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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A routine inspection of Church buildings

The rectory of OLF Beluran

Renovation work to the interior of the rectory

Sandakan : Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary's Cathedral, Peter Thien, Chairman of the Property Committee, Suzanna Hon, Chairperson of the Finance Committee and Sylvester Ho the Administrator made a routine inspection of Church/chapel buildings of the Parish yesterday 13th October 2009. The coming together of the various arms of the Cathedral Parish is a good sign of collaboration in solving issues confronting the Church. This visit is the follow up of the previous visit on 28th September 2009.

Work in progress at St Paul's Church

Discussing the next course of action

A closer look at the damage

Peter Thien the spokesman said that they are satisfied with the progress of repair and upgrading work to the said buildings. The said work is expected to be completed by mid November. The site for the proposed one badminton court community hall for St Paul's Church has been identified. Work on the said hall is expected to commence within the year.

They are at the midst of finalizing the award of tenders for repair work for St Emmanuel 's Chapel Jaya Bakti, Nativity Chapel Pelantong and St Peter's Chapel Sungai Manila. Work proper will begin early next month.

The local parishioners are grateful that the Cathedral Parish is looking into the needs of the people. The established close working relationship among the various bodies of the Cathedral enable them to look beyond especially to the wider needs of the Church. The Cathedral becomes an 'umbrella' to all other sub parishes and outstation both on pastoral care and temporal needs.

Article by DS and photos by Sylvester Ho

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