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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 in 1 celebration at St Mark's Church, Sandakan

Sandakan : St Mark’s Church, some 20 km from the town centre held a 3 in 1 celebration, Tuesday April 27th 2010, celebrating the Feast of St Mark, the patron Saint of the Church, the 17th anniversary of the Church and the 1st anniversary of the Indonesian Catholic Pastoral Committee (ICPC)

The event began with the bi-lingual Eucharistic celebration in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia, celebrated by Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary’s Cathedral and assisted by Deacon David Garaman. Some 400 local parishioners and parishioners of the Cathedral attended the celebration.

According to Fr Thomas, St Mark’s gospel, though the shortest among the four gospels, it might seem as insignificant as the mustard seed, but it can become a great tree in whose branches we can all find shelter. He urged the faithful to emulate St Mark, as in all his weaknesses, he saw in him the opportunity to persevere and endeavor to spread the Good News. Mark 16:15, ‘Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all mankind.’ He eventually ended up being a great evangelist.

After the Holy Mass, the faithful adjourned to the Church Hall for a ‘pot-luck’ dinner fellowship.

Fr Thomas, together with Demeh Koyopo, Chairman of the Pastoral Committee, Petrus Beam, Chairman of the Indonesian Catholic Pastoral Committee, religious sisters and local lay leaders cut the anniversary cake to the music of the happy anniversary song.
Demeh, in his welcoming speech said, though the celebration was moderate but it bore much meaning to the local community. He was happy to note that the close working relationship of the community is a good sign of strong solidarity. The acceptance of one another is an excellent reflection of the gospel value.

Petrus shared that since the establishment of the Indonesian Catholic Pastoral Committee a year ago, much had been done to draw the community closer to God and to one another. More than 100 families had registered with the ICPC and he expected that the number would double by year end.


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