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Friday, October 16, 2015

Glad to be part of the 8th Diocesan Anniversary by Julita Enty.

Article by DS and
photos by G. Bell
During the dinner reception, 13th October 2015 at St Martin's Pastoral Centre, the Parish Youth Apostolate and the Catholic Women's Apostolate presented a beautiful, graceful and attractive traditional dance, the 'Tarian Magalai Dusun Labuk.'
All eyes were glued to the stage as the performers gracefully took their position, beautifully dressed in their black costumes laced with colourful glittering beads. The dancers move to the beats of the kuling tangan and gong music, a fascinating combination.
After the presentation, the kuling tangan player, Julita Enty, a grandmother aged 62 years consented to be interviewed. The kuling tangan, a traditional musical instrument is always played, accompanied by gongs in traditional style.
She hails from Kampung Bauto, a few kilometers from Telupid town. She shared that she started to play the kuling tangan when she was still a teenager. She was simply attracted to the gong beats and see people move in random to the music.
Whenever there would be celebrations in the village, the sound of the kuling tangan and gongs could be heard. It came natural that her hands would beat at any hard surface following the beats of the kuling tangan and the gongs. Consequently her talent was spotted and a village elder, a traditional musician taught her. She was allowed to play at village functions.
She expressed her disappointment that no young people is keen in the traditional kuling tangan and gong music. She wanted very much to pass down the skill to the young as she is getting older each year. She hopes that the traditional music will be kept alive and thus she prays that some young people would come forth. She is ever willing to coach anyone interested in the music.
She is glad to be part of the 8th Diocesan Anniversary celebration, contributing her share through music. She is also a member of the Catholic Women's Apostolate and serve as a warden. She hopes to be able to play the kuling tangan again at the next diocesan anniversary to be hosted here in Telupid, the next 4 years.

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