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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another testimony by a neophyte from St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

My name is Rachel Gillian Rose Bryant Hernaez.  I am thirteen years old.  It has been about a year now, since I joined this RCIA class.
My friends and my family always encourage me to become Catholics.    I decided to join the RCIA because I do not know about Christianity and I was curious about the religion. 

When I first joined the class, I felt out of place as everything was new to me and I am the youngest.  Gradually, I become more at ease and I am able to integrate with them, as all the animators are friendly and my fellow catechumens are also very nice to me.   After having gone through a year, sharing in the ways Jesus wants us to me, I am aware now that I have a teacher of teachers to guide and walk with me all the time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my animators, sponsor, family and friends for teaching and guiding me with patience towards this whole process.  I hope this will help me to be a better and more holy person.

God bless all of us…. Amen….

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