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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Testimony by Jeremy Defiry Ubin (RCIA St Mary's Cathedral Sandakan)

“Lord, shower your Holy Spirit upon me.”

RCIA has taught me this simple yet powerful prayer which I have been reciting almost every day since these past couple of months.
This prayer has helped me get through most of my worst day especially at my workplace.
I used to have issue with my temper especially when dealing with people who always yelled at others.
I believed the Holy Spirit has helped me to calm down with peace most of the time. This prayer has also helped me to improve my relationship with my other colleagues and friends.

In life I encountered various problems like social, financial and economic issues and people are complaining every day about everything.  Latest and hottest issue is on religion, GST and our political situation.  Personally, I was also badly affected as my company announced that there is no increment on our payroll this year.  I am already in financial stress and I am so worried about the added burden of GST, now it struck me so badly with no increment.  I was really stressed and down, so worried and depressed.  

A few days later, I think God spoke and consoled me through Matthew 6:25-34 (Set your heart on the Kingdom) during my RCIA session, where I was asked to read this passage and it touched me so deeply.  I was enlightened by these words and I experience the peace as I reflected, it is so true… why worry as long as I do my part and allow God to handle the rest which is beyond my ability.

RCIA has helped me a lot in my journey of faith.

Our facilitators are very patience in guiding us. I'm impressed to know that this community of lay faithful are very dedicated and had worked really hard to help our church grow. I wish to be one of them one day.
Once again, Lord, shower your Holy Spirit upon each and every one of us. Amen!

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