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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lawatan Persahabatan - "It's a Laugh Out Loud Hang Out.... wow!"

Tawau – Paroki  Holy Trinity Tawau, satu  lawatan persahabatan oleh Tim Kerasulan Belia Keuskupan (KBK) Sandakan telah diadakan pada 24 Jun 2011 bertempat di Bilik Konferen Gereja. Holy Trinity merupakan destinasi yang ke tiga selepas St Mary Cathedral, Sandakan dan St Martin, Telupid.

Tujuan lawatan ‘Let’s Hang Out’ yang pertama kali diadakan ini adalah untuk membina dan menjalin PERSAHABATAN di kalangan pemimpin-pemimpin KBP Holy Trinity serta memberikan peluang kepada setiap peribadi yang hadir mengalami dan menghargai kasih Tuhan dalam pertemuan  yang serba bersahaja tetapi penuh tawa gembira.

Seramai 25 orang  belia yang terdiri dari KBP dan belia HTC, telah hadir menyahut jemputan KBK. Antara ahli KBK yang hadir ialah Fr David Garaman (Penasihat Rohani Kerasulan Belia Keuskupan), Esther Albert, Gabriel Yosep dan Anna Amandus , selaku Kordinator KBK, Sandakan.

Sesi dimulakan oleh Anna, dengan memperkenalkan dirinya dan ahli-ahli KBK lain. Doa pembukaan dipimpin oleh Fr David Garaman.  Acara seterusnya dikendalikan  oleh Anna Teresa Peter Amandus.

Antara aktiviti yang diadakan adalah menyanyi sambil membuat aksi lagu dimana Fr David Garaman sendiri menjadi pemusiknya, memperkenalkan diri secara kreatif, bermain permainan yang menghiburkan hati seperti ‘DIE’ dan ‘PENGUIN’.

Selepas acara bergambar beramai-ramai, para belia mendoakan Doa Belia Keuskupan dan Rev. Fr. David Garaman dijemput untuk memberi berkat akhir sebelum bersurai. Pertemuan seterusnya akan diadakan pada 23 Julai 2011 yang bertemakan “I Have A Dream”.

“This is what it means to proclaim to him the Good News. You can only do it by offering him your FRIENDSHIP” A real friendship, without conditions, without any condescendence, offered in trust and with profound respect. It is our friendship they are hoping for, a friendship that allows them to feel that they are loved by God and saved through Jesus Christ

Eloi Leclerc, “A Poor Man’s Wisdom”

Soccom Paroki HTC,Tawau –EA/HK

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The symbolic lighting of  candle by Dr Chairnarong Monthienvichienchai, Chancellor of St John's University Bangkok, marks the beginning of the Conference
Bangkok : The Global Conference, themed 'In Defense of the Family: Family, Children and Culture' organised by SERFAC ( Service and Research Institute on Family and Children - Chennai, India ) drew some 105 participants from across 30 countries, including  representatives from the Vatican and the United Nations. The 5-day event from 16th - 20th June 2011 was held at Holiday Inn, Bangkok, Thailand.

SERFAC is an International Non – Government Organization which is committed to the well being of Families and Children which has special Consultative status with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.
Malaysian delegates with SERFAC director Dr Catherine Bernard SSC  and Fr Dr Theodore Mascarenhas from the Vatican (front row: 5th and 6th from right respectively)
The global event opened to all, saw some 50 Catholic delegates taking part. Out of which, 13 were from Malaysia representing the Melaka-Johor Diocese, Kuching Archdiocese, KL Archdiocese including Bishop Emeritus Anthony Soter Fernandez and Fr. Edward as well as four delegates from the Sandakan Diocese, all from Holy Trinity Parish, Tawau, Sabah.
L-R : John, Jocelyn, Mario and Julita
The delegates from HTC Tawau, Mario Domingo, Chairman of the Family Life Ministry and wife Julita Kantod, John Duasing and wife Jocelyn Runik Angar found the conference very informative, enriching and beneficial. They hoped to share the knowledge acquired with members of the ministry and the parishioners at large.
Julita proclaiming the Word
Catholic delegates after the Inaugural Mass
On the first day of the Conference, all Catholic delegates attended the Inauguration Mass presided over by the Bishop of Chantoburi at the Assumption Cathedral, Bangkok.
Panel of speakers 

The Conference papers presented by world renowned experts focused on the consequences of social deviations, aberations, manipulations etc and how they disturbed the personality of the child / children resulting in anti social behavior, mental break down, deficient coping ability etc.
The Conference also offered innovative solutions that would help restore balance in social settings, political and religious circles and above all families.
Conference proper held in the Crystal  Ballroom
On each day of the Conference proper, various inputs on family issues were presented followed by group discussions.

  • Children, Violence and Resilience
  • Youth 'Our views on Violence, Society. Family and Children
  • Cultural Transition and Family
  • Sustainable Lifestyle and Social Responsibility
  • Gender Equality and Conflict-free Family
  • The Role of Social Networking. Its impact on Family, Young People and Children
  • Family Prosperity and Community Service
  • Adult Parenting and Spirituality
  • Parenting for Peace in Multi-Cultural World 
  • Role of Religion in Family and Culture (Christianity, Islamic, Hinduism and Buddhism)
One for the album - the 105 participants to the Conference

On 19th June, all Catholic delegates attended the Thanksgiving Mass, presided over by Bishop Lawrence Pius from India. The following day,20th June was the parallel seminar where delegates were free to choose to attend any of the talks conducted simultaneously. Mario attended 'Networking Impact' whereas John, Jocelyn and Julita attended the 'Billing Ovulation Method.

julita, soccom of htc

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Front row L-R : Lawrence John, Stella Chin, Majella Gomes, Sr Anna Yap FSP, John Ng
Back row L-R : Terrence Ngui, Canute Januarius, Augustine Loothusamy, Bp Cornelius Sim, Fr Robert Leong
This year's annual meeting was held at the Majodi Centre of the Melaka-Johor Diocese, Johor Bahru from the 21st June 2011 to 24th June 2011. The meeeting commenced with the "Roll call" or marking the attendance and Opening Mass on 21st June 2011. Bishop Cornelius Sim the President of Episcopal Commission for Social Communications welcomed all participants for this year's meeting and thanked the Melaka-Johor Diocese for hosting the meeting.

"Gifts of God" was the topic for the study day on the 2nd day of the meeting. This was a review of the Social Communication Documents since Vatican II by Canute Januarius of Cahayasuara Communications Centre of Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur:-
  • The model of all Church Communications is the communion of the Trinitarian God.
  • It is the Church's birth right of owning and using any of these media which are necessary or useful for the formation of Christians and for pastoral activity.
  • Establish and support Catholic publications to offer a Christian view of the world
  • Priests, religious and laity should be trained to acquire the competence needed to use media for the apostolate. Lay people must be given the necessary technical, doctrinal and moral formation.

These were among several highlights of the Inter Mirifica document of the Church. The 3rd day concluded with reports of activities of the various Dioceses. There was also the screenig of the Signis award winning video clips of the Kuching Archdiocese. Next year's meeting will be hosted by the Diocese of Sandakan.

Terrence Ngui
Diocesan SOCCOM

Monday, June 27, 2011

FSIC celebrates its 75th Founding Anniversary - Diocese of Sandakan

Clockwise from top left - Sr Liza fsic, Sr Rusiah fsic, Fr Philip proclaiming the 1st, 2nd and Gospel reading respectively and Bishop Julius in his homily
Sandakan : The local-based congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC) is committed in providing  education, homes and hostels, pastoral care and formation programs. Founded by the late Msgr Watcher in 1936, it has a very humble beginning with just four members and as of date it has close to 120 members with 34 communities established throughout Sabah and one each in Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

The congregation celebrated its diocesan level 75th Founding Day Anniversary with a thanksgiving mass during the sunset Eucharistic celebration which was the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, Saturday, 25th June 2011, presided over by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom and con celebrated by Fr Philip Muji, the assistant rector, at St Mary's Cathedral.
Twenty one  members of the congregation, all eleven members serving in the Diocese and the others from the arch / diocese of Kota Kinabalu and Keningau including the Mother-General of the Generalate, Sr Grace Deosing and the Council members were present at the event.
The prelate in his homily said that each and every Sunday, Catholic worldwide are obliged to attend Sunday mass at a parish near them. Catholicism is not a faith of loose individuals and being Christians is not a private matter. The fundamental nature of the Church is all about community, called to be His faithful together in the mystic body and our primary form of worship is communal. Thus community life is not an option but truly essential in our faith for 'we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.' 
Citing the example of the religious life of the FSIC as a reflection of  that community life centered in Christ, it has grown from strength to strength through the grace of God.
Welcoming Bishop Julius at the Parish Hall
After the Holy Mass, some 400 parishioners gathered at the Parish Hall to share the joy and significance of its 75 years of existence in Sabah, themed 'In gratitude we go forth.' 
The Opening song, 'Here I am to Worship'
A blessed and happy 75th Founding Anniversary to the FSIC and may God bless you
The night's gathering began with a slide presentation, giving an insight into the background of the Congregation, it's beginning, it's work and mission.

Top  - The Sisters presenting a song and below the dinner fellowship
Clockwise top left : Children of the Cathedral BEC, children of the Filipino Community and the Junior Catholic Choir presenting a Timorese traditional dance, Decodenda
Top - Teenagers' Buddy Club , Below - St Cecilia's Choir Group doing the' poco-poco' with the Sisters
Youth from the BEC of Taman Indah Jaya
A rendition by the Sisters, 'I give my hands'
All the 21 FSIC sisters were on stage rendering a  song , 'I give my hands' with a combination of wonderful voices, drawing the attention of the people to reflect on the lyrics - a call to serve, as with the opening verse;
I give my hands to do your work
And Jesus Lord I give them willingly
I give my feet to go your way
And every step I shall take carefully

Sr Grace Deosing fsic, Mother General of FSIC
Sr Grace in her speech said that she was deeply touched with the tremendous support granted them in celebrating the auspicious event.
'Our four pioneer sisters took their first profession here in St Mary's Convent, Sandakan. We have part of our roots here. Coming home to celebrate bears much meaning. It is an expression of our gratitude to God and to all Franciscan Sisters who had journeyed through the years.'
She added that in their mission journey, they are always in the midst of the people. She called on the faithful, clergy, religious and laity alike to support one another as collaborators in making known His name and love.
With much humility, she went on to say, 'In all our achievement over the years, we give thanks to God and to all of you. However, on occasions where we stumbled because of our failures, weaknesses and limitations, we are truly sorry and we seek your forgiveness.'
Bishop Julius
Bishop Julius on behalf of the faithful of the Diocese expressed his heartfelt congratulations and prayerful wishes to all members of the congregation, sharing with them blessings of the momentous occasion.
He said, 'We are truly inspired by the apostolic and missionary spirit of your congregation, reaching out to the needy and the marginalized, ensuring that the saving message of Jesus Christ reaches as many people as possible.'
'Your endeavor through your charism in spreading the Good News in Sabah for the last 75 years is to be commended. May God continue to give you strength  to face new challenges to achieve your set vision and mission.'
A blessed and Happy Birthday to you, dear Sr Appollonia fsic standing in the fore  front
The event was lined with the anniversary cake cutting ceremony, also celebrating the birthday of Sr Appollonia Gumbu fsic, rendition of songs, dances and presentation of souvenirs.
Bishop Julius presenting souvenirs to Sr Grace fsic from the Diocese and the Diocesan Catholic Women's Apostolate - Congratulations on the 75th Founding Anniversary of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
Closing Prayer by Fr Thomas
Also in attendance were Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of the Cathedral, Fr Philip Muji, the assistant rector and Sr Maria Dipal RGS.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Progress Work on the Diocesan Pastoral cum Worship Centre

Frontage of the Centre
Sandakan : Construction work to the proposed three-storey Diocesan Pastoral cum Worship Centre began last October, is due to complete by October this year. The centre with a built-up area of approximately 19,000 square feet and when completed will house the Youth Apostolate Office, the resource centre and the worship hall at the ground floor, the finance office, catechetical and pastoral office and the commission offices at the first floor, Bishop's Office, Executive Secretary Office, Soccom office, meeting room, pantry and six rooms for priests / visitors at the 2nd floor.

The completed  2nd floor concrete slab with form work for columns for the roof
The floor slab for the 2nd floor has been concreted and the form work for the columns has been raised followed by form work for roof beams. Thereafter roof trusses will be assembled ready for the fixing of the roof top. At the meantime, work on brick laying at the ground floor has started.
Brick-laying work
As of date, the total fund raised, stands close to RM2 million against the total cost of RM3.5 million. We still fall short of some RM1.5 million. All the four parishes are gearing up efforts to solicit funds from parishioners, supporters and well wishers, through arranged fund raising projects.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Journey in the Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia, Quezon City, Philippines

A sharing by Sharon Tan, a batch 6 IFFA student from the Diocese of Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.

My family hosted two batch 5 Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia (IFFA) students, Rose EiPhyu Aung from Myanmar and Aleona Natalio from the Philippines during their two-week mission project in Sandakan , February this year. My close encounter with my two new 'sisters' had in a way exposed me to IFFA, its mission and commitment. I was drawn to its tagline - building young leaders across Asia to be bearers of hope. I felt my response to IFFA is not an accident nor a coincidence. It is an incident made possible by God. A call that I discerned and responded. 
Malaysian students - Rebecca , Sharon and Sheerah (standing 4th, 7th and 9th from left respectively) after the one-month  intensive English Class 
Staff, interns and students of IFFAsia and IFFEurope during their brief visit to Manila
There are 15 of us, 13 students and 2 interns coming from the Philippines, Mongolia, China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia. Our six weeks here thus far in IFFA is very challenging, each from different background and cultures. We tried hard to adjust to the new place, the people, the food and the weather. Despite of all the difficulties, we held on to one another - accepting, supporting and motivating each other. We learn, gradually to let go of our past, emptying ourselves for spiritual infilling and eventual renewal.

Each of us is assigned to do the routine household chores, budgeting, marketing, cooking, housekeeping. We have daily  prayer session, lead prayers and experience community living, a way to share what we have. 

Praying over kneeling  from left  , Sharon, Rebecca and Sheerah from Malaysia
Initially, I felt very small, weak and kept to myself, not wanting to share the real me. At times I asked, 'Lord, "Am I the chosen one?". However, when we went for our PDP (Personal Development Plan) retreat from 6th - 10th June, I discovered the reason why God wants me to be here. He has a reason for everything.  I began to open up and unfold myself, all according to His will and in His time. The 5-day retreat had actually made me grow closer to God, establishing an intimate relationship with Him. With His strength given unto me, I am now able to share the real me with my new found brothers and sisters.  
Me and my vision
During the Launching Mass for the batch 6 IFFA students and interns on 12th June,  Pentecost Sunday,  I felt enlightened, excited and also nervous as that was the day, along with my friends we made a covenant with God to carry forth His mission, here and now.  May we be the agent of change for a better world through this 10-month of formation and transformation. 

We need strength, courage and wisdom as we persevere in this journey of formation and transformation.

Pray for us.

Out of the 15 students and interns, three are from Malaysia with Rebecca Isaac from the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, Sheerah Yanggus from the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu and Sharon Tan from the Diocese of Sandakan. The students are now attending theology class at St Vincent's School of Theology in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Belia Remaja Belajar Mengenal Karya Tuhan Melalui Rekoleksi

Album kenangan peserta TRBR di Gereja St. Joseph Sandakan.
LAHAD DATU. 3-5 Jun 2011. Tim Rakan Belia Remaja (TRBR) Katedral St.Mary Sandakan melakukan lawatan kerohanian sambil menghadiri rekoleksi bersama dengan belia Lahad Datu. Sebelum bertolak, mereka berkumpul di Gereja St. Joseph Sandakan untuk mengadakan doa dipimpin oleh Kak. Anna Teresa Peter Amandus disusuli dengan sesi gambar beramai-ramai.  Tema lawatan kali ini adalah “The Endless Journey of Lights”.
Sebaik saja sampai di Gereja St. Dominic Lahad Datu Sabah.
Rombongan TRBR bertolak pada jam 1 petang 3hb Jun. Sepanjang perjalanan diisi dengan doa Rosari yang dipimpin oleh Varrelene Julian dan nyanyian rohani. Tiba di Gereja St. Dominic pada Jam 4.30 petang, disambut mesra oleh Michael Kobu bagi pihak belia St. Dominic Lahad Datu. Beliau seterusnya memperkenalkan rombongan TRBR ini kepada para belia, tempat-tempat sekitar Gereja dan menunjukkan tempat penginapan.

Pada petangnya, para belia berhimpun di Chapel untuk melakukan doa yang dipimpin oleh Sr.Lilian Unsuh fsic.
Pada malamnya adalah acara makan bersama,  suai kenal, permainan 'ice breaking'  dan permainan 'ping pong' yang dikendalikan oleh Rikkie Teneros, belia dari Lahad Datu. Michelle Cornelius, Pengerusi TRBR Sandakan mempersembahan 'slide show'  tentang sejarah serta aktiviti TRBR sepanjang tahun dan diakhiri dengan doa malam oleh Sr.Lilian Unsuh fsic.  

Keesokan harinya 4hb Jun, sebelum ke meja sarapan, para belia telah mengikuti Misa Kudus pagi.
Tim Rakan Belia Remaja bersarapan di kantin St. Dominic Lahad Datu
Sr. Lilian Unsuh fsic selaku pembimbing rohani memulakan Rekoleksi dengan tayangan 'slide show' berkaitan dengan persahabatan (Friendship). Sesi seterusnya adalah mengenali 'alam ciptaan Tuhan.' yang diadakan di tebing sebatang sungai di kawasan Lembah Danum, kawasan hutan simpan. Di sini peserta boleh menghirup udara bersih dan segar.

Program rekoleksi mendedahkan  para belia remaja tentang empat asas pengenalan iaitu: 
  • mengenal diri sendiri (siapa saya?)
  • mengenal dan hubungan dengan sesama manusia.  
  • mengenal dan hubungan dengan alam semula jadi, dan 
  • mengenal dan hubungan dengan Tuhan Allah Pencipta. 
Pengertian sesi ini amat luas dan saling berkaitan di antara satu dengan yang lain. Modul ini membantu para belia remaja mengenal Tuhan Pencipta dan mengasihi Tuhan serta mengasihi sesama. Hukum terutama yang di sabdakan oleh Tuhan Yesus Kristus di Injil Matius 22: 37 - 39 Jawab Yesus kepadanya: "Kasihilah Tuhan, Allahmu, dengan segenap hatimu dan dengan segenap jiwamu dan dengan segenap akal budimu. Itulah hukum yang terutama dan yang pertama. Dan hukum yang kedua, yang sama dengan itu, ialah: Kasihilah sesamamu manusia seperti dirimu sendiri."
Outing ke sungai yang indah di Lembah Danum untuk bermandi-manda.  Sesi ini amat relevan dengan alam ciptaan Tuhan.
Pada malam berikutnya adalah Malam “Let Your Light Shine”. Belia TRBR mempersembahkan tarian dengan iringan lagu Here I am to Worship’ , 'sharing' tentang pengalaman, persabahatan dan alam ciptaan Tuhan serta sebuah renungan dan perkongsian yang telah disampaikan oleh Nathaniel dan Timothy. 

Acara diakhiri dengan program mengejut “Keep Eyes on Your Friends!”  yang di kendalikan oleh Miriam Lee, pemerhati bagi Kerasulan Belia Paroki St.Mary. Ianya disusuli dengan penyampaian anugerah tingkah laku belia cemerlang bagi pemenang dari Sandakan dan Lahad Datu.
Acara berakhir pada jam 10.00 malam dengan doa, dipimpin oleh Sr.Lilian Unsoh fsic.

ML. Social Communication (SOCCOM) TRBR
St. Mary's Cathedral Sandakan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LAWATAN PERSAHABATAN - "Bersantai - santai saja ba...."

Senyuman santai belia - belia St. Martin, Telupid bersama Tim KBK
TELUPID - Sempena dengan lawatan persahabatan Tim Kerasulan Belia Keuskupan (KBK) Sandakan, pada 18 June di Paroki St Martin telah memberi suatu suntikan semangat bukan sahaja di kalangan Kerasulan Belia Paroki (KBP) tetapi juga di kalangan rakan – rakan belia.
Antara tim KBK yang hadir ialah Anna Teresa Peter Amandus selaku koordinator KBK, Hildy Albert, Emilda Albert dan Angeline Said.
Sebelum aktiviti “Let's Hang Out" di mulakan, terlebih dahulu Koordinator KBK telah menemui ahli KBP untuk berbincang dan menerangkan secara ringkas tentang aktiviti tersebut. Koordinator menjelaskan aktiviti seumpama ini adalah bertujuan untuk membina dan memupuk ikatan PERSAHABATAN yang lebih erat diantara KBK kepada KBP dan seterusnya rakan-rakan belia

Acara santai ini dimulakan dengan lagu-lagu, doa dan renungan pembacaan Alkitab. Belia-belia telah memberikan tumpuan dan respon yang amat memberangsangkan di mana mereka telah dibahagikan kepada beberapa kumpulan. Setiap pasukan terdiri daripada 4 hingga 5 orang. Semasa permainan di jalankan para belia sangat teruja dengan peranan mereka masing-masing sebagai satu pasukan. Semasa rehat, para belia tidak melepaskan peluang untuk bertukar cerita dengan Anna dan tim KBK mahupun dikalangan sesama rakan – rakan belia.

Sebelum aktiviti santai berakhir, Koordinator KBK mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua belia yang hadir dan berharap akan dapat bersama semula di pertemuan akan datang. Rakan belia yang hadir sempat mengongsikan perasaan dan apa yang mereka alami sepanjang aktiviti santai berjalan. Jelas tergambar aktiviti seumpama ini telah membuka ruang persahabatan dikalangan sesama belia.

Aktiviti diakhiri dengan doa dan lagu penutup. Selepas itu belia bergotong royong memasak dan seterusnya makan malam bersama dengan Tim KBK. Lawatan Persahabatan – 2 KBK ke St. Martin, Telupid akan diadakan pada 2 Julai 2011.  
Disediakan oleh:
Angeline Said
Kerasulan Belia Paroki Telupid


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