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Solemn Charge ~ Year of Faith - Read the Catechism Of the Catholic Church in a Year

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Friday, April 17, 2009

My New Found Faith

Loving My New Faith

After many months of concentrated attention, studies, group discussions, scrutinizing, fellowship and discernment in the RCIA program, you have now finally ‘graduated’as full fledged members of the Roman Catholic Church. Now you will take your place alongside the community for the day-after-day building of the Kingdom of God.

Four upper secondary school students were baptized during Easter Vigil and the following are their testimonies;

Tristan Brendon Tann shared how he encountered and was deeply touched by God. He never had any intention of going to Church except on occasions where there were relatives getting married in the Church. He was ‘dragged’ along. While in primary school, he joined the Discovery Club where he was taught about God and sang Christian hymns. Nothing appeared interesting to him. He only started to seek God when he felt life was empty, aimless and without direction. Joining the RCIA has indeed enriched his spiritual life. He is now conscious of God’s presence and in whatever he does he will always put God first. He also said, “Sometimes I can’t withhold my tears when singing hymns or psalms. The lyrics are meaningful and touching.”

Abad James has this to say, “Praise God! After joining the RCIA, I now know more about God and how to be a good Christian. RCIA also teaches me what is right and what is wrong. I also learn how to pray and listen to the Word of God. I realized that I am beginning to change bit by bit for the better and accept God as my personal Savior.”

Willie Jr of St Mary’s Secondary School shared that he never regretted for a moment in the RCIA journey. Each session provided an opportunity for enrichment and enhancement in his spiritual life. He is particularly drawn to John 15:4-5, “I am the vine, you are the branches, he who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit, for without Me you can do nothing.”

Francesca Ng said that she was initially uneasy in the RCIA classes. The reason being, “Saya kurang fasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris tetapi saya faham apa yang diajar.” Perseverance, patience and the desire to know God and with the Holy Spirit dwelling in her, she managed to pass her faith ‘exam’ with flying colors. She hopes to be nearer to God each day.

Congratulations! Now, that you are full members of the Church, you will be expected to “get involved” and put your Catholic faith into action. You are urged to become a “caring” Catholic rather than being cared for.

We would like to take this opportunity to give salutations to all the animators and sponsors for the strong commitment in the journey of building the Kingdom of God. May the Lord shower upon you His abundant blessings. God bless.


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