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Friday, May 22, 2015

Keep In Touch Always (KITA) Programme in Sandakan

BY DS / st
SANDAKAN : Thirteen young people responded to the call to learn about the 'Keep In Touch Always' (KITA) programme held at St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Hall on Saturday, 16th May 2015.

The KITA Program is designed mainly to cater for those who would further their studies in higher institutions of learning and also those in upper secondary schools. This program is not only to bring about awareness to the young people but also to connect them to the local churches and campus ministry in the place where they would continue their studies. There are many "hot issues" that are happening concerning the young people, therefore it is important to have them near to the church so that they will know where to seek help or advice when necessary.

The participants were given some insights about life that they may encounter when they enter campus life. Seminarian Stanley also shared about "My Faith" to the young people. He repeatedly reminded the young people the importance to have a well grounded faith while staying away from home. 

He also urged the participants not to be ashamed to do the sign of the cross while they are in public areas especially having meals because that is our Catholic identity which we should be proud of. Not only that, they were also reminded to choose the perfect course for themselves and also to do some research on the campus / universities that they opt to go. 

The final slot touched on their basic rights as a campus student especially on  religious rights as enshrined in the provisions of the Federal Constitutions. Participants were alerted on how to defend and keep their faith. It would be meaningless that we gain a degree / diploma while forgoing our faith. We need to look beyond the papers; come home with what you dreamed of achieving plus a matured rooted faith.

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