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Friday, October 16, 2015

I want to go forth to share the Good News by Gibson Yahan

Article by DS and
photos by G. Bell
Gibson Yahan, a youth in his early 20s is a member of the Tarian Magalai Dusun Labuk. His passion in traditional dance has made him much sought after by the ladies' group in traditional dance where male dancers are required to complete the set-up.
Together with another male dancer, they practiced the Magalai Dusun Tarian with the female dancers for the last few months. It was tiring and time consuming but the joy derived from it made it worthwhile. He was particularly please to be given the opportunity to perform before the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Joseph Marino.

Gibson has been with the then Youth Ministry of St Martin's Church since 2008. He was then an ordinary member. Today he sits in the main committee of the Parish Youth Apostolate.

He is a choir member and an active member of the Parish Exangelizing Team. He is always with the team in reaching out to the peripheries, those living in the margins, the sick and the lonely elderly people.
According to Gibson, the young people are becoming more keen to be involved in church activity. This occasion, the anniversary celebration is an excellent platform to bring the young people together in preparation of the event. They are in the choir,  altar servers, presentations and hall and church arrangement.

However, much effort is needed to reach out to the young people in the outskirts of the town. They need to be accompanied in their faith journey. Together with his team members in the PYA they have strategize approaches, moving forth to reach out to this group of youth.
He shared that the upcoming Sabah Youth Day-4 in Tawau in 2016 would be a great opportunity to bring the youth from across Sabah together, promoting greater unity and solidarity in building up the Church. He hoped more youth from Telupid would register for SYD-4.

He wished everyone, coming from far and near, 'A Blessed and Happy Anniversary.'

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