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Thursday, April 18, 2013

12th Diocesan Youth Apostolate Recollection and Meeting

DS / st
Photo : Bell and Airene
SANDAKAN : The 12th Diocesan Youth Apostolate (DYA) Recollection and Meeting was held from 12th to 14th April 2013 at the Sandakan Diocesan Youth Office. This is the time when youth leaders from across the four parishes in the Diocese gather together to be refilled, recharged and renewed. Although a few of the team members could not join the recollection, we  were blessed and happy to welcome Herry Francis Kamuntah from Holy Trinity Church, Tawau, the newly appointed member for the DYA team. 
Time of Life
The theme for the recollection was "Relationship". We started the day with morning prayer led by Sr. Lilian Unsoh FSIC, one of the youth Spiritual Advisers, followed by breakfast. The first session was facilitated by Sr. Lilian FSIC. We were given a few questions to prompt us to reflect on our journey together as a team for the past three years. We were asked to write down a prayer on a paper, cut into the shape of any fruit of our choice. The fruit symbolized the outcome of our friendship of which the seeds were sown some three years ago.
"Look beyond the differences and find a way to walk the path together"
The second session was given by Bro. Bell. He introduced us a method where we can know our friends better by knowing the different characteristics of sanguine, melancholics, choleric and phlegmatic. After the fun session in knowing each other, the next session helped us to know more about our fellow team members called "A Story To Tell." We shared our stories of the photos that we brought along with us.
In the late afternoon, we ventured up to Ave Maria Hill, across the Pastoral Centre for meditation, prayers and identifying with nature led by Sr. Lilian. It was a great experience for all of us. We held on to one another as we moved slowly and carefully up the hill. We were captivated by the beauty of  nature and at the same time we experienced the beauty of togetherness and the bond of friendship.
After sunset mass, we gathered at Dataran JoBell, in front of the staff quarters together with members of the Parish Youth Apostolate. Bishop Julius and Fr. Thomas were also present at the gathering, a support, sought much by the young people. It was an opportune occasion for members of the PYA and the DYA to interact, getting to know one another better. 
The next morning, 14th April we started the day with morning prayer but this time around it was a time for us to share the prayer that we had written the day before. After the morning prayer, we proceeded with the meeting proper which ended at 3.30 pm. It was a fruitful recollection and meeting. The 13th recollection and meeting will be held in St Martin's Parish Telupid. Let us continue to glorify the Lord as we return to our parishes respectively; refilled, recharged and renewed.  Till we meet again. God bless.

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