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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Testimonies by Neophytes from St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

   My name is Engrid Pacheco Daning Tuzan. In  the RCIA process, I was asked to choose a Christian name. With the help of my friends I chose Violette.  I was baptized very young.  I'm now fifteen years old and it has been ten months since I joined the RCIA process for my confirmation.

       I had the most enjoyable experience while being with this community. Truthfully, I was forced to join this RCIA but after some time, I willingly and was happy to attend the lesson with an open heart and invite Jesus into my life. Through this journey with Christ, I have learned a lot about how to live a better life by following God's way.

       It has been a life changing experience since learning all about how Jesus sacrificed his life just to save mankind from their sins. It is a valuable lesson that we should appreciate life and what we have been given. Besides that, I also learned that we could make life more meaningful if we live for others by helping other people, forgiving their wrong doings and accept them just as they are. Gradually I am able to respect my parents and other people more than I usually do. 

God's word has thought me that I should listen more to others and not judge. With God's word as my guide in my life, I know I can overcome difficulties and forgive other people.

I'm really thankful to the animators who are willing to spend their precious time to guide us in God's word and to walk with us in this journey of faith. I also want to thank my sponsor for going through this journey with me and helping me to find my way back to Jesus.

Now I believe and know that God will always be there for me in  times of need.  I am happy to receive my confirmation and I will journey in life faithfully with Jesus.    

Alleluia !!!  Alleluia !!!  God bless all of us.

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