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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Testimony by a neophyte from St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Jenny Khoo
(54 years) 
My life story from childhood till I joined RCIA was like that of a ‘lost sheep’, wandering away from the shepherd. 
I received my education in a Mission school through the help of a Christian lady known as Aunty Wong to me. I am indeed grateful and thankful to her for being God’s instrument to arrange me to have my education and the seed of faith was sow as from then. Aunty Wong guided and helped me to understand the Words of God. If its not because of her, I will be alliterated and will not be able to read or write a testimonial. 
Due to my family back ground and pressure, I was not baptized. However my faith grew from there. I always pray and secretly asked God for help and needs. I found that God is always favorable to my prayer most of the time. 
After Aunty Wong’s death and I eventually left school, I was on my own beginning my career life. With no guidance and being busy and so engrossed in my work that I wandered off and totally live a life without God.  
Then I was married to a Buddhist man and was blessed with a son. I devoted my whole self to bringing up our son and helping my husband in his business. For these 25 years, we were living in comfort zone with pride and thinking that my husband is the provider for all our needs of love and welfare, finance and others. We cut ourselves out from friends. Our world is within the family. 
Then one day, problems came in. My husband changed due to influences of his friends and his business was affected. My son went overseas for further studies. Our marriage life changed. I felt very lonely and disappointed. I was lost and without friends. As though these were not enough, my husband was then down with a very chronic disease. He is so sick… I began to live in fear and darkness with endless worries. I was both physically and spiritually sick. I missed my son. It’s like the end of the world for me. I have no one to turn to. I thought of the church but my husband didn’t allow me to go. I am too shameful to go or look for friends. 
In the course of his prolong illness and knowing my desire to be a Christian since young, one day my husband gave me the consent to be a Christian. He had opened up because he knew that if he left me and I will be alone so he made up his mind to allow me to chose my faith and have my friends. 
I was overjoyed and happy but I do not know how to go about as I have lost touch with friends and church until one day I met my Aunty Vicky. She was so happy to hear of my desire and quickly enrolled me into the RCIA program. I thank God for having open up my husband and arrange my meeting with Aunty Vicky who is my sponsor now. 
I started joining the English RCIA since 16th June 2012. In this journey of faith with RCIA facilitators, I am now able to understand more about the Catholic faith, the teachings, the bible and how God works in our lives. I recalled the time I had with Aunty Wong going through the Bible. I discovered and realized that God has a hand in our life. HIS love for us is assured and in spite of all our problems, HE is the master and in control, so now I learn to uphold and surrender all my endless problems to him and allow HIM to guide and hold my hands to overcome whatever it may be. Knowing that God is with me in all odds, I will allow God’s will be done. Strength, joy and peace are all I need from HIM as I journey on seeking for HIS help and guidance. 
I try to attend all the program of the church like Station of the Cross, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the preparation of our baptism on Easter Saturday. 
I am very happy  that I was baptized and confirmed on Easter ~ 30th March 2013. 
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our honourable facilitators, priests and Bishop and religious sisters for their help in guiding, explaining and support during our journey of faith. I am very happy and hope the church community will continue to support and guide me . 
Thank you and God bless us. Alleluia Alleluia!!!

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