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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Testimony by Catherine Carien Royan Ali (RCIA St Mary's Cathedral Sandakan)

I am Catherine, 18 years old, a baptized Catholic from very young and was a Catholic in name only.  I took God for granted.  I did not pray.   I did not go to church. I felt there is no God because my family encountered endless problems, as such I became very negative in personality and attitude. 

I too have lots of problems and I became very resentful. One day, my teacher invited me to join this RCIA Programme to find out more about God and faith.   In the course of the session, I began to know about this person Jesus Christ, who suffered more than I and everyone else even though he is a good man, just because of HIS great love for all of us.  

Our facilitators told us how God work in our lives and bring to our awareness that we have to respond to God’s word through our prayers.  Gradually, after 5 months, I began to change my attitude and personality.  Having seen the changes in myself I now believe in the power of prayer and how it can affect my life.   I know I have to be good because of God’s love.
I want to say thank you to my teacher who is also my sponsor for the invitation to join RCIA, our facilitators, who had been guiding and sowing seeds of faith along our journey of faith.  I also want to thank God for the transformation in me through this RCIA programme.
Cheers and God bless

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