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Friday, May 8, 2015

Whom Shall I Send, And Who Will Go for Us?

By Sr Liza fsic and Seminarian Walter Milter

Tawau : God created human, each with a purpose. With love He formed us that we may grow to know, love and serve Him. Many of us are overwhelmed living in a  world filled with competition in education, pleasure and wealth, so much so that we become ignorant of the one beautiful plan that God wants us to be.
Holy Trinity Church, Tawau held a very significant moment in conjunction with 'Vocation Sunday' on 26th April 2015. The program was jointly organized by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, seminarians and the Tawau Parish Youth Apostolate. The program began at 11 am with an Opening Prayer led by seminarian Walter Milter followed by an action song staged by the Parish Youth Apostolate.
Some 70 parishioners comprising of youth and parents, attended the Vocation Sunday Gathering at the Holy Trinity Parish Catechetical hall.
The objective of the event is to raise awareness among parishioners about vocation and also to help young people to  have a better understanding on their vocations.
The first session began with an explanation on the meaning of the general term of vocation by Seminarian Walter Milter. He stressed that although everyone has a different vocation, all vocations actually have the same goal which is centred on the love of Jesus Christ. He shared, 'All of us are called in different ways, be it family life, single, religious. Indeed all vocations are wonderful for it is centered on the love of Christ. We are called to lead a life of holiness and righteousness.' Later, seminarian Walter explained about the call to the priesthood.
This  was followed by a guest speaker from Holy Trinity Family Life Ministry, Petrus Bernardus, who shared about family life. He spoke of the reality of today's families and also the challenges encountered. He said, 'We, parents are directly involved in guiding our children  to discern and to make wise decision especially when it comes to the spiritual call. Our prayers are needed that our children will be enlightened in their vocations.' 
Sr. Martha fsic and Sr. Anita fsic from the Congregation of FSIC had their own way to open the hearts of the parishioners to the call of religious life. Both shared on the wonders of being a religious sister in serving the Lord, the church and other communities.
Beside the talks, there were activities such as exhibitions, various slide  and video shows presented to give the audience a real picture of family life, priestly and religious life. Parishioners participated actively in the question and answer session. There were also sharings and action songs during the event. After the group photo, the session concluded with a closing prayer led by Sr Liza fsic. Lunch was served and the event came to a close at 2 pm.

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