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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another testimony by a neophyte from St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

My name is Caroline Bryant Hernaez.  I am fifteen years old. 
It has been a year since I joined the RCIA.  I decided to the join the RCIA because of my experience of emptiness, which I would like to share here.  A few years back, a few  friends  and I were having a discussion and talk about the seven sacrament , the ten commandments and many other religious topics.  I sat down there feeling so empty, uneasy and was totally lost about what they were talking as I did not understand nor know any thing on their topics.

Now, that I am with the RCIA for about a year, I have a better understanding and I had learnt all that they had been talking.  At times, I find that it is quite hectic for me as I have extra classes on Saturday and I have to rush from school to the church for the lessons.  To me this is a challenge and it is worth all these troubles because if we want to hear the work of God, we have to sacrifice.  What more, the animators that teach us are so dedicated and have to prepare their lessons well to make the lessons interesting and fun to enable us to share their experiences.  They have to sacrifice their time and effort just to share the word of God and to journey with us.  As such, I am very thankful to them and appreciate all they had done for our faith formation.

Every day we hear from the news and radio about the social ills and the atitude of the teenagers and youngsters moving to the wrong path of their lives.  Being a teenager myself, how I wish they know of RCIA and join in and this is one of the alternatives to follow Christ’s way to a new world.  We must know about Jesus because Christ is the “seed” of God’s new world.  This is what I had learnt and I noticed some changes happening in my life with the faith that I have now, I am able to forgive and I do not get stressed easily.
I sincerely hope that what I have learnt will help me to be a better person.   I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to all the animators and my sponsor for their kind guidance.  I am also very thankful to God for having chosen me and I am included into His big family through my baptism.   Alleluia…Alleluia I praise my Lord and my God…Amen

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