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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The RCIA Process Helps Clear My Doubt ~ Jimmy Lo of St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Peace of Christ and a Blessed Easter to all! 
I am Jimmy Lo. It took me quite a while before I decide to join the RCIA process though I had promised my girlfriend to become a Catholic since we entered into a relationship. It is actually a big challenge for me as I was brought up in a pagan family. There were many happenings that had occurred to my girlfriend. I believed there must be a reason and that God has a hand in our life.
I think I am lucky because I was guided by my girlfriend and her family. My other Christian friends were journeying all along with me in my faith life. They shared with me about God, His love, mercy and compassion.  A close friend told me that each of us is born unto this world with a purpose, and that purpose is the driving force of our journey in this life. They also talked about Christ, the Savior. All these information and guidance helped me understand about Christianity, bit by bit over the years and clear my doubts.
The RCIA process is a very good starting point for me to recognize and understand Christianity.  After almost a year of attending the sessions, I found out that there is not much difficulty to follow the teaching of Christ, the Almighty God. The facilitators shared their precious experiences and knowledge to us and we were free to ask questions, though at times some questions were out of topic. Their teaching and guidance had led me to become “educated” in the Christian faith.
Form the RCIA process, I know how to read the Bible, which is the most powerful living words of God. But I know that it will be a long way to go to understand the whole Bible. I pray that I can get to know more about Jesus in a deeper sense.
Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all the facilitators who had put in much effort to teach and guide me throughout the RCIA sessions. I would also like to thank my girlfriend and all of her family members as well as mine for their support, care and love. 
God bless.

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