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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rite of Profession and Admission into SFO

Sandakan : St Mary's Cathedral Parish of Sandakan witnessed for the second time the rite of profession and admission of members into the Secular Franciscan Order at St Mark's Church Mile 12, Labuk Road yesterday 12th October 2009. 8 members took the profession of life commitment, 1 took the temporary profession for a year and another 7 underwent the rite of admission into the order. Today, the same rite will take place at Our Lady of Fatima Church of Beluran where 5 members will take the profession of life commitment and another 8 to be admitted into the order.

The lector from among one of the newly admitted SFO members

Fr Thomas Makajil, the celebrant of the Eucharistic Celebration

Members professing their life commitment

Newly admitted members receiving the bible

Sr Appolonia fsic pinning on the SFO emblem to one of the members


Receiving Holy Communion

All smiles from the 7 newly admitted members

Dympna Richard sfo the local Minister of Holy Rosary Limbahau Fraternity and six other members were present to witness and render their moral and spiritual support to the local fraternity. The canonically established SFO fraternity of Holy Rosary Limbahau being the mother fraternity is the sponsor of the two emerging fraternities of the SFO of St Mary's Cathedral and Our Lady of Fatima Church Beluran.

Professed members with Fr Thomas and Sr Appolonia fsic

Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary's Cathedral celebrated the Eucharistic celebration attended by all SFO members and their family members, well wishers, supporters and parishioners of the local community.

Dympna Richard sfo

Dympna Richard in an interview session had this to share. " I am indeed happy to see that the membership had grown tremendously over the years since its inception in 2004. It is an indication that people are drawn into the way of life of the founding father, St Francis of Assisi '. Today there are 36 full members in the St Mary's Cathedral fraternity and 25 full members in Our Lady of Fatima fraternity.

Brenda D Guzman sfo

Brenda D Guzman sfo who had just underwent the rite said she had gone through the process of faith formation for the last 4 years before deciding to profess full commitment. She went on to say, 'I am inspired and am deeply touched by the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi. I hope to continue to grow and mature in faith through living the Gospel '.

Martin Edward sharing his life journey

Members are called to stay together living humbly the Franciscan way of life. They are called to serve the Lord, collaborating with all other communities/ministries in the parish as well as with the local diocese in building His Kingdom.

The local fraternity and Holy Rosary Limbahau fraternity

After the rite of profession and admission, the faithful adjourned to the hall for a dinner fellowship. They also celebrated the feast day of Sr Appolonia Gumpu fsic, the Spiritual Assistant of the local fraternities which falls on today 13th October 2009. Also present at the function were Sr Francis Mani fsic, the Spiritual Assistant of the Sabah SFO steering Committee, Sr Lilian Unsoh fsic and Sr Lilianna Gubud fsic.

Adriana Sampog sfo

Adriana Sampog sfo, the protem local minister in her welcoming address expressed her sincere thanks to all who had made the effort to lend them support especially the SFO members from their mother fraternity of Holy Rosary Limbahau, Papar. She also took the opportunity to congratulate the newly professed members and the newly admitted members into the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). She also said that the rite of profession and admission is a sign of strong commitment in living the Gospel value according to the teachings of their patron Saint, St Francis of Assisi.

The dinner reception

Among those who came to give their support were John Baptis, Chairman of the PPC, Peter Thien, Chairman of the Property Committee, Annie Rokneh, Chairperson of the Diocesan Catholic Women's Apostolate and leaders of the various communities and ministries.

Article by DS and photos by Bell

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