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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bishop Julius graces St Mary’s Primary Schools’ Integration Sports Day

Sandakan :  In the multiracial Malaysian society, education is a strong platform for promoting racial integration and as such, schools are common grounds for bringing together the children of different ethnicity, race and religion. Participating in sports, an integral part of the system can promote active integration, a very much needed ingredient in nation building.

 This morning, April 29th 2010, Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom graced the 5th Annual Integration School Sports of the three Catholic Mission Primary Schools; St Mary’s Convent, St Mary’s Labuk and St Mary’s Town at the St Mary’s Secondary School field, some 5 km from the town centre.
In her welcoming speech, Rose Solibun, the organizing Chairperson and also the headmistress of St Mary’s Convent welcomed Bishop Julius and extended her appreciation to the prelate for taking time off to be with the school community. She thanked the school staff and the parents for their collaborative effort in making the event a success. Such partnership is vital for the progress of the school.

According to her, the 4 day event is part of the Education Ministry’s RIMuP (Rancangan Integrasi Murid untuk Perpaduan) ‘Solidarity through Children’s Integration’ program. Participating schools stand to benefit in the sharing of human resource, expertise in related fields and facilities.

Bishop Julius in his speech said that sports, as part of the school co-curricular activity is not just a healthy physical pursuit but also a social tool towards producing balanced individuals. It is a venue for the children to build and solidify friendship networks, improving skills and developing self esteem and confidence.

The prelate, accompanied by the three headmistresses of the said schools, inspected the three contingents. They then adjourned to the school hall for reception.


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