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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


By Julita, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : Some 22 participants from the various BEC areas together with the BEC Core Group of Holy Trinity Church, Tawau held a half-day echo program on BEC Leadership Seminar on 18th October 2015 from 12.30 noon to 5.00 pm at the Church Basement Hall.
The Echo Program was held following the recent diocesan level BEC Leadership Seminar conducted in July this year. The seminar was attended by the PPC Chairman, Andrew Kiat who is also the BEC Coordinator for Holy Trinity Parish Tawau and 4 others from the BEC consultative body, Sr.Liza Agustine fsic, Julita Kantod, Petrus Bernadus and Julie Kho. The event was organized by the BEC Core Group Team in collaboration with the consultative body. The session began with the proclamation of the word by Gilbert Jack, followed with an Opening Prayer by Sr. Liza fsic.
In his welcoming address, Andrew Kiat expressed his confidence in the implementation of  BECs in the parish. He said, “I believe and have experienced the beauty of this program. It is indeed unique and beautiful that everyone could come together to build up their faith by focusing on the Word of God. I am impressed by the progress of our BECs, though some areas are still on their way of forming and yet others are to be reactivated. Let us put our effort together to respond to this new way of evangelization.“
The 5-hour program commenced with a sharing on 'looking back and the progress of BECs' at the parish presented by Julita. This was then followed with 3 main topics and concluded with Bishop Julius' message on the importance of BEC as the pastoral thrust of the Diocese of Sandakan read out by Naomi.
Topics shared:
1. The history and the development of BEC in the Parish by Julita
2. The Impact of BEC in the Mission of Christ  by Sr. Liza fsic
3. The community concept in BEC  by Petrus Bernadus
4. The 7-step Bible Sharing session by Freddy John
5. Bishop Julius' message on the importance of BEC in the Diocese by Naomi.
After the input sessions, participants were divided into groups to discuss on how to run BECs and its challenges.
Both Sr. Liza fsic and Julita shared on the necessity to participate in BECs for it promotes community building and at the same time enriches relationship bond among family units within the neighbourhood. The focus on BECs; Worship, Words, Community and Witness will help to build up individuals, spiritually and live life as authentic followers of Christ. The gathering of family units in BECs will reflect the community as the light and salt of the earth, living as true witnesses of Christ.
Gilbert Jack, the chairman of BEC Core Group in his concluding address thanked everyone, especially the speakers and to all who have made the effort to attend the very informative and encouraging session. He hoped that there will be more participants and involvement in future programs.
The program ended at 5.00 pm with a Closing Prayer led by Julita.

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