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Friday, April 25, 2014

Gradual Transformation through the RCIA Process ~ Alexander Hiew of St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

I am Alexander Hiew Chee Ket.  I am married and blessed with a son. Though I am married to a Catholic wife, I did not know much about the religion and I was not too interested in the welfare of Jesus.   Until one day, maybe through God's intervention that I finally decided that I need to find out more about my wife's religion. I was encouraged to join the RCIA process by my parents-in-law.
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As one of the candidates in the RCIA , I would like to thank all my other fellow RCIA mates who had journeyed together with me during the whole process in the RCIA.  I am happy to have joined the RCIA and met them and we are now like brothers and sisters, a family within our group.  We learn together, share our experiences and support each other.  We are taught and told that this is a small community within our group and we should remain close to each other and journey together to strengthen and deepen our faith even after our baptism. 
We have learnt how to use the bible, say our daily prayers and know how loving the Almighty God is and HE has a hand in our life.  During the sessions, there were certain tropics or verses that had deeply touched my heart and will always remain in my mind. I believe this could be the gradual transformation or conversion which our facilitators always emphasized.
I am very grateful and thankful to our facilitators who have spent time to guide and lead us in our journey of faith all through the year.  I pray that God will bless them abundantly. 

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