan pledged to pay off the loan. It is indeed a blessing that we have Good Samaritans around who contribute financially to God's work in the communities. We are aware that financial support of our Church is one way of responding to God's call while service to others is another. Many have benefited from your gifts and we appreciate your kind generosity and support.

Friday, July 25, 2014

New PPC Line-Up For St Mary's Cathedral Parish (2014-2016)

Seated from L-R : Sr Lilian fsic, Fr Sunny, Fr Philip, Fr Thomas, Pilis, Patrick and Sunday
Standing L-R : Monica, Juliana, Esther, Sr Appollonia fsic, Cecilia, Rodney, Philip Mosinoh, Leonnie, Valeria and Michael
Sandakan: Members of the new St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) for the term 2014 - 2016 convened for their first meeting on 22nd July 2014. This is the 3rd term PPC members of the Cathedral since the erection of the Sandakan Diocese in 2007.
Philip Mosinoh (L) handing over duty as Vice-Chairman to Michael Lai (R)
The nomination process began with parishioners proposing names through nomination forms distributed to all the Churches under the St. Mary's Cathedral Parish. The nominated members will go through a discernment process. Those selected will be contacted if they would accept to be members of the Parish Pastoral Council. PPC members will serve a full term of two (2) years and attend monthly meetings.

The PPC will act as a consultative body, is responsible in assisting and supporting the rector in his pastoral role. The council is an important means by which the rector will hear the voice of the parish. In deliberations and consultation with the rector, the council helps to unite the pastors and parishioners. Together they discern the pastoral needs of the parish and ways in which those needs can be addressed.
Pilis (centre) receiving the PPC file from Patrick (r), witness by Fr Thomas (l)
In his welcoming note, the rector, Fr. Thomas Makajil congratulated the new PPC line-up, and encouraged them to use their many talents and gifts in serving and building the church. He conveyed his appreciation to the outgoing PPC members for their insight and dedication. He hoped that they will continue to contribute and serve in the many ministries in the Church. 
The new Chairman, Pilis Malim, in his brief remark, thanked the rector and his two assistants for their confidence in him and congratulated all the new councilors. He hoped that members will support one another and work hand in hand in realizing the parish objectives. He also acknowledged the commitment and contributions of the outgoing two-term PPC members. 
Patrich Seah, the outgoing Chairman shared the sweets memories and challenges he faced during his two-term tenure in the PPC as Treasurer and Chairman. He has every confidence in the new line up. 
Dalius Lobinjang, the ex-Secretary also shared that his term in PPC has given him invaluable experience to serve better in the many ministries he is involved in. 

Leonnie Degullacion, one of the two-term ex-councilors shared that he would serve again in the PPC if given a chance after a mandatory rest of one term (as stipulated in the PPC constitution).

Parish Pastoral Council 2014 – 2016
01. Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil (Rector)
02. Rev. Fr. Philip Muji (Asst. Rector)
03. Rev. Fr. Sunny Chung (Asst. Rector)
04. Sr. Appollonia Gumpu fsic (Ex-Officio)
05. Sr. Lilian Unsoh fsic
06. Pilis Malim (Chairman)
07. Michael Lai (Vice-Chairman)
08. Sunday Samuel Worok (Secretary)
09. Cecelia P. D’Souza (Asst. Secretary)
10. Peter Lo Su Fook (Treasurer)
11. Monica Loh
12. Rodney Roger Sining
13. Juliana Kimin
14. Valeria Linggok
15. Ester Ekok

1 COR 12: 4-6 “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.”

Please uphold them in our prayers always that they will be able to serve diligently in building God’s Kingdom in this Parish.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Youth Apostolate Prays for World Peace

DS / st
SANDAKAN : On Monday, 21st July, some 36 youths of St Mary's Cathedral Parish Youth Apostolate gathered at the Sandakan Diocesan Youth Office at 8 pm to pray the Taize Prayer for peace to prevail in the world.. 

The young people offered up prayers for the victims and families of  those on board  MH370 and MH17. The tragedies have left many in great pain, deep suffering and mourning.

They also prayed for peace to prevail especially in the Gaza Conflict. Many innocent lives were lost through the battle. Their thoughts and prayers too were with the minorities being suppressed in many parts of the world.

"Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive" - Matthew 21:22. Looking at the presence of  the young people, deep in prayers, showed that they too are concerned of the tragedies of our MH370 and MH17 and the conflicts happening around the world. They want a harmonious and peaceful world for everyone.
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

 - Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

HTC Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Fr. Johnny Raju's Priestly Ordination

Fr Johnny Raju
Tawau : Some 300 parishioners gathered at Holy Trinity Parish Hall to celebrate the 12th Sacerdotal Ordination Anniversary of  Fr. Johnny Raju on Sunday 20th July 2014. Their presence is an indication of friendship, companionship and support to the priest, committed to serving us in the vineyard of the Lord.  
After his ordination on 20th July 2002, Fr. Raju has served in a few parishes under the Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese, including Sacred Heart Cathedral, St. John Tuaran, and St. Edmund Kota Belud before assigned to Holy Trinity Parish in the Sandakan Diocese early January this year.
The PPC Vice-Chairman, Philip Lee in his welcoming speech congratulated Fr. Johnny Raju on his 12th Sacerdotal Ordination Anniversary.  He said, "It is always wonderful to be called to the priesthood. As priests people look up to you as their model of spiritual life. We believe that through your guidance, care and concern - you are an inspiration to all of us, motivating and giving us hope to live our lives as true Children of God."
Msgr Nicholas Ong, the rector in his address shared that proclaiming the Good News is and shall remain the core duty of a priest. He said, "I shall remain a priest because that's what I have been called for. I never regretted a single moment in my life to be called to the priesthood. Indeed, being a priest is always being renewed and remain spiritually young."
Fr. Johnny Raju has served Holy Trinity Parish for the last seven months. He is a firm, young and energetic priest.  He is always outstations serving mass. He expressed his gratitude and thanks to everyone for their support and prayer.
He said, "I thank the Lord for calling me to serve Him through the Neo-Catechumenal Way. As priests we are to live in simplicity and humility. I believe that every word that comes from a priest is a word of blessing . So I take this opportunity to bless you all. Please continue to pray for me in my sacred ministry."
The celebration was filled with a number of presentations from members of the various groups and communities. The event is also a moment of unity among the communities while giving thanks and praise to God for the great gift of priest in the person of Fr Johnny Raju. It is also the duty of the parishioners to give due recognition and appreciation to the priest for his witness and courage. To dear Fr Johnny Raju, we wish you, Ad Multos Annos!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Malaysian Catholic Youth Ministers Committee (MCYMC) Meeting

DS / st
Photos by Kevin Eruthayanathan
Group photo with Archbishop Elect Rev Julian Leow ( seated 3rd left )
Port Dickson : 28 representatives of the Malaysian Catholic Youth Ministers Committee (MCYMC)  from the nine arch / dioceses convened at Champagnat Youth Centre (Marist Brothers) here, for the annual meeting from 7th to 11th July. 

Fr. Ronnie Luni from the Diocese of Keningau presided over the Opening Mass at the Centre's Chapel. In his homily, among others he said, "Out of so many young leaders, you were chosen and appointed to lead the young people through this tough and challenging time in Malaysia. To lead them in their fears and tears, to guide and encourage them to find hope through the guidance and teachings of Christ Jesus. Be their hope" 

The meeting proper began with presentations of reports on program implemented, up-coming program and challenges faced by each arch / diocese. After the reporting sessions, MCYMC discussed on the common trends encountered in their own respective arch / diocese using the see-judge-act approach. The main challenges faced by the Catholic youths in Malaysia are ;
  1. Conversion to other religions
  2. Conversion to other denominations
  3. Lack of youth leaders and full time pastoral worker
  4. Migration and it's problem
  5. Lack of holistic faith formation
From the 5-day and 4-night meeting, MCYMC came out with an action plan to be adopted at the National and Diocesan level. One of the action plans at national level is the Malaysian Catholic Campus Students' Day which will be held in the Archdiocese of Kuching from 14th to 20th July 2015. At the diocesan level, a joint prayer with other denominations and other religions as well as holding talks on conversion to other religions and a series of awareness programs on the issue will be held.
On Thursday afternoon 10th July, MCYMC visited Our Lady of Lourdes' Church in Klang. During the visit, Fr. Michael Chua, the Parish Priest shared and enriched us in the understanding  of other religions in the country. It is an interesting talk and at the same time an eye opener where we were exposed to the background of other religions practiced in the country.

On the last day of the meeting, 11th July we were blessed to have Archbishop Elect Rev Julian Leow to be with us during the Closing Mass. The prelate shared that the Youth and Campus Ministry has been carved out from the Lay Apostolate and he will be in charge of the said Ministry effective 2015.

According to the prelate, the youth ministry is a place where our young people should have a sense of belonging where they can feel safe and can share especially in the world today. It is important to give them this avenue to pour out their problems and concerns. As a youth minister, we play an important role to guide them in today's world. Youth are not the leaders for tomorrow but leaders of today. 

All of us have baggage(s) and brokenness in ourselves. We are to help them to nurture them and to heal, so they would not propagate the brokenness to others. There is so much to be done in today's world, especially on "the path of no return" - conversion to other religion. Therefore we need to start from our young people, inculcating values, goodness and respect for others. To see all of you here is a sign that the young people are near to our heart. Before he ended his speech, he asked the youth ministers to pray for him in his new journey.

Bengkel Penulisan dan Fotografi oleh DSCC

Oleh AAG, Soccom Sandakan
Sandakan – Komisi Komunikasi Sosial Keuskupan Sandakan telah menganjurkan Bengkel Penulisan dan Fotografi pada 19 hingga 20 Julai di Bilik Mesyuarat Keuskupan yang mana telah dihadiri oleh para peserta dari Paroki St. Martin, Telupid dan Paroki Katedral St. Mary, Sandakan.
Jack Tong Ming Jet
Jack Tong dibantu oleh rakan-rakannya
Saudara Jack Tong Ming Jet, seorang Jurugambar Komersial dan Profesional telah menyampaikan Sesi Fotografi. Beliau telah mengongsikan pengalamannya selama 5 tahun berkenaan jenis-jenis kamera (compact dan DSLR), cara mengendali kamera, mengenali kunci dan panduan jenis kamera yang digunakan serta tip-tip berguna kepada semua peserta.
Sdr. Dalius Lobinjang dari Komisi Sosial Komunikasi, penganjur bengkel
Selesai sesi teori, para peserta didedahkan dengan aktiviti luar dengan mengambil gambar kemudian setiap gambar yang diambil akan diberi komen. Komen-komen tersebut sangat berguna dan dapat membantu setiap peserta untuk mempelajari teknik yang betul dan memperbaiki cara pengambilan gambar untuk hasil yang lebih berkesan.
Francis Tan
Peserta Bengkel
Saudara Francis Tan, Setiausaha Eksekutif telah menyampaikan Sesi Penulisan. Para peserta didedahkan beberapa teknik asas dalam penulisan. Penulisan ini bertujuan melatih peserta untuk menulis berita bagi acara-acara anjuran paroki, komuniti atau kumpulan pelayanan dengan lebih baik agar mesej dapat disampaikan dengan lebih berkesan dan menepati isi berita. Para peserta juga diberi latihan singkat bagaimana untuk menulis pendahuluan berita agar mesej utama dapat disampaikan dengan baik dan jelas. Para peserta juga didedahkan bagaimana cara dan jenis soalan yang perlu disoal ketika menemuramah seseorang.
Selesai sesi, Bapa Uskup Julius Dusin Gitom menyampaikan harapan beliau agar paroki-paroki di Keuskupan Sandakan dapat terus menyumbang berita bagi apa saja yang berlaku di paroki masing-masing kerana melalui aktiviti seperti ini, ianya dapat menyampaikan Khabar Baik kepada semua umat. Dengan menyahut seruan Bapa Suci Fransiskus, beliau menyarankan agar alat-alat telekomunikasi moden dan canggih hendaklah diguna dengan sepenuhnya dalam penyebaran cinta kasih dan mesej penyelamatan kepada semua umat “sampai ke hujung bumi” (Kis 1:8).
Bapa Uskup Julius menyampaikan Sijil Penyertaan kepada setiap peserta dan juga sumbangan dari Keuskupan Sandakan berupa 'voice recorder' kepada perwakilan dari Paroki Telupid dan Sandakan di atas sumbangan berita dan gambar sejak wujudnya Blog 'Newsupdate Sandakan' sejak 2009.
Bengkel diakhiri dengan acara bergambar beramai-ramai bersama Bapa Uskup Julius dan makan tengahari.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Artikel dan foto oleh SOCCOM Lahad Datu

Lahad Datu : Setiap minggu kedua bulan Julai merupakan Minggu Alkitab bagi rantau Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei dan Singapura. Minggu Alkitab bertujuan mendorong para umat Kristian mendalami Alkitab itu sendiri. 
Terdapat 73 buah buku yang telah digabungkan untuk membentuk Alkitab kita pada hari ini. 46 buku telah dikarang sebelum kelahiran Kristus  (1400-400BC) juga merupakan perjanjian Tuhan kepada umat Israel dan 27 buku lagi dikarang selepas Kristus wafat (48-65AD). Alkitab yang kita agungkan ini telah dijaga agar kita semua dapat melihat kebenaran yang telah berlaku sepanjang kejadian akan keagungan kuasa Tuhan kita.
Pada Ahad, 13 Julai 2014sempena menyambut Hari Minggu Alkitab, Komiti Lektor telah mengadakan kuiz Alkitab terbuka kepada seluruh warga Kristian Katolik. Apa yang menariknya ialah penyertaan kuiz ini juga dibuka kepada KKD; 3 orang ahli bagi setiap kumpulan tanpa mengira peringkat usia.
Program telah selaraskan oleh saudara Teodolfo Rosalia Jr @ Bing2. Acara ini telah disertai oleh 10 kumpulan dengan jumlah 30 orang peserta yang bermula pada 11 pagi dan berakhir kira-kira 2.30 petang. 

Pada pusingan pertama, para peserta diberi beberapa paparan berkaitan ilmu Alkitab. Pihak penganjur telah mengambil langkah untuk memastikan agar kuiz tersebut dilaksanakan tanpa sebarang masalah teknikal.
Soalan-soalan yang digubal, diinspirasikan dari kejadian dalam Alkitab bagi menguji sejauh manakah peserta-peserta ini mengetahui intipati di dalam Alkitab. Cara pengendalian kuiz berpandukan ‘slide’ dan para peserta diberikan peluang untuk memilih nombor soalan yang mereka ingin jawab.

Berikut merupakan pemenang bagi kuiz Alkitab:

  • Tempat Pertama :  Stasi luar St. Petrus, Sandau
  • Tempat Kedua    :  KKD Taman Pertama 1
  • Tempat Ketiga    : KKD Kg. Kenangan
Apa yang telah tertulis di dalam Alkitab merupakan pedoman bagi setiap umat Katolik. Sesungguhnya Tuhan Yesus menyanyangi setiap peribadi kita. Apa yang perlu kita lakukan? Mudah saja, carilah dulu Kerajaan Allah dan kebenarannya, maka semua itu akan ditambahkan kepada-mu (Mat 6:35).
Pada hari yang sama, kira-kira 4 petang, Komiti Pastoral Indonesia (KPI) telah menganjurkan Pertandingan Bola Tampar. Penyertaan adalahlah melalui KKD masing-masing dan terdapat dua kategori iaitu lelaki dan perempuan.
Pertandingan ini berlangsung sehingga 9 malam dan akan bersambung semula pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad yang akan datang.


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