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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Parish Youth Team organises Morning Coffee Sale

The 'Morning Coffee Sale Team' of the Cathedral Parish

Sandakan : The St Mary's Cathedral Parish Youth Team held its 'morning coffee' sale this morning, Sunday 1st November 2009 at the Parish Hall from 7.00 am - 1.00 pm. They operated 8 stalls selling a variety of breakfast food. All stalls were well arranged and efficiently managed by the enthusiastic youth of the parish.

Fr Thomas Makajil patronising the porridge stall
Sr Lilian Unsoh fsic assisting in the sale

Fr Thomas Makajil with John Baptis the PPC Chairman

The sale was well received and supported by the parishioners. Fr Thomas Makajil, the rector of the Cathedral, Sr Lilian Unsoh fsic and John Baptis, chairman of the Pastoral Council were among those who patronised the stall. Their presence was a great boost to the young people.

Smile and you will get the right customers to your stall

Parishioners lending their support to the parish youth

Stefanus the gardener giving support to the young people
The aim of the sale is to raise fund for the implementation of upcoming events scheduled early next year. There will be a 'recollection ' and 'life camp' for the youth in January and February respectively. A small portion will also be allocated to the 3 youth attending the 5th Asian Youth Day (AYD5) in the Diocese of Imus, Phlippines on 19th - 27th November 2009. The theme of the gathering is 'Come Together, Share the Word, Live the Eucharist.' Those representing the parish for the AYD5 are Anna Teresa Peter Amandus, Scoffal and Freddie.

Lynnette Diwol in a positive note shared the following, 'I am happy to be involved because it is a good experience for me to learn how to interact with other members in the team undertaking such a big project. I must be a team player in order to make the sale a success'.

Another participant, Christy Casera said, 'Such activity provides me the platform to learn the art of doing business. It certainly builds up my confidence. Most projects cannot be done individually. It needs team spirit.'

The 'sale' experience was an enriching and meaningful project for the youth. They gathered and enjoyed their youth as active members of the Church. It provided them ample opportunity to grow in the Church and with the Church.



  1. a great activity from youths....really miss the st mary's youths....all the best for them!

  2. This is one of the Youth Monthly Activities. Perlukan lebih ramai 'kaki' dan 'tangan'. Syabas dengan Team Coffee Morning! God bless you all! ;)


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