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Saturday, November 28, 2009

3rd and Final Day - Formation Seminar for PPC members

An input session by Bro John D' Cruz

SANDAKAN 29th November 2009 : Today, being the third and final day of the Formation Seminar for PPC members started off with an input session by Brother John D'Cruz on 'Institutional Church' and 'Community Church - a new way of being Church.'

He led the participants to be aware of the wave of movement from the conventional teaching which focused on result and work values to the new approach in learning which focused more on child development and life values. 'Facilitators' are needed to build up individuals and the communities.

Sandakan Parish Grouping

Telupid Parish Grouping

Lahad Datu Parish Grouping

Airene from Sandakan

Richard Lobinjang from Telupid

Albert from Telupid

Mario from Tawau

Participants were put into parish groups to share on development of BECs in their own parish. They went through the process of basic life skill in handling situations / issues which includes;
  • Increasing awareness (conscious of the situation, the realities, the difficulties)
  • Deeper reflection (knowing the life of Christ, a happier way to live,be a better person)
  • Action possibilities (promote a better communion, bring out the values of Jesus Christ)

Msgr Nicholas Ong, Bishop Julius and Fr Thomas

The seminar ended with a concluding mass at the St Mary's Chapel, con celebrated by Bishop Julius , Msgr Nicholas Ong and Fr Thomas Makajil.

Bishop Julius in his homily

Bishop Julius urged everyone to be watchful, that is to be more aware of the realities happening within the Church, pray and meditate as well as to reflect deeply based on Christ's teachings before responding to the situations. In life process it is important to share the time, talents and treasure for the growth of the Church.

He went on to say, 'The seminar has just ended but actual work in building and sustaining Basic Ecclesial Communities in each parish will have to begin after this'.

Presentation of certificates

He expressed his appreciation to all who had contributed towards the success of the seminar.

SFO members helping in the kitchen

Shirley Joseph interviewing Esther Albert from HTC

Esther Alim Albert from HTC Tawau in an interview has this to say, 'I am glad that I have come to this seminar. The seminar is well organized. The facilitator had helped me to see things differently based on the teaching of Christ. It has enhanced my leadership skill.'

DS & photos by Bell & Sandra

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