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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Tawau : Around 1,000 parishioners converged at the Parish Hall to celebrate the 37th sacerdotal anniversary of Msgr Nicholas Ong and the 43rd anniversary of the Catholic Women's Apostolate  on Sunday, 4th October 2015. The double joyful occasions were held right after the Bahasa Malaysia Eucharistic celebration.
It is indeed heartening to see the many parishioners, gathered as one big family in such a meaningful occasion, lending support to their parish priest, Msgr. Nicholas Ong on his 37th years serving as a priest. Msgr Ong, ordained on 3rd October 1978, has served in various churches throughout Sabah and eight years in  Holy Trinity Parish. He is actively involved  in the implementation and promotion of BECs. 
Andrew Kiat the PPC chairman, expressed his gratitude to all who had contributed in the preparation of the event. The support and team spirit of the various communities is inspiring and it motivates others to participate in church activity. He said, 'We are all blessed to have a dedicated priest who cares for his flock, providing spiritual food through his homilies. As faithful parishioners let us all continue to pray that the good Lord will grant him good health, protection and guidance,'
Msgr. Nicholas Ong, expressed his appreciation to the parishioners for their support and prayers when he was under medical treatment. He thanked everyone for giving firm support to Fr. Johnny Raju, his assistant while he was not around.  He said, “I am blessed, truly blessed for being called to serve in the Lord's vineyard. As an anointed priest, my duty is to be obedient to His will and share the promised salvation that God has guaranteed to all of us. For the past 37 years, God has shown His unceasing guidance, comfort, protection and wisdom to me. I  thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to experience His mercy and love and in return I must share with you what has been granted me. Continue to pray for me and my vocation that God will always give me the perseverance in serving Him.'
To the Catholic Women's Apostolate, he congratulated the members for their commitment and dedication in serving the church. 43 years is quite a long time and I am glad that CWA is an integral part of Holy Trinity Church. He reminded the members, “as you render your service to the church, know that your priority is always a wife and a mother. Look after your family and ensure that your family is built on solid rock. Serve first your family, then your ministry.'
Ernie Stephanie the newly elected chairlady of the Catholic Women's Apostolate thanked and commended all CWA members for their unfailing effort in supporting all church's activities and programs. She hoped that CWA members will continue to contribute their service in building up the church, both domestic and the church at large.
The CWA members performed a few presentations and the event ended at 12.30 pm with a Closing Prayer led by Fr. Johnny Raju.

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