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Thursday, April 24, 2014

''I am enlightened about the Christian faith,"' ~ Genevieve Tay of St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Genevieve Tay.
I was baptized on September 1970 at St. Michael’s Church, Penampang and named as Genevieve.  Over these 40 over years, I was wandering as a Christian in name and had not known much about the religion, without interest to know more.
About one year ago, I enrolled for the RCIA process with my husband as we had decided to have a faith to lead us in our lives.  My husband will be going for his full initiation and I for my confirmation.   I was very much impressed and found all lessons very touching, interesting and fruitful.
I found that I understand and know the Lord Almighty God better as compared to those days after my baptism. I had no regret for attending the RCIA which has broadened my knowledge of the Christian faith and the life of Jesus Christ and what he had went through for mankind.
I am much enlightened about the faith and am well prepared for my confirmation. God bless!

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