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Friday, October 30, 2009

8th and Final Day of AsIPA 5th General Assembly

Fr Simon Kontou and other fellow Asian priests

The Indian, Bangladesh and Sri Lankan delegates

The Filipino delegates during the Mass

Davao City : Day 8, Tuesday 27th October 2009, the final day of the AsIPA 5th General Assembly started with another experience of Gospel sharing and evaluation of the methodologies practiced.

Country/Region groupings sat together to plan on how to promote and strengthen SCCs/BECs in building the faith community. They also discussed on related issues concerning their SCCs/BECs. They mapped out the course of action, drawing inspiration from the assembly.

The afternoon session was reserved to table the final assembly statement prepared by the drafting committee. The first draft was very much deliberated by participants the day before.

Participants of the Assembly expressed much appreciation to the AsIPA resource team and the host country, the Philippines. The local organizing team had excelled in the organization of the assembly.

Magarina of Tawau bidding farewell to a Thai religious

Malaysian and Thai delegates

Most Rev Fernando Capalla bade farewell to delegates

The Korean delegates in their national costumes

Fr Simon Kontou dancing with a Thai religious

Participants were hosted to a cultural night and dinner reception with presentations from all participating countries. The function created a venue of much interaction from among people of different nations. It is also a meeting point of beautiful blending and bonding of the people of God.

Malaysian and Myanmar delegates

Malaysian and the Korean delegates

A visit to the Pauline Media Center in Manila

Till we meet again in the AsIPA 6th General Assembly in Sri Lanka in 2012.



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