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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Final Day ~ 7th Annual Conference of EMI-MSB

BY DS / sj
Port Dickson : On the fourth and final day, Sunday, 10th May 2015, the new executive committee held a discussion session on EMI Planner for the period of May 2015- April 2016. Some of the outcomes include the following:-
  • Hosts for the next and future EMI Conferences (2016-2026)
  • Responsible to come out with the next and future Migrant Sunday Kits (2016-2026)
  • Tentative date for the upcoming EMI Ex-co Meeting
  • Upcoming Exodus Program (Regional Formation) ~ to target new volunteers to fulfill the call of the church to work for migrants and itinerants
  • Proposed a One-Day Retreat at the beginning or end of EMI Conference
The Closing Mass was presided over by Rt Rev Paul Tan, the Bishop of Melaka-Johor, con celebrated by Fr. Alvin and Fr. Charlie. 
On behalf of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Bishop Paul Tan thanked all EMI Commission Members for what they have done to alleviate the plight of the migrant workers which in fact is an integral component of the Catholic Church. He also cited Pope Francis' Message for the 101th World Day of Migrants and Itinerants, themed 'Church without frontiers, Mother to all.' He urged members to continue to reach out to the vulnerable migrants and refugees with unconditional acceptance. The prelate congratulated and thanked the members for their sacrifice in extending a hand to help them overcome the most difficult moment of their lives.
Dil, a Nepalese migrant worker shared his life testimony. He migrated to Malaysia almost 12 years ago to find a better life. His life before was miserable. He came from a poor and broken family in Nepal. His father was addicted to gambling and they lost their family's house and lands. 

After having migrated to Malaysia, he got into bad company and soon he became an alcoholic and a gambler. He was not able to save his salary because he spent it out on alcohol and entertainment. For this reason, he was not able to remit money home. His relationship with his parents got worse.

After changing work a few times, while working as a construction worker, he befriended a Christian colleague who often attend church. He started following his friend to church and participated in church activities. When he read the Bible, he realized that his life then was on the wrong path. 

He then became a different person after he received Christ into his life. He managed to reconcile with his family in Nepal. He was able to send them some money from his salary and also bought a new house and a parcel of land. He has established his own family, a good job and a happy life. He hoped that his family members will also accept Christ in their lives. "Yesus banyak cinta saya. Yesus cinta semua orang." (Jesus really loves me. Jesus loves all people.) 
At the end of the mass, participants received a candle each with the wordings engraved: the 4L (last, lost, least and little) as a symbolic sign of the call to be the Love, Peace, Joy, Hope and Voice for the suffering migrants and itinerants.

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