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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'I found peace and joy' ~ Lucas Chan of St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Shalom! I am Lucas Chan. I was a Buddhist before I enrolled in the RCIA process. I knew nothing about the Catholic faith.  I only know that there is a place called church where people gather to pray and worship Jesus.  I used to follow my Catholic girl friend to church on several ocassions. I realized that there were quite some rituals during the mass which I do not understand at all.  I asked and she explained. I find it interesting to know more and she encouraged me to join the RCIA process to explore more.

On my first day in the RCIA, process I was asked to buy a book “Our Journey Together' with 47 sessions and this is my first Christian book about God and Jesus in particular.  Since then, I was committed coming to learn about this man Jesus and how he wants to change us.  I was very eager to know more and more about him.

Without realizing, I experienced changes and there is a difference within me.  I used to be very sensitive and easily got irritated over very minor things. Little things will trigger my anger and frustrations.  Now, I am a more peaceful person and can feel the joy in me yet I don’t know why. 

I know that to follow the way of Jesus Christ is not easy. However, I will try my very best to continue my journey of faith, putting Jesus Christ the centre of my life. I want  to remain a faithful follower and believer of Christ as I am now part of the mystical Body. Amen!

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