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Saturday, October 31, 2009

CWA of St Mary's Cathedral Celebrates its 39th Anniversary

Reciting the Holy Rosary in front of the grotto

Members getting ready for the commissioning

Sandakan : The CWA of St Mary's Cathedral celebrated its 39th anniversary today, Saturday 31st October 2009. The auspicious event began with the recitation of the Holy Rosary by members in front of the Grotto at 5.00 pm. marking the close of the October block rosary month.

Presenting the gift by members of CWA

Ferdee M. the chairperson of the new Committee

The members taking their pledge of commitment

The new line up with the religious and Fr Thomas

The new line up of the CWA headed by Ferdee Mariano took their pledge of commitment in front of the altar witnessed by the presiding priest Fr Thomas Makajil and the congregation in conjunction with All Saints Day Eucharistic celebration. The new office bearers will serve a term of 2 years from 2009 - 2011.

The CWA formerly known as CWL (Catholic Women's League) was formed in the early seventies under the supervision and spiritual guidance of Fr Thomas Sham and seven committed ladies under the leadership of the then Puan Sri Emily Stephens. Their primary aim was to clean and decorate the Church every Sunday and at all festive seasons. Later they were very much involved in pastoral care work which includes hospital visits and also to homes of the needy and the aged.

Romona Pontilas a pioneer of the CWA when interviewed has this to say, "Remain faithful in the Women's Apostolate in all circumstances. My greatest hope is that the new members will continue the mission of the ministry".

Another veteran member, Patricia Pascua when asked why she remained in the ministry for the last 30 over years has this to share. " Through CWA, I have ample opportunity to interact with fellow sisters, building up harmonious relationship. We listen to one another. We render assistance to members who are in need. I feel happy and am satisfied as long as I can help others in need".

Happy 31st Anniversary Sacerdotal Ordination!!

After the commissioning of the new office bearers, they adjourned to Kenalanmu Seafood restaurant for a dinner reception. They also took the opportunity to celebrate the 31st Anniversary Sacerdotal Ordination of Fr Thomas Makajil, their rector.

The Parish CWA new line up will be commissioned on 14th November 2009. The Diocesan CWA will hold its annual retreat and assembly on 19th November 2009 at Holy Trinity Church, Tawau.

by DS

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