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Friday, October 16, 2015


Article by Jessielyn Monton
and photos by John Wong
Tawau : The English Charismatic Renewal Team of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau assisted by  the Archdiocesan Service Team ( ADST ) Kota Kinabalu  (Anthony Lim, Daniel and Monica Kong, Anthony Kong and Bernard Liew ) organized  a 3-day inner healing and transformation seminar  from 2nd - 4th October 2015 at the Church Basement Hall.            
This yearly event offers opportunity to all parishioners to experience the process of renewal of their faith and being transformed through their living faith. The renewal is a necessary and wonderful activity especially for those in search to deepen their spiritual life.
Some 85 parishioners consisting of youths and adults responded to the event, themed 'Forgiveness.'  The program began with an introduction to the seminar held inside the church on Friday night, 2nd October and followed by input sessions conducted in the Church Basement Hall, the following day, 3rd October.
The 3-day seminar offered spiritual input and personal sharings. The program has indeed helped the participants to understand the 'Logic of God' in His forgiveness and unconditional love. 'Be merciful even as your Father is merciful,' Luke 6 : 36, if God is merciful to us and has received His mercy, it is only proper that we share His mercy with others. 

The logic of God is totally different from human logic. Human love is conditional but by understanding and discerning on forgiveness and the mercy that Christ has shared and shown to us, miracles always happen in the life of those who are willing to forgive and accept forgiveness. .
The inner healing and transformation seminar ended on 4th October at 3.00 pm.

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