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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Testimony by another neophyte from St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

My name is Jamie T. Era.  I am writing on my journey of faith from the day I joined RCIA till now.

Life to me was meaningless and empty before I joined the RCIA.  The foolishness of life was  part of my daily routine.  I spent my money and time in drinking alcohol, gambling and doing unnecessary things to ruin my own life.  Life to me then was money and greed to keep my life style.  I was in anger most of the time, giving miseries to my self and others.

All of a sudden, one day I realized that all my doing, my life style and my altitude were all wrong, so I decided to take a bold step to enroll for RCIA to look for God to help me to change for the better.  The first few months  were really boring and dragging.
Gradually, I can feel the spirit of God is moving within me and I began to pay attention to the lessons, eager to know what God is expecting from me.  In the process, I learn what life is all about with different people struggling for their different needs and objectives.  Then we also learn about God’s word and the way He is guiding us, expecting to follow His way.  I love the part on “A step forward”.  After having known Him through His word and teaching, it is our choice and will, on how we want to take this step forward, to move on to the right path or otherwise.     I began to realize and understand what life is all about.  I regretted for my past mistakes, because of my ignorance, lack of love and faith for God, I had almost ruined my life.
I am grateful that we have an ever forgiving and merciful God who is able to receive me back like the prodigal son without looking back to my sins.  Now I will ensure the love of Jesus is within me so that I can walk this journey of faith together with all my other brothers and sisters in Christ.  May God continue to guide and bless all of us.   Amen….

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