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Monday, April 1, 2013

St.Mary's Cathedral Parish Garage Shop

By Patrick Seah, PPC Chairman
Sandakan : St Mary's Cathedral Parish Garage Shop has just celebrated its 1st anniversary on Sunday, 3rd March 2013. Many of the faithful are much aware of its existence and continuously patronize the said 'shop'. Their support has kept the volunteers moving and going. 
Patrick Seah, the 'Manager' of the Garage Shop shared on the background of its set up. It started on the concept of selling used items, as one of the fundraising projects for the Diocesan Pastoral And Worship Centre. The amount to be raised was targeted at RM 20,000. 
The project, entrusted to the PPC with Patrick Seah helming the team, kicked off in November 2009. Within a span of some nine months, they have accomplished the target. It was simply 'good business'. He emulated the idea from our Catholic Churches in Singapore. As we have a sizeable Catholic population, thus getting donation of used items is not impossible. As long as parishioners understand the concept and know that they are chanelling their resources for the Church, things would flow smooth.
After having accomplished the fundraising project for the Diocesan Pastoral And Worship Centre, Fr.Thomas Makajil, the rector recommended that the sale of used items be continued to raise fund for the parish. Thus, the Parish Garage Shop, located at the Parish Hall was officially opened for business (at ZERO COST) on the 1st Sunday of March 2012. The said shop is headed by  Patrick Seah assisted by Catherine Edward, Ruth Richard and Alice Chew as volunteers.  Business hours is from 0830 am - 1200 noon on every Sunday.
The concept is :
Your money
God’s money
Our money
Donation and sale of used items
Church’s revenue
Our usage for pastoral matters
This is a win-win concept as well. Parishioners who donate and those who buy (super low price) know that they are contributing to the Church. Since then, our annual revenue as from March 2012 -March 2013 is RM 12,290.00. 
On behalf of Rev.Fr.Thomas Makajil and the Parish, we take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to all kind donors for their support and parishioners who patronize the shop every Sunday. 
Please continue to lend your generous support to the Cathedral Parish.
Wishing each and all, 'A Blessed and Happy Easter!'


  1. Excellent idea and strong commitment. Keep it up. God bless your effort.

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