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Friday, July 25, 2014

New PPC Line-Up For St Mary's Cathedral Parish (2014-2016)

Seated from L-R : Sr Lilian fsic, Fr Sunny, Fr Philip, Fr Thomas, Pilis, Patrick and Sunday
Standing L-R : Monica, Juliana, Esther, Sr Appollonia fsic, Cecilia, Rodney, Philip Mosinoh, Leonnie, Valeria and Michael
Sandakan: Members of the new St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) for the term 2014 - 2016 convened for their first meeting on 22nd July 2014. This is the 3rd term PPC members of the Cathedral since the erection of the Sandakan Diocese in 2007.
Philip Mosinoh (L) handing over duty as Vice-Chairman to Michael Lai (R)
The nomination process began with parishioners proposing names through nomination forms distributed to all the Churches under the St. Mary's Cathedral Parish. The nominated members will go through a discernment process. Those selected will be contacted if they would accept to be members of the Parish Pastoral Council. PPC members will serve a full term of two (2) years and attend monthly meetings.

The PPC will act as a consultative body, is responsible in assisting and supporting the rector in his pastoral role. The council is an important means by which the rector will hear the voice of the parish. In deliberations and consultation with the rector, the council helps to unite the pastors and parishioners. Together they discern the pastoral needs of the parish and ways in which those needs can be addressed.
Pilis (centre) receiving the PPC file from Patrick (r), witness by Fr Thomas (l)
In his welcoming note, the rector, Fr. Thomas Makajil congratulated the new PPC line-up, and encouraged them to use their many talents and gifts in serving and building the church. He conveyed his appreciation to the outgoing PPC members for their insight and dedication. He hoped that they will continue to contribute and serve in the many ministries in the Church. 
The new Chairman, Pilis Malim, in his brief remark, thanked the rector and his two assistants for their confidence in him and congratulated all the new councilors. He hoped that members will support one another and work hand in hand in realizing the parish objectives. He also acknowledged the commitment and contributions of the outgoing two-term PPC members. 
Patrich Seah, the outgoing Chairman shared the sweets memories and challenges he faced during his two-term tenure in the PPC as Treasurer and Chairman. He has every confidence in the new line up. 
Dalius Lobinjang, the ex-Secretary also shared that his term in PPC has given him invaluable experience to serve better in the many ministries he is involved in. 

Leonnie Degullacion, one of the two-term ex-councilors shared that he would serve again in the PPC if given a chance after a mandatory rest of one term (as stipulated in the PPC constitution).

Parish Pastoral Council 2014 – 2016
01. Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil (Rector)
02. Rev. Fr. Philip Muji (Asst. Rector)
03. Rev. Fr. Sunny Chung (Asst. Rector)
04. Sr. Appollonia Gumpu fsic (Ex-Officio)
05. Sr. Lilian Unsoh fsic
06. Pilis Malim (Chairman)
07. Michael Lai (Vice-Chairman)
08. Sunday Samuel Worok (Secretary)
09. Cecelia P. D’Souza (Asst. Secretary)
10. Peter Lo Su Fook (Treasurer)
11. Monica Loh
12. Rodney Roger Sining
13. Juliana Kimin
14. Valeria Linggok
15. Ester Ekok

1 COR 12: 4-6 “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.”

Please uphold them in our prayers always that they will be able to serve diligently in building God’s Kingdom in this Parish.

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