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Friday, October 23, 2009

4th Day AsIPA 5th General Assembly

Bishop Julius together with other Asian Bishops after celebrating mass

Davao City : Friday, 23rd October 2009 is the 4th day of the AsIPA 5th General Assembly. Participants of different nationalities, languages and cultures coming from all over Asia and Europe are beginning to feel the closeness through the spirit of community building in the context of the Eucharist and the Word of God.

The assembly is an excellent platform for the participants to realize the Eucharistic Community which is the focus of the event.

One of the sharing sessions

The day began with a talk on 'Breaking the Word in SCCs/BECs' by Bishop Fritz of Africa, retired but very much involved in promoting SCCs in the Universal Church. He is the master and founder of SCCs and had given much time to develop methodologies in bible sharing, sustaining and enhancing SCCs.

On day 5 and 6, participants will have the opportunity to visit the local basic communities or 'Gagyma'ng Kristohanong Katilingban' (GKK) here in Davao and also in Tagum City, about 50 km from Davao. Participants will stay overnight with members of the local SCCs. The exposure program will give participants an insight in to the Eucharistic communal life of the SCC members.

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