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Saturday, December 22, 2018


Reported by Francis Tan  |  Photo by Margaret Lo and  Airene A. Gumanas

Sandakan: Fr David A Garaman, the rector of St Mary’s Cathedral blessed and opened the Marian Nursery, the space behind and adjacent to the Parish Office building on Friday 21st December 2018.
In attendance to witness the ceremony were Rt Rev Julius Dusin Gitom, the Bishop of Sandakan, Fr Christopher Ireneus, the assistant rector, religious sisters of FSIC, members of the Pastoral Council, Finance and Property Committees, contributors to the nursery and parish staff.
It took some nine months to plan, put in place the basic infrastructure and develop the said area into a proper nursery. Putting up the infrastructure, landscape work and planting job were all done by the church workers. Most of the resources were discarded items which were refurbished and reused which include old sinks, toilet bowl, cisterns, used pvc pipe, used gutters and others. Cost incurred was minimal.
The 30-ft pergola for the passion fruit plant was constructed using used GI pipes and used bricks. The toilet was renovated using old doors and the plaque for the occasion was a sticker pasted onto a used television set. The 2-ft wide and 33 ft long drain was converted into a fish pond.
The event for the day commenced with the blessing of the nursery followed by an address by Fr David. He was glad to note that the hard work put in by all those involved and contributions by kind parishioners has eventually bore fruits. The nursery has enhanced the beauty of the Cathedral. It’s not merely pleasing to the eyes but a relaxation to the mind. The plants could also be used for decorations for church functions and also in the church itself, thus reducing cost.
The recently launched Marian Orchard, just beside the Cathedral and the on-going landscape work is a positive endeavour in response to Pope Francis’ encyclical of Laudato Si – a document calling individuals to take moral responsibility for their actions upon the earth and the impact: ‘to ourselves, to future generations and especially to the poor.’
Fr David then proceeded to unveil the ‘plaque’ in commemoration of the occasion followed by the cutting of ribbon by Bishop Julius, Fr David and Fr Christopher. He then switched on the filtering system of the fish pond and together with the Bishop, Fr Christopher and Sr Regina fsic, released fish into the pond.
They then made a tour of the nursery and the occasion ended with light refreshment.

Friday, December 21, 2018

"Sukacita Krismas" ~ Pesta Koir St. Martin, Telupid

Oleh Malia Watis

TELUPID -  Pada 8 Dis 2018, Pesta Koir telah dianjurkan oleh Kerasulan Wanita Katolik Paroki St. Martin.  Ini merupakan salah satu takwim tahunan bagi KWK  Paroki St. Martin dan kali ini, Zon Pekan telah menjadi tuan rumah bagi Pesta Koir yang mengambil tema "Sukacita Krismas". 
Acara dimulakan dengan Misa Kudus yang diselebrankan oleh Rev. Fr. Stanley William selaku pembantu Paderi Paroki.  Beliau dalam homilinya, mengatakan bahawa pesta Koir dianjurkan pada musim Adven bertujuan agar umat dapat mempersiapkan jalan bagi Tuhan iaitu dengan cara pertobatan dan perdamaian di antara sesama keluarga Kristian khasnya.  
Zon Pekan
Puan Arina Anggatis, Pengerusi pelaksana Pesta Koir tahun ini dalam ucapannya berpesan bahawa kalah atau menang itu adalah perkara biasa tetapi yang paling utama ialah berjalan bersama melayani dengan kasih Tuhan di antara satu dengan yang lain khasnya di kalangan ahli KWK.

Jalan Nangoh
Zon Jalan Sandakan
Pada tahun ini hanya empat Zon sahaja yang menyertai pertandingan iaitu Zon Pekan, Zon Jalan Ranau, Zon Jalan Sandakan dan Zon Jalan Nangoh.  Puan Nora Nicholas selaku Timbalan Penyelaras Kerasulan Wanita Katolik Paroki Telupid telah menggantikan Puan Victoria Salati yang tidak dapat menyertai pesta koir kali ini disebabkan masalah yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Puan Nora Nicholas dalam ucapannya menyatakan tujuan sebenar penganjuran pesta koir kali ini adalah untuk mengeratkan lagi ikatan kekeluargaan di kalangan ahli KWK seterusnya di dalam pelayanan dan khasnya untuk semua umat agar dapat merasai persiapan menyambut kelahiran Kristus ke dunia.  
Zon Jalan Ranau
Johan bagi pertandingan Pesta Koir tahun 2018 ini telah disandang oleh Kerasulan Wanita Katolik Zon Pekan. Ini merupakan kali kedua bagi Zon Pekan menjuarai pertandingan pesta koir, dengan tajuk lagu "Jadikan HatiKu Istana CintaMu". Naib Johan oleh KWK Zon Jalan Sandakan dan Tempat Ketiga ialah KWK Zon Jalan Ranau.
Penyampaian hadiah hamper kepada pemenang oleh Rev. Fr. Jasery Emmanuel selaku Rektor Paroki bersama dengan Rev. Fr. Stanley William selaku Pembantu Rektor Paroki.
Johan - Zon Pekan

Monday, December 17, 2018

St Mary’s Cathedral Holds Its 2nd PPA

Sandakan: St Mary’s Cathedral Parish held its 2nd Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA) on Saturday 15th December 2018 at the Parish Centre with some 80 attendees. The attendees comprised the clergy, religious, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance and Development Committee and leaders of all existing ministries / communities / groups.
The one-day PPA, themed ‘Christ-centred community, serving one another with love’ is a platform aimed at
· Fostering unity among church leaders
· Promoting spirit of collaboration
· Disseminating updated information on the progress / development of the church
· Receiving feedback from members
The Assembly proper commenced with the Enthronement of the Bible and the proclamation of the word taken from the Letter of St Paul to the Ephesians 4 : 1 – 16. This was followed with a silent reflection and an Opening Prayer led by Fr Christopher Ireneus, the assistant rector.
In his keynote address, Fr David A. Garaman, the rector of the Cathedral Parish urged members to be models for the implementation of the Parish Pastoral Plan based on the Vision statement and the six Mission goals. Each member has a place in the church and working in close collaboration would chart the journey in becoming the dreamed church that the members desired.
He called on members to play a more active role in mission work and to renew their missionary zeal as Pope Francis has declared that the Extraordinary Mission Month would be in October 2019. The Universal Church will be gearing up effort to focus on the call to mission. Thus, documents on mission would be the added resources for the implementation of the Parish Pastoral Plan.
He reiterated that as we move forward to fulfil that desired Christ-centred community, we need to lend support to one another. He cited 1 Corinthians 12 : 12 on Unity and Diversity in the Body, ‘Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.’
The spiritual input on ‘Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ’ was conducted by Fr Christopher. The session touched on (a) Call for Unity, (b) Basis for Unity (c) God helps us keep unity and (d) Results of unity. Each point was clearly elaborated by Fr Christopher.
Members were assigned to 5 groups to discuss on ways to strengthen unity and peace, causes that divide the church, when church unity is threatened, what does this say to you and what unifies us as the Body of Christ.
Pilis Malim, the PPC Chairman reported on the previous PPA resolution and pastoral matters for the year. Michael Ibau, shared on the physical development and the future commitment of the parish which includes the renovation and extension of St Joseph’s Church. Elaine Lim, the treasurer of the Parish Finance Committee (PFC) presented the financial statement while Isaac Pang, the Chairman of PFC touched on guidelines for budgeting and the request for funds. He then reintroduced the Envelope Pledge System (EPS) with the hope of improving the parish account.
The one-hour slot for respond to written questions and proposals was very interactive. Most questions were on pastoral issues, a clear indicator that the church is moving on the right direction.
In wrapping up, Fr David extended his appreciation to all who attended the event. He assured that every proposal shall be attended to and given due attention and consideration. He hoped that the event would enhance unity in the church and together as a community, commit to continue the mission of Christ.  

Reported by Francis Tan  |  Photo by Parish SocCom


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