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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Testimonial from Estelle of St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan ~ 'God Will Make A Way'

Compiled by Suzanna Hon
I am Estelle, born to a Catholic family and brought up in the Catholic environment. However, I was not baptized and do not understand the teaching of the church. 

When I was still a child, I always wanted to be a Catholic. Due to family reason, my desire to be a member of the church did not materialize. I envy those who attend mass together with their families. I just wished that I could have that opportunity. It never came by but God has a plan for me. God never abandon me and He made my wish come true.

God works through others. Last year, I was shown the way to the RCIA process. Through the dedicated commitment of the facilitators, I began to understand the Catholic faith, what it means to be a Catholic and how to live life as a Catholic.

The sessions were lively. We participated and interacted well. The facilitators shared about their own journey of faith and experiences in life.

I began to know about God and one way of staying close to God is to read the bible. I learned about the Catholic teaching; the sacraments, the rites and practices.

I am getting excited to be baptized this coming Easter. Thank you to all my facilitators for your guidance.

Wishing everyone a 'Blessed and Happy Easter' and may the good Lord bless us all. 


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