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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Testimonies by Neophytes from HTC Tawau

Wilfred Linggu

One year of my journey in the RCIA process has brought a whole new experience to me. I am so glad to be able to complete the process. Before enrolling in the RCIA  in Holy Trinity Tawau, I’ve actually joined  the BM RCIA  in my home town at St. Mary, Topokon Tuaran. I followed the  program for nearly 6 months before I stopped, to continue my studies in Selangor. My aunt had asked me to continue the RCIA program in Selangor but I didn’t manage to. I’m very thankful to God that He has not given up hope on me. When I landed a job in Tawau, a colleague of mine invited me to join the RCIA program together. So my journey began last year, in the month of January.

It so happened that my colleague was transferred to Sandakan in February, I therefore began to lose focus on the program as I was having problems with transportation. I barely manage to attend the program during the first 3 months since my colleague was transferred. My parents were very supportive and encouraged me to attend the class whenever I can. So I tried my best to come every Sunday even if I have to take the bus or borrow my friend’s car. Praise the Lord that I manage to make it till the very end and able to received the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.

During the journey, I’ve faced many obstacles and frustration that resulted in me skipping the classes. I’m very thankful to my facilitator who gave me hope, perseverance and continue to pray for me that I may find the desire and strength to continue pursuing the Love of Jesus. I always make excuses for not attending the class but my facilitator kept helping me to get through and for that I’m very grateful.

Knowing Jesus and following Him had quenched the thirst and hunger deep inside of me that cannot be satisfied by earthly food and drink. I’ve learned to love neighbors and my enemies and the hardest thing to do is forgiving them. I know that this is not the end for me, for I will share this joy and His love with the rest of my friends who haven’t got the chance to share His love. It is only through Jesus that I find peace and happiness. I pray for all the people out there so that they will open up to accept this incredible gift from Jesus Himself and finally find peace in Him.


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